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In Topic: Is Cam Newton the next Jay Cutler?

04 November 2014 - 06:26 PM

The bigots/trolls far outnumbers the homers here, that much is clear.


Let them be.  I actually like these comments now.  Highly entertaining.


Just like pre-draft.  Let them whine and watch how things play out.

In Topic: I'd like someone to explain this 3rd and 9 to me

31 October 2014 - 01:08 PM

Cam made them do it. Obama as well

In Topic: Huddle is on High Alert....

30 October 2014 - 09:13 AM

Also, FYI, if the server load rises to a crashing point, the huddle is shut down to all-pro members only.

the fug brah?



I'm not paying the 5!

-Martin Payne





























J/k maybe one of these days

In Topic: Darin Gantt excoriates Roman Harper

28 October 2014 - 03:57 PM

I can't believe he's only 31. That can't be true

In Topic: Top franchise cornerstones

15 October 2014 - 06:27 PM

Cam Newton > Andrew Luck... & it's not even close

"Luck wins more games!"

I know that is what all of you mental midgets and proud He-Man-Cam-Haters-Club members are shouting at your screen right now, as you furiously type away in response after reading the first line. Let's go ahead and show why Luck's team has a better W/L record than Newton's. Yes, winning is a team stat. There is a reason why Trent Dilfer has the same number of Super Bowl rings as Peyton Manning and Dan Marino combined. Football is the ultimate team sport.

Strength of Schedule

IND- #14, #30, #32
CAR- #1, #10, #1, #22

IND- 355-411-2 (46.2%)
CAR- 530-490-4 (51.8%)

There it is, folks. This is completely self-explanatory, although I know some still won't manage to comprehend it. The Colts have literally played the easiest schedule in the entire NFL throughout Luck's career, while Carolina has played the toughest schedule in Newton's career. All those wins against terrible teams. Luck has only beat 1 more team with a winning record. Short of being Ryan Leaf, or an autistic monkey, Luck should have a better record than Newton.

Wait, there's more. Right? Luck is the great comeback kid! Newton just doesn't have it. Wrong. Again, wins are a team stat. Newton can't do everything by himself. Did you know that Newton has more 4th quarter go ahead scores than Luck? That's right. Newton is actually Mr. Clutch, not Luck. The difference? Carolina's defense blew pretty much every one of those leads in Newton's first two years. Again, it's a team sport.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at their stats. Going by what 99% of the media says, this should be no contest. Right? Luck is heralded as the best young quarterback in the league and an elite, MVP-caliber player. On the other hand, Newton is still questioned by most and needs to prove himself worthy as a "franchise" quarterback.

QB Rating, Cmp %, Yd per play, Td per play, t/o per play

Andrew Luck: 84.7, 58.6, 6.7, .046, .026
Cam Newton: 87.0, 60.0, 7.2, .049, .025

I'll go ahead and type that out for you, incase you have trouble reading charts.

Panthers QB Cam Newton, who entered the league extremely raw and inexperienced, has a better quarterback rating, higher completion percentage, gains more yards per play, scores more touchdowns per play, and commits fewer turnovers per play than Colts QB Andrew Luck, who entered the league very experienced and considered a finished product. Cam is putting up better numbers across the board while playing against much tougher competition.

Cam Newton is better than Andrew Luck. That's right, I said it.


I only compared Luck & Newton for a very specific reason. They play in a different era than guys like Marino, Elway, etc. They are also in entirely different situations from guys like Kaepernick and Wilson, who were drafted in middle rounds by very good teams. Luck & Newton were drafted #1 overall in back to back seasons, giving them a very similar situation.

I listed their stats in the most unbiased way possible. It breaks their production down to a per play basis, which makes it impossible to favor one over the other. I'll list the numbers incase you don't trust my math, or are just in denial that Luck is inferior to Newton. FYI; don't bother splitting the rushing & passing into two comparisons, you won't like what you find.

1,608 plays, 10,908 yards, 74 touchdowns, 42 turnovers
2,046 plays, 14,780 yards, 100 touchdowns, 52 turnovers

Edit #1

"Derp! Derp! Luck won a playoff game!"

IND- 11-5 (1-1) lost Div Rd
CAR- 12-4 (0-1) lost Div Rd

You're right, he did. I can't deny that Luck needed an extra game to get his 12th win and reach the Divisional Round. I'm sorry Cam was better at that, too.

Edit #2


Luck is better than Newton, just watch ESPN.

Edit #3


how dare you use facts. I'm gonna be like the rest of these realist and ignore all that truth. Since its blasphemy to admit Cam is a overall better Qb and football player than Luck, I'll hide behind the "they're both great" 1a and 1aaaa herpy derpy.

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