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#1575111 Keep Christ in Christmas!

Posted by tattoorhino on 20 December 2011 - 01:19 PM

I forgot everything YOU chose to read is perfect fact and everything that doesnt agree with what YOU read somewhere is completely wrong. Makes perfect sense. You might actually be God with all of Your superior knowledge. Thanks.

#1574983 Tonight...

Posted by tattoorhino on 20 December 2011 - 11:39 AM

Prayers sent. Sorry your having to go through this tough time around the holidays.

#1428142 How does one catch the ghey?

Posted by tattoorhino on 29 September 2011 - 02:35 PM

I had to fight every day at school to protect my brother from bullies and yes we have talked about it. For him it was enviorment and choice. We both feel the way my mom treated him attributed to it somewhat, and I really dont care I love him anyway. I dont agree with his lifestyle but it doesnt make me love him any less.

#1428013 How does one catch the ghey?

Posted by tattoorhino on 29 September 2011 - 01:56 PM

By the way if you dont catch it, it ok to be straight. It really is. Just because every TV show and news outlet shows the world that everyone wants to be and loves being gay, its quite alright if your not. Dont be afraid to stand up and be straight. All your friends that watch Ellen, Glee, and dancing with the stars, might shun you for a while and try to convince you that you should try it because really and truly everyone is gay inside. Its ok to respectfully decline and be who you are if your straight.

#1426157 Jeff Otah is hurt again.

Posted by tattoorhino on 28 September 2011 - 04:18 PM

Do oreos and cheese puffs really weigh that much? Ive never hurt my back pulling out of the cabinet. Plus as long as we have a tight end Peppers problem is solved.

#1397294 Byron Bell will start at RT Sunday

Posted by tattoorhino on 15 September 2011 - 12:26 PM

Is he a QB?

#1392714 Official Panthers/Packers Tailgate Thread

Posted by tattoorhino on 13 September 2011 - 10:00 AM

I will be there early with bells on to help how ever needed. Its the wife and mines anniversary, so I will already be in Charlotte. I will let her sleep and come enjoy a bisquit and some great company. If you havent ever been to a tailgate Rannucci has sponsored you havent truly lived. Thanks to everyone in advance for all their hard work and support.

#1374237 Need to pass a drug test.

Posted by tattoorhino on 06 September 2011 - 10:14 AM

Im just saying people should think more about the consequences of their actions before they do anything.
Im sure I could be at a bar and have a few and a hot chick walk up and talk to me and in the spur of the moment think it was a good idea to get her to blow me in the bathroom, without a condom because hey, its the spur of the moment and its not hurting anyone, except for the fact that Im married with faithful wife at home and kids asleep.
Noone knows but the two of us until I come home with something ajax wont wash off that I dont know I brought home until I infect my wife. Marriage ruined, innocent wife ruined, family ruined but hey who thought about all that when we live in the moment. Sometimes lifes best lessons are learned the hard way. I dont know if this guy who started the thread is married and his losing his job might effect his wife and family but these are things we all need to think about before we just live in the moment. Im sure he is a great guy and Im not saying for a moment he isnt, but sometimes you have to pay the piper and make better choices next time. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore.

#1374144 Need to pass a drug test.

Posted by tattoorhino on 06 September 2011 - 09:30 AM

Maybe you should just grow up and realize there are consequences for your actions, no matter how "fun" and illegal they might be.

#1349912 Mush Appreciation Thread

Posted by tattoorhino on 25 August 2011 - 11:32 AM

I would have his baby if Amanda wouldnt mind...

#1325270 This guy reminds me of someone on the huddle...

Posted by tattoorhino on 13 August 2011 - 05:30 AM

This is one of the 3 brothers and sister that went crazy and had the shoot out but for some reason this pic reminds me of a very prominent huddle member.

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#1323701 Weightist...

