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In Topic: One thing G-man said on Panther Talk last night.

13 August 2014 - 05:54 PM

It's up to the team to manage their roster though.  Some teams do carry 3, others don't.  I don't think it's too risky to only carry 2.  The likelihood of both getting taken out in the same game is pretty slim, but it's a risk they take to add depth elsewhere.


I hear ya... just think it would be better for the game if the league just let the teams carry a third QB and not have to give up a roster spot.  There are plenty of times in a season teams lose two QB's.  Why not have a third on your roster, getting practice time, learning the system instead of having to grab someone off the street to start from scratch.  I guess by that time the teams season is blown, so who cares anyway.

In Topic: One thing G-man said on Panther Talk last night.

13 August 2014 - 08:19 AM

I do not understand why the NFL does not allow all teams to keep a third QB and not have to use roster space. Give each team an extra roster spot for a 3rd QB.   I am not saying this because of Joe Webb.  I have always thought this.  I mean QB's get hurt all the time so in a game when one goes down a team is left with nobody else if the backup QB goes down, and then the next week has to go out and bring someone in off the street.  Teams should be able to keep a third QB and have a rule in place that person has to be a true QB, and make sure the team is not using that spot for another position player.    

In Topic: What games do you plan on attending at BOA this season?

12 August 2014 - 09:02 PM

All of them  :beerhat:

In Topic: PSLs

08 August 2014 - 02:02 PM

A lot of valid points here. Another question would be when they raze this stadium in 8 to 10 years and build a new one, will your license transfer to the new stadium. I suspect even if it transfers somehow there will be some sort of transfer "fee" that will be imposed.


This has been and is a "concern" of mine.  The positive is I do not think there will be a new stadium here anytime soon, not at least 20 years or so from now, if not longer.  I know people will chime in as to why I am wrong, etc; but that is how is see it.  While the stadium was built awhile ago, fortunately it was done so with plenty of Suites, Boxes, and Club seats (all of what the older placed did not have and they all want).  There are also plenty of seats for everyone else.  That, plus the stadium is nice and I think pretty cool look, feel, etc.  I have been to plenty stadiums over the years all around, and Panther Stadium is not to shabby compared to many others.  Again, opinion.  There is also plenty of room inside for them to eventually do more.  


That all being said.... yeah... if I ever find myself in a position where I have to try to get what I have in a new stadium... it will suck.  


As far as other posters and that one blasting the PSL.   Bottom line I was living in a city where this is how they did it and I had a choice.  I did not look at is an investment but an expense that the $3k I spent per seat (while it sucked) when you look at that over the 20 -30+ years I will be going to games that was just adding a couple of dollars to the ticket price.  


Anyhooo.... cant wait for the home opener...... Go Panthers!! 


And YES they do try to give more for being a PSL owner... We also won a fan experience and my son and I were on the sideline, and on the field at the Playoff Game against the Niners during player warmups, intros and anthem holding the US Flag.   

In Topic: PSLs

07 August 2014 - 06:00 PM

My dad is looking into buying some but I don't really understand the point of them. He thought it meant you owned the seats and don't have to buy season tickets every year. But you do right?What's the benefits? Inform me.


PSL are a "Personal Seat License" ... it just gives you the right to buy season tickets and playoff tickets.  You own the seat right and can sell it, etc.  The Panthers have some PSL's left, etc from ones that were never bought.  But yeah, you are still buying the tickets every year.  The PSL cost is a one time thing.  One more thing, if you dont buy the tickets you lose the license or better sell it or pay for your tickets before that happens.  

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