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In Topic: Isidewith.com

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

So you are out to teach politicians humility?,  by voting someone that aligns with the most arrogant president in recent history.


You seem to have a grudge or something, because this doesn't make sense, and normally, agree or not, you make sense.


What about the Dems for instance, after the 2008 elections, did not scream arrogance?  You know, passing laws without even having to debate them or let Pubs in on meetings because they had the votes and did not need to do anything remotely resembling fairness.


I don't care who you vote for, it just seems like your reasoning and reality don't add up.  Mabye there is more to the story, just wondering.


No grudge, and maybe Obama is arrogant, maybe not.  But this to me is more about the Republican party.  They seem to have allowed a significant portion of the take no prisoners crowd to assume control.  They still have a handful of legislators who can get things done, but guys like Howard Baker and Bob Dole are fewer in number than they were back in the 80's.

In Topic: The 20 worst dead money contracts in the nfl (2 former panthers)

Yesterday, 04:29 PM

There are three former Panthers, not two.  Although only two of them impact our cap. 

In Topic: Republican Retread Candidates for 2016

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

Well, there is a Libertarian on the ballot running against Hagan and Tillis.....


And he is for World Peace and smoking dope.  He will get the stoner/hippie vote.  :)


Interesting tidbit about him.  I read an unverified story that his campaign is being funded in part by the Koch brothers.  They think he will pull more votes from Hagan than Tillis. 

In Topic: Hot food from gas stations...

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

A few years ago, I was working in San Antonio.  One of the locals took a group of us for some real Texas bbq.  It was in the back of a gas station/convenience store.  I had creamed corn and brisket.  I am not really a fan of Texas style, but all in all, it wasn't bad.  And the creamed corn was very good. 


And I was able to filly up the rental car afterwards. 

In Topic: "Thom Tillis has a proven record fighting against Obamacare"

Yesterday, 08:27 AM

Fwiw, my health care cost did go down.  My company switched to a HRA plan, and its been a good thing.  My wife's went up though, as her employer (a much smaller company) moved to a high deductible plan and the cost has offset the gains on my plan.  I am not really sure how much is attributable to the ACA though.  


As far as the campaign ads, the only reason to watch them is if I can't reach the remote quickly enough to change the channel before they are done. 

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