Posted by tattoorhino on 12 August 2011 - 09:18 AM

Im obese but I never use it as a crutch. I get around just like anyone else. I hike, I bike, I do whatever I want. I might sweat alot more doing it but I have never looked at it like a handicap. I did this to myself and I just really like food. I blame the damn food network, and myself of course. I dont go to the doctor, I dont have high blood pressure, I dont have diabetes, Im just huge. I also make sure on a plane I get an aisle seat and I really sit as uncomfortable as I can so the person next to me doesnt feel cramped. Plus I never really cared about what I looked like obviously with all my tattoos. I try not to dress where my belly hangs out of my shirt, and I never ever had a problem going out with any woman I wanted. I think its all in how you present yourself. Sometimes little kids make rude remarks but hell they call it like they see it.

#1323065 tattoorhinos thoughts once again form practice.

Posted by tattoorhino on 11 August 2011 - 10:35 PM

Tonight was LOOOOOONG, and I loved it.

1. It seems to me that the defensive coaches have a chip on their shoulder alot like some of the player do. they worked the Dbs and the LBs to death tonight.

2. I dont know what the expected time for Hogan to be ready from his surgery but he was all over the field tonight running, jumping, high stepping, and if he wasnt at full speed, I can only imagine how fast this kid is. I am really looking forward to seeing him play just for his speed alone. wow

3. I really cant say enough once again about Ziembe. I watched him give Charles Johnson all he could handle on several plays and not one sack or hurry came from his side. The guy really is a beast.

4. Watching Duke Robinson walk around reminds me of Sir purr but without the passion, desire, and speed. This guy should have a couch moved under the tent for him so at least he could be more comfortable doing nothing. Such a waste.

5. Mare kicked three balls in a row into the woods and thru the uprights. The guy still has a leg like a mule.

6. never, ever before in the many years I have been going to camp have I ever seen such emphasis on the kicking game. I really think thats awesome considering how we have sucked so bad at it the last bunch of years. And the coach rides their ass to get it right and they do it over and over. We will be better in special teams for sure.

7. Cam looked good tonight as I predicted he would earlier. The guy works to hard not to learn from his mistakes. Alot calmer and alot better throwing motion than last night. Also, i think the reason Cam has such a hard time under center is because he is so friggin tall. He looks really uncomfortable squatted down like that. Could be just me.

8. Jimmy looked average tonight and certainly didnt look as good as last night. I still dont see him making the progressions he should and I think he misses some really good chances down field by not having any confidence. He still did well enough tonight not to get booed.

9. Derek Anderson looked like poop tonight. Couldnt seem to get anything going and was sacked several times and actual fumbled with a sack in the same play and he has a red shirt on. Yeah, it was that bad. Pike looked really cool under pressure, very relaxed as he stood there holding his clipboard. I have yet to see him in the line up at all.

10. the blitzes are coming from everywhere and our division the first times this year we play them are gonna be like " what the hell was that hurricane that blew in and destroyed us". It wasnt a hurricane, it was our defense. I love the intensity they are showing out there and I cant wait until Saturday to see them in action.

11. hardy was jerking a sled all over the field like he was mad at it and he looked fine to me. Should be back soon.

12. I dont know whats wrong with Captain but something is and it really doesnt look like it will be healed too soon. He was limping quite a bit tonight and icing it alot. I really hope its nothing but it looked like something to me.

well thats about all I can remember about practice. Ask me whatever you think and I will try to remember and answer it the best I can.
Thanks for tuning in Panther Nation.

#1320672 Tattoorhino's thoughts from practice tonight 8/10

Posted by tattoorhino on 10 August 2011 - 10:28 PM

ok guys, here are few more items you might find interesting.

1. Our offense needs alot of work. I really like the different packages they are trying to install but lets face it right now. 3 weeks will not be enough no matter how hard they work. The good news is we do have some really exciting things that will score points provided we can get some constant consistency which isnt even close right now.

2. this has already been said a million times but it is worth repeating the Chicago Bears were IDIOTS to let Olsen go. The way he plays would have been worth a first round pick easy. He is playing with a chip on his shoulder bigger than Steve Smiths and I like it alot.

3. Ziembe played with the first squad in place of Otah and never missed a beat. He mauled everyone either side he was on and I am really impressed with him. I saw him block a guy 10 yards back past the play like the guy was a high school football player who's parents made him play.

