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Starting DeAngelo Williams tomorrow?

29 October 2014 - 11:16 AM

I'm somehow sitting at 7-1 with the highest point total despite my RB2 situation being the worst or close to the worst in my league (it's a keeper league).


I'm currently planning on trotting out DeAngelo tomorrow night vs the Saints. Pretty risky, I suppose, but my choices are limited to:


DeAngelo Williams

Tre Mason

Charles Sims (if activated)

Isaiah Crowell

Carlos Hyde


I could pick up:

Lorenzo Taliaferro

Jonas Gray

Bobby Rainey

Jeremy Hill (maybe, was just dropped and is on waivers until 11/1, wouldn't use a waiver claim, would just hope I can get him as a free agent after waivers clear)


Any thoughts here? What do you guys expect of DeAngelo tomorrow, in his first game back? I could see 60 rushing yards and maybe 20 receiving, with about a 20% chance of a TD.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

07 March 2014 - 07:38 AM

I didn't see a topic about the new South Park game so I figured I'd post, as I'm sure there are some South Park fans here. I got it the day it came out, 3/4, and it's better than I would have thought.


Metacritic has it at an 86 here and the user score there is 8.3. IGN gave it a 9 and Gamespot a 7.


It's got a lot of really funny moments such as summoning Mr Slave in combat to shove your opponent up his ass. The combat is turn based and was well done. The game itself is kind of short for an RPG, 10-15 hours depending on how many side quests you do. Matt Stone and Trey Parker wrote it and did voices and were completely involved in the whole project.


Anyone else get this game?