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#3105817 Ferguson Decision

Posted by MadHatter on 26 November 2014 - 01:39 PM

All forensics is going to tell you is where the bullet entered and left the body.

Doesn't exonerate anyone in this case.


Actually it tells you WAY more than that.


It can tell you how close the gun was when fired and the angle the bullet entered the body...both of which are very crucial pieces of information when trying to piece together what happened and whose story makes sense.

#3104925 Ferguson Decision

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 04:26 PM

How crazy has this thread become?

MadHatter has staked out a position of moderation, a voice of reason.


I am the "Official Voice of Reason" on the Huddle...... :jig:


Well at least for a few hours anyway.


But then again.....this is the exact same stance I took when the shitstorm in the media was happening the days following the indicent.  And, I got lambasted by the usual idiots on here for it.

#3104900 Ferguson Decision

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 03:53 PM

D Deac mentioned the same thing earlier.


how can you make an informed decision without information.  But it has been done here on steroids.


Only thing I know for certain is that one person is dead and another has to live for the rest of his life with the fact that he took a persons life.


Anything else I would say right now would be nothing but speculation, opinion, and conjecture.

#3104855 Well I'll bet they called 911 - this time

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 03:08 PM

This guy is apparently a gun dealer. One would hope he would have better sense than to leave firearms where children could access them, unfortunately this might not have been the first time...

This person seems like an individual that has clearly demonstrated he isn't responsible enough to own a firearm much less father a child.
Until careless individuals like this tool start doing long stretches in prison, people who treat firearms like toys will continue to put those around them in danger.

Update:  Monday, the sign was gone.


No arguements from anyone that this guys was an idiot....should be prosecuted...and should never own a gun again.


As I have said....I am for background checks (consistent across state lines)...mandatory gun safety training and certification....laws about proper gun storage and safety....etc.


#3104500 Ferguson Decision

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 09:48 AM

This post is literally the only thing you've said worth discussing.  


The effort or lack thereof, of the prosecutor in this case is really the only thing to question.  I would hope, but don't know for certain, because I wasn't there, that the grand jury did in fact go thru every aspect of the evidence, even if it was presented with a slant by the prosecutor and come to their own conclusions.  I agree that the prosecutor could have presented the evidence in a way to bias the jury, but hopefully the process and the judge involved oversees these kinds of things and helps the jury with the process so that they make a correct decision.


As madhatter said, the standard for an indictment is obviously lower than that of a jury trial (reasonable doubt) because all the GJ has to determine is whether or not the actions of the defendant rise to the level of an actionable offense, not to the actual guilt or innocence of that individual.  This reason is why I made my comments about the detailed nature of the press conference and the hope that they would release ALL of the evidence so that legal analysts, the Brown family and their attorney, the feds, the media and everyone can review it to make sure there was no corruption or bias.


I don't personally have a dog in this fight other than the fact that I want the truth to come out.  I'm not an LEO, don't really know any LEO's personally (friends or family) and in my 41 years have met good cops and asshole cops, cops seem to be pretty much just like the rest of society... some good, some bad.


You're railing against Wilson as if your mind was made up from day one (surprise) while the reasonable people in the thread (and granted, there are plenty of unreasonable people "glad" Wilson wasn't indicted) are simply saying "what is the truth?".



When you make comments like...





It is evident that you don't really care about what actually happened in this instance, but you just wanted the officer to go down no matter what the facts were.





I personally find it sad, distasteful and generally awful that this situation led to the death of that young man.  Decisions and actions were taken both by Brown and Wilson that led to this situation.  


For the record based on what I heard last night, I find it reasonable that Wilson felt threatened, assuming the physical evidence and testimony the DA presented is true.  The distance at which Brown was shot is an issue, and I hope to see more of the evidence and testimony in that regard come out, but if Brown did in fact "bull rush" Wilson after Wilson exited his vehicle, that, under our current police policies, is grounds for use of deadly force by an officer of the law.  I've already stated that those policies need reviewed.


We do have a serious problem with this country in regards to race and law enforcement.  It needs to be addressed and hopefully this situation will lead to reforms in that area.



Now to a question for you...


Let's say that this GJ had indicted Wilson on 1st degree murder charges, Wilson went to trial, and all of this same evidence was presented to an impartial jury and he was found not guilty.  Would you have accepted that any more than you accept this?




This goes directly to the "unarmed" comments and I'm glad you mentioned it.  If Brown did in fact go for the officers gun as is being alleged, that would make him a direct threat.  The physical evidence as presented makes that seem very likely.  I find it reasonable to assume that Wilson feared that if he was attacked and knocked down/out that Brown would have taken his gun and possibly shot Wilson.




Are you saying here that you don't believe the testimony of witnesses, because that's exactly what the DA said several witnesses testified to.