4. Cam has a way to go but he will get there. Tonight may have been the worst I have ever seen him, but the cool thing was whenever he was out of the huddle whatever problem he had he was out working on it. He would throw until it was his time to go back in and he would be taking snap after snap if he fumbled a snap. The young man really just wants to get better and you have to appreciate and respect that.

5. Jimmy Clausen looked pretty decent all around to night and the real proof was with the crowd that was there tonight not one boo. As much as I would like to believe a classier group showed up I have to believe it was jimmy doing what he needed to. He will start in my opinion against the Giants.

6. Our defense is nasty. When we blitzed, Charles Johnson got to the qb almost everytime and from out of no where. Lots of crossing and misdirection and it was the most exciting I have seen our defense in a long time. We will be scoring some points this year on defense for sure. Fua and Irvin in the middle did a great job against the run and held the first string to almost NO yards. The LB's worked there butts off tonight and every night that I have watched them. They have a huge chip also and a foul taste in there mouth that only some really good hits on some opposing QBs will begin to satisfy. Matt Ryan and Drew Brees, the vanilla taste you have been used to will get you killed this year. Better study up guys unless you wanna be eating your meals through a straw. I love it!

7. Ok I have been hard on Lafelle lately but tonight he looked really good. If he could work that hard eveyday he would be #3, Naanee is a solid number 2 in my book and he looked great tonight. Made the best diving catch of the night with both feet in. I like that guy for sure.

8. Derek Anderson looked the most comfortable in the huddle and behind center tonight of all the QBs and made some great passes from the pocket. To me he just looks like ok here we go and he acts as if what the hell I got nothing to lose. But he was solid tonight.

9. We should be night and day different in special teams this year. I have never seen them work so long on punts and kicks in my life. And the coach doesnt let any of the slide. He works all of them and he works them hard. We should actually have pretty good field position this year for sure.

10. I really like Sutton. He is a blast to chat with and he is a pretty darn good back. I the we need a nickname for 4 backs because each of them is pretty darn good.

11. Goodson looks to be twice as fast after catching a punt than Armanti or Lafelle. Armanti seems to catch it with the best touch of any of them and I wouldnt worry one bit about him dropping anything. He did work his butt off during the off season and it shows back there.

12. I really enjoy watching Gaither fire everyone up. when the defense was making plays he was hooping and hollering and it seemed to keep them wanting more. He will be a great leader on game day and in the locker room.

If you have any questions ask me and if I remember or I didnt see it I will let you know. I will be back tomorrow night so follow me on twitter and youll get every play. @tattoorhino.

Have a great night Panther fans!

#1320641 A morality question.

Posted by tattoorhino on 10 August 2011 - 10:01 PM

So I have a question for you Rodeo. When Hitler exterminated the Jews was it morally wrong? If so what made it morally wrong? The germans didnt see it as morally wrong, so was it still morally wrong? If so then who decides what is morally right as a whole and what is not. if we are left to making our own rules when it comes to morality then anything goes. there has to be a standard and I believe that standard is instilled in each of us by a higher power of which I like to call God. And lightsout, there are just as much historical, scientific, and intellectual information to prove the "theory" of God as there are Darwins "theory" of evolution. It really depends on what path you as an individual choose to take. Im sorry and I dont mean to rude or condescending to you either but God isnt a genie in a bottle that grants our every wish. Your looking at the time line for instance of your football games, maybe he kept you from a serious injury that could have paralyzed you for the rest of your life but you lost a football game. Sometimes we dont get our "wish" because it doesnt align with Gods will, which I believe is always better and smarter than mine. There are several great writers out there right now that take all these tough issues about suffering and describe how they believe God works but I cant do it in 2 or 3 paragraphs here. Tim Kellers "A reason for God" is a great place to start. I believe in God because I have experienced Him in a tangible manner in my life and I have seen him do the miracles the bible talks about and whether you believe it or not makes no difference to me. If you guys spent as much time really researching the history instead of taking every Dan Brown answer you find you might be surprised how much proof there really is.

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