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#3113332 Curious, how did Mike Remmers do at RT?

Posted by Soul Rebel on 01 December 2014 - 10:43 AM

Other than the false start and opening series, I thought Remmers was fine.  Not saying he has the makings of an All-Pro, but at 25 years old, I'd like to keep him out there for the remainder of the season and see if we can have a Norwell-esque find at RT.  Way too early to tell if he is a 16-game/year starting NFL RT, but also too early to say that he couldn't be.  


I thought he did well enough to continue the experimentation phase.

#3088014 Any Capologists Out There That Can Explain CJ's Contract

Posted by Soul Rebel on 15 November 2014 - 05:37 PM

The $4m of dead money in 2016 is part of the $14m of dead money in 2015.  If you cut him and absorb the $14m in 2015 there will be no dead money in 2016. 


Cap hit if he stays:   2015 - $20m ----- 2016 - $15m

Cap hit if he is cut:   2015 - $14m ----- 2016 -    0 


As you see we would save $6m in 2015 and $15m in 2016.


If you cut a player after June 1 you can spread the dead money over two years.  Teams are also allowed to designate 2 players as June 1st cuts before June 1.  One mistake I often see on this forum is people split the dead money evenly between the 2 years.  Actually the dead money of the current year hits the books and the remaining dead money accelerates into the following year.  For example his 2015 dead money would be $10m and the following year would be $4m.


Cap hit if he stays:                    2015 - $20m ------ 2016 - $15m

Cap hit if cut post June 1st:      2015 - $10m ------ 2016 - $4m


In this situation we would save $10m in 2015 and $11m in 2016.


Thank you kindly for this explanation.  I agree that it would be wiser for us to keep him through '15 and then cut him loose in '16.  Hardy is def gone, IMO.  Damn you Hurney.  

#3068016 Norman / Bene next season.

Posted by Soul Rebel on 04 November 2014 - 05:34 PM

you think he'll look good outside?


That is what he played in college and looked just fine on the boundary.  Not sure how that translates to the NFL, but he does have the experience there.  Like others have said, add a tremendous talent at FS or SS and Bene will be fine as a #2 CB.  All CBs need support from the safeties, so even top corners would look less talented with Harper/DeCoud backing them up.

#3050565 Mark Barron via Trade?

Posted by Soul Rebel on 28 October 2014 - 06:50 AM

The Bucs are definitely selling low on him right now, so I wonder if a 3rd would be enough?  A 2nd, might be too much for me, but I honestly was a huuuuge fan of Barron when he came out and was hoping he would some how slip to us.  Safe to say, I would be uber-pissed right now if we had Barron instead of Kuechly.  However, I can easily see us drafting a SS with one of our first three picks in this year's draft, so why not get a young former top-10 pick with 2.5 years of experience.  I feel like Barron would thrive more in a swarming McDermott defense than the bendable version of the Tampa-2 that the Bucs run.

#3050556 Mark Barron via Trade?

Posted by Soul Rebel on 28 October 2014 - 06:38 AM

In a heartbeat I'd do it for a 5th.

#3050548 Mark Barron via Trade?

Posted by Soul Rebel on 28 October 2014 - 06:34 AM


He's supposedly available and could help our SS deficiency. He has underperformed but is still young and the kind of SS that I would prefer this team to take. Don't know what it would cost us nor if TB would trade within the division.


#3040962 Kony Ealy smh

Posted by Soul Rebel on 25 October 2014 - 12:28 PM

7 games into his rookie season and he hasn't figured it out yet..... BUST!! Cut him, he's Everette Brown - why is he out at BuzzFest being social with a fellow Missouri celebrity.   ***sarcasm***

#2957811 Some Love For DG

Posted by Soul Rebel on 16 September 2014 - 12:21 PM

Never linked the two, but it makes sense. Manning and Cruz have declined sharply and the running game has been horrible for the NYG. Maybe not restocking the toolshed could be the reason.

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#2957375 Some Love For DG

Posted by Soul Rebel on 16 September 2014 - 09:59 AM

According to the article, we were $15M in the hole when DG arrived....crazy to think what he's done.

In the article it also mentions a formula that reminds me of a moneyball kind of approach. As long as the front 7 and Cam Newton are in place, the parts around these areas can be interchanged on the cheap.

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#2957164 Some Love For DG

Posted by Soul Rebel on 16 September 2014 - 08:30 AM

Agree totally.... Carolina wasn't built in a night, but DG has done wonders with what was given to him.  He has shown an eye for drafting talent too, which is huge for us.  Just truly shows how horrible Hurney was here.

#2957086 Jason Avant on his Touchdown

Posted by Soul Rebel on 16 September 2014 - 07:50 AM

I love the combo of Avant/Cotchery to compliment the youth of KB13/Bersin/King.  Cam will love the vets more and more as the season goes on.

#2957083 Some Love For DG

Posted by Soul Rebel on 16 September 2014 - 07:49 AM



I personally like what Gettleman has done in Carolina thus far.  The Gaffney/Barner/Kugbila drafting aside, Avant & Cotchery look like good acquisitions.  No GM is perfect, but his record looks like DG is doing much more positive things here, than bad. It's been awhile since we've gotten a good Gettleman quote.

#2897816 Could you imagine if Cam had done this?

Posted by Soul Rebel on 19 August 2014 - 08:50 AM

Don't understand the meaning of this thread..... Manziel's middle finger is all I've heard about in sports so far today.  Seems like Manziel is getting as much as Cam would get.  Maybe I'm missing the intent of this post. 

#2856549 Eau de Newton

Posted by Soul Rebel on 18 July 2014 - 09:07 AM

Interesting brand choice...... Drakkar Noir was the first one that I ever owned in like 9th or 10th grade.  Look at Drakkar back on the scene.  Really thought it was going to be this -



#2828329 Possibly My Greatest Video Yet

Posted by Soul Rebel on 23 June 2014 - 08:31 PM

Beautiful vid!  Loved every bit of it and the Hixon catch still gives me goosebumps.  Such a great year for us!!

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