I'm the same person that posted the thread about the officer here in New Hanover County throwing the dog in on the suspect... literally the only time you have ever given me pie...  I try my best to be totally unbiased on these types of situations and simply look at the facts.  If it was determined that Wilson was racist, had shot Brown because he was black, used force that was unreasonable for the threat (and honestly I want to see more info on this point) then I'd be the first in line saying charge him with everything you can and throw him under the jail.  I still can't believe that cop here in NHC got off from throwing that dog in on that guy... totally unreasonable and excessive given that situation. That situation was MUCH more clear cut than this one AND they had video of it.  I sorely wish there was a video of this shooting, but based on the actual evidence, and not just hearsay and stuff in the media, I can't say that this was absolutely the wrong call.

Great post Biscuit.


I too hope the evidence (as much as possible) is released so that legal experts can analyze and comment on it....and I am not talking about the hack "legal experts" that every news show has that are there for no other reason than to try and drum up controversy.  I mean real legal experts that can help America make sense of it all.


The media and social media carries a lot of the blame for the controversy.  They are so intent on "breaking" the next big news on any controversy that they put a ton of inaccurate and flat out wrong information out there....and people grab ahold of it like fact (hey, if they said it on the news then it must be true).

#3104413 Anybody Had Their Knee Scoped?

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 07:52 AM

My only advice is to make sure that you do the physical therapy and start working the mobility of your knee within a few days of getting home.  Sitting on the side of the bed and doing a few leg lifts helps to keep the scar tissue from setting in.  Otherwise, your physical therapy in the Dr office will also consist of tearing the scar tissue.


Believe me....do the exercises at home.

#3104381 Ferguson Decision

Posted by MadHatter on 25 November 2014 - 06:56 AM

Just like the prosecutor said...people are basing their opinions if this on what they have heard on the news and social media...while most if that was completely disproven once all of the evidence was heard.

People who said during media interviews about what they saw later admitted they saw nothing and was repeating what they were told.

The grand jury listened to 70 hours of testimony and saw hundreds of pieces of evidence and unanimously came to the same conclusion.

I think it is important for this evidence to be released and covered by the media. Right now, the only thing any if is knows is that a person was shot. If you claim that you know more, you are kidding yourself.

And, with the extremely low bar for an indictment, the evidence must have been overwhelming.

#3103338 Well I'll bet they called 911 - this time

Posted by MadHatter on 24 November 2014 - 04:36 PM

I didn't gloss over anything intentionally but I can see where you would think I did.


I guess the reason I left it out is because when a little kid gets shot the mortality rate has got to be insanely high so I was attempting to compare apples to apples.


Without knowing the specifics of this guy, you have no idea whether any of the gun control measures that have been recommended would have made any difference.  My bet is that it would not.


Given this guy's background, he most likely would have legally had the guns under ANY gun control law....and he still would have had them unsecured and the child would have still gotten hold of it.


Bottom line is that this case is not one about gun control....it is about a person being stupid and not securing their firearm.


That is all that I am saying.

#3103241 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by MadHatter on 24 November 2014 - 03:02 PM

I think it's only a matter of time before they do.


Greenville PD (NC) is about to equip all of their officers with cameras.


I think it is a very smart thing to do....both for the safety of the public and the police officers.


No reason not to do it.

#3103214 12-year-old in Cleveland with a BB gun shot by cop

Posted by MadHatter on 24 November 2014 - 02:38 PM

If his parents cared maybe they should've educated him on guns and obeying adults, especially LEOs.

Furthermore, a surveillance cam caught everything on tape and the police have said it corroborates everything the officer said.


In before the next idiot accuses the police of doctoring the tape.

#3103115 Good News/Bad News (Practice)

Posted by MadHatter on 24 November 2014 - 01:04 PM

You guys just suck.


You bitch when the OL is playing bad and Rivera keeps trotting out the same guys.  Then you bitch when they are not playing well and they try different guys at different positions.  So which should they do to stop the bitching?


I would rather find out that Amini either is good or sucks at RT before the end of the season....rather than go into the offseason thinking he might be the answer at RT.


And NO....get better OL players is not an option at this point of the season.

#3101991 We're not going to the playoffs

Posted by MadHatter on 23 November 2014 - 05:41 PM

Threads like this and the OP are the reason our fan base has become the biggest joke in the nfl.

#3099609 Got a raise that I have been negotiating on for a while...may buy a Jeep

Posted by MadHatter on 21 November 2014 - 10:15 AM

Just a little early Christmas gift to myself.



Looking for something between 2000-2007, Wrangler, Manuel, with the I6.




Do I need it....nope, but this has been in the works everyday for a year...think I will spoil myself a bit.


Congrats on the raise....and enjoy the Jeep.

#3099528 The Minimum Wage Debate

Posted by MadHatter on 21 November 2014 - 08:44 AM

Mh and shuttles may need to punt on a beer summit.

The only thing that would be punted is Shuttles ass....repeatedly around the tailgate parking lot.


I am a mild mannered person in real life....until your step over the line talking poo about my kids.  Then, all bets are off.

#3098860 Bill Cosby accused of raping a lot of white women

Posted by MadHatter on 20 November 2014 - 05:02 PM

I was just thinking yesterday about how tempting it would be to be a high school teacher.  I love young womens slippery slopes.


Not funny.....not even as a joke.  Although I know you were not even remotely serious.

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