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In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Today, 09:33 AM

Opinion and legality are different things.

One of the eyewitnesses claimed Brown was charging the officer while another said it looked like Brown was disoriented moving towards the officer.


I have no idea from the information that has been released.


Certainly our opinion does not matter.


I don't know the legal wording, but I imagine that the officer would have to feel his own life was in danger in order to justify lethal force.   And I think most people (including most importantly the Grand Jury members) would feel that if a 300 lb man who had already assaulted was rushing towards them, then their life would be in danger. 


So the question does become was he rushing towards the officer.  And if as you stated, two different eyewitness reports gave two slightly different stories, then its easy to see why the Grand Jury decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.  Especially since its being reported that the forensics evidence matches the officers story.  Ambiguous eye witness reports plus forensics = no trial.


Of course, since its a Grand Jury and not an actual trial, should more evidence become available later, then they can still proceed to trial (I think). 

In Topic: Ferguson Decision

Today, 09:06 AM

I think the bolded part is a major thing that people get hung up on.


I said earlier ITT that if Wilson were an ordinary citizen giving chase after the initial confrontation, he would be considered the aggressor and be charged accordingly. But Wilson, acting in his official capacity as a law enforcement officer, is obligated to give chase.


What I'm not 100% sure of is whether "bull rushing" is necessarily justification for using deadly force. Tazing or pepper spray seem like better options at the time. But I also understand that a person does not take very long to cover the distance in question. (the most I've heard was 120 feet - a 40 yard dash). Would that have been enough time for Wilson to reholster his firearm, grab his tazer or pepper spray (assuming he had it readily available) and give a well aimed shot?


I have heard of the "he was so much bigger than me" deadly self-defense being held up in court, but I can't cite specific cases. This is the first time I've heard it used by a cop.


In my opinion, bull rushing is beyond a doubt justification for deadly force.  The only question in my mind is, was the young man actually bull rushing or just moving slowly towards the officer?

In Topic: I hate flying...

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

I've only flown on a Chinook (CH-47, the Army's version) twice and both were pretty uneventful. But Blackhawk pilots love aggressive climbs and nose dives for no reason other than to mess with people. I like it... during the climb, you compress into your seat, then you immediately go weightless during the nose dive. Flying nap of the earth usually makes at least one person puke, especially when the pilots make the blackhawk swing like a pendulum.


Try riding back to a ship anchored out in Alexandria Egypt's harbor with 40 drunk Sailors and Marines in a motor Whaleboat if you want to see people puke.  :)

In Topic: I hate flying...

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

During my time in the military, only once did I get to fly on a Helicopter.  It was a simple transfer from the USS Ponce to the USS Kearsarge using a CH46.   I didn't come close to getting sick, but once on a Helo was enough for me. 

In Topic: Republican blogger: The GOP wins set up party for spectacular, catastrophic f...

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Yeah, but can that candidate get out of a national Republican primary?

Probably not because the far right are the ones that participate the most in primary votes so candidates have to run to the extreme right, then answer questions about flip flopping once they get to general election.

The GOP is in trouble long term unless something drastically changes within their party and constituents.


Fwiw, the same thing was said about the democrats in the 80's.  20 years from now, the political landscape will have shifted dramatically, and I think its entirely possible that if the GOP starts losing elections, they will begin to change.  Just as the democrats did in the 80's and 90's.  

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