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Yesterday, 06:32 PM

Link or it didn't happen


The producer didn't say he was stupid, but they did say he was ignorant regarding the substance of Ramsay Bolton. 




Its not that surprising really.  Ramsay was a relative unknown until recently, so its not surprising that LF wouldn't have a "file" on him the way he might on others that are more well known.


But I don't think he really cares that much.  He sees Sansa as the key to the North, just as the others do.  I doubt he will be all that broken up over what happened. 

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Yesterday, 06:25 PM

LF is a genius.


The Lex Luthor of Westeros.  :)

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Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Yeah but LF is stupid as fug making plans for all possible outcomes. What an idiot




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Yesterday, 11:56 AM

Falcons got rid of Mike (I cant win a playoff game) Smith and hired Dan Quinn who will help that defense immensely. 


Bucs have a good WR corps and just drafted their future franchise QB


Both teams are on the way up, but I do think that Carolina owns this division for the next 2 years at least, and will always be able to compete for it. 


Both of those are maybe's.  We have no idea if Quinn will be a good head coach, and all draft picks are crap shoots, especially when it comes to QB. 

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Yesterday, 11:13 AM

He's also stupid as fug in the show world. Can you imagine book Littlefinger having no idea that Ramsey Snow is crazy and just assuming it's fine to marry Sansa to him, hinging the entirety of his plans on that going well?


I don't think he really cares all that much.  IMO, he might have loved Catelyn, but Sansa is just a pawn in his schemes. 


Little finger could take anyone of several paths over the upcoming episodes.  He could attack whomever wins the coming battle and take over the north as he said to Queen Cersei.  And actually try to put Sansa's head on a pike, only to see her rescued by Brienne.   He could side with Bolton against Stannis, and continue with plans to take down the Iron throne as he implied to Bolton.  He could side with Stannis and do the same thing and perhaps marry Sansa himself (once Ramsey is dead), and become warden of the North.  Or he could take some unforeseen path.   That is one of the best things about this show, it is chaotic in a way, much as real life is.