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CBS Re-Mock

16 April 2015 - 10:14 AM

Ok, so I was looking at the CBS 7 round mock (see other thread), and decided to do my own re-mock using the players they had as available.  Also, I think the panthers could easily use the extra picks they received to move up in the 4th and 5th rounds to grab the guys they want. However, it just didn't make any sense with the way this particular mock worked out. So I didn't do any trades


Round 1 (CBS): T.J. Clemmings, OT

Round 1 (ME):  Erik Flowers, OT

I think this one is pretty obvious.  Clemmings looked like a solid pick until I realized that they had Flowers as still available.  I think that Gman would agree as well.


Round 2 (CBS): Agholor, WR

Round 2 (ME): Same, WR

Yes please... This gives us our two biggest needs while grabbing the BPA in both rounds.  We could draft duds here on out and be just fine.


Round 3 (CBS): Duke Johnson, RB

Round 3 (ME): Alex Carter, WR

I wrestled with this one.  I like Duke Johnson, and I like David Johnson (who is also available) even better, but this draft is full of RB, and only has a couple CB who could man the outside someday.  We're going to need Carter next year.


Round 4 (CBS): Garrett Grayson, QB

Round 4 (ME): Javorius Allen, RB

I think this was the pick the huddle had the most heartburn with.  Why burn a 4th rounder on a QB this year if we could just do it next year.  That being said, I really wanted to draft Justin Cox... but with the history we have with domestic violence it's just not going to happen.  Besides, we already got Carter who is almost as good without the off-field issues. 


Round 5 (CBS): Senquez Golson, CB

Round 5 (ME): Gerod Holliman,S

Golson doesn't fit our team as we already have a nickel CB.  As for Holliman, CBS had us getting him with our next pick, but the reality is he is the BPA at this point so I grabbed him early.


Round 5 (CBS): Gerod Holliman, S

Round 5 (ME): Corey Robinson, OT

Same as above


Round 5 (CBS): Corey Robinson, OT

Round 5 (ME): Zach Hodges, OLB

Smart player who can provide depth at DE/OLB and play ST.


Round 6 (CBS): Andy Gallik, C

Round 6 (ME): Andy Gallik, C

Like this selection a lot, but I could easily see us not owning this pick when it rolls around


Round 7 (CBS): Troy Hill, CB

Round 7 (ME): Josh Shaw, CB/S

OK, so now I'm violating my own rules against anybody who has been associated with domestic violence.  But shaw is clearly one of the BPA, Carolina likes picking DBs and RBs in the late rounds, and he's the only DB left that really fills a need.  As long as you can't get rid of this pick for more value next year, I'm all for throwing it as a high-ceiling player that just might pan out.  CBS also has Chaz Green available, who I would have selected if we hadn't already taken two OTs.


So in summary





pretty similar... and if the real draft is anything close to CBS's version we'll get plenty of talent in needed areas

One last FA

07 April 2015 - 12:35 PM

Looking at the current panther roster the holes are obvious.  OT, DB, WR, jump out.  RB and DE could also use depth/an upgrade.  Most of these positions have been addressed in some way through free agency.  OT has been filled through Oher and Martin.  Not exactly a long-term solution, but there isn't any upgrades that will make that position better left floating around in FA.  For wide receiver we've signed a couple guys and have a diversity of potential.  Unfortunately Moore is no longer available, and in my book that leaves Nicks and Jennings as potentials in FA.  However, it seems as if the panthers are comfortable with the depth at the position in the draft.  RB, will probably be addressed in the middle of the draft, and there isn't anything we want left out there.  DE, still has a very interesting crop of players left on the market.  My favorites are Bowers and Spencer, but the reality is they aren't really upgrades over what we have.  Gettleman will probably address that in the first round (if the right guy drops), or not at all.  I'm not too uncomfortable going into the season with what we have. 


This leaves DB.  Looking at the draft, I don't see us getting someone who can contribute right away.  The glut of late first round OT talent, and our needs there make that the most likely selection.  The talented RB and DE that could drop to there make those possible as well.  I don't see WR happening unless we're in love will someone like Dorsett.  However, I just don't see a guy who would help us out at DB falling to us in the first.  We aren't desperate in the position, but we could really use an outside Guy to push Bene inside in the nickel.  This is why I felt like it was a gut punch when we didn't get Ball.  Sure, he's not great, but it's the position I don't see us filling in the draft.


So who is left to get?  There are two guys left that could help us significantly (Tarell Brown, and Zachary Bowman).  One guy is by far my favorite, and the guy I think would bring our FA class to a close, Zachary Bowman. He's big enough to play on the outside, and has been productive in limited playing time behind two good players with the Giants.  He has Gettleman ties, and also has South Carolina ties (he's from Columbia).  Finally, I like that he went to a military college, those guys are disciplined.  I think he'll be well worth the minimal amount it would take to get him, and I think it fills that final hole that is still fillable in FA.