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In Topic: Brews and Bruhs - Now Open

18 April 2015 - 01:48 PM

Generally speaking, I am of the opinion there are two kinds of beer int he world - your kind and the free kind. Tell me more about that pair of hips in the photo at the top of this post!

In Topic: RIP Dean Smith

08 February 2015 - 03:34 PM

The greatest of all time.

They'll be dancing in the streets of Raleigh today.


Not if they have any class or appreciation for the game, they won't.

In Topic: Fans have spoken time and time again, winning is ALL that matters. Why cant o...

08 February 2015 - 03:27 PM

As cold and cynical as it may sound, it just has to be said. Us NFL fans care about one thing and one thing only, WINNING! A look back at recent history shows that any blow to a organization's bottom line in terms of dollars due to one of the players off field issues.

Call me cold but the ONLY thing I care about is my team winning period! A look back at recent history shows that fans just do not care about the trouble star players get into.

Take the Ray Rice incident, while the media was calling for Ray Rice's head, Baltimore Ravens fans had a different opinion as sales of Ray Rice jerseys surged following the incident. Take Michael Vick, what he did was completely inhumane, while his image and jersey sales fell initially, he came back with a vengenance when he signed with the eagles and fans rallied behind him.

Ben Roethlisberger? Same story, Ray Lewis?! He just went on to be the beat MLB of his generation and the face of that franchise for years, his charge? Oh just an accomplice to murder. I think we can all agree as Panther fans that we would give anything to follow in the footsteps of a team like the Ravens and their sustained success.

Even our very own Greg Hardy, it was reported that a ton of people wearing Hardy's jersey to the following game following his suspension.

So my question is this. If fans dont care, business is still good, whats the big deal?! Lets not pretend to be alter boys here. This is the NFL for me. I ONLY care about one thing and one thing only, WIN WIN WIN at all costs except for cheating.

I love this team with a passion but im sorry, Jerry Richardson is a damn moron if Hardy is found not guilty and for not briniging him back. He is not cutthroat enough to be a good owner. He is just too wholesome


The difference is that Mr. Richardson has a sense of what is right and wrong, and the kind of people he wants to have associated with this team. I'm not saying I always agree with him, but I respect his position when it comes to the organization he leads. And while I have mixed feelings about the Hardy situation, in general I do agree that character matters. This was not Greg's first brush with conduct that painted himself and the organization in a bad light. Other than combat, I can't think of any other situation where the end always justifies the means (and in civilized societies, there are even limits to what you can morally do in combat, too). Football is a game, and one that exerts a great deal of influence on the fans who watch it - particularly young ones - whether we like it or not. The Carolina Panthers are owned by a man who expects a certain standard to be maintained by those who work for him. I hate to see Greg go, but his problems are of his own making, and I respect Mr. Richardson's position on the matter. With Dean Smith's loss today, I think it's easy to point out that winning and having good character are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

In Topic: Duron Carter visiting Wednesday

12 January 2015 - 09:11 PM


Some CFL highlights. 


It looks to me like he has pretty good hands, and he seems to get good separation. I'm okay with taking him for test drive. What can it hurt?

In Topic: Do you want the Panthers to win any more games this season?

01 December 2014 - 05:56 AM

I don't mean to imply that those who prefer us lose out are bad fans. You're thinking about what benefits the team best long term. I get it. But as much as I want Rivera gone, what I wanted more was for Cam to come out in the second half today and brings up back for a victory. I want us to win.


I agree, in the moment fandom takes over and you really can't help root for your team to win. But to answer a question posed above, about whether or not rooting for your team to lose is being a good fan, I can only say I look at it as a tactical withdrawal to allow the team to regroup. If losing allows us a chance to acquire blue chip personnel, a coaching staff that knows how to use it, and to offer some glimmer of hope for a fan base that has been as abused as an NFL wife/girlfriend, then how can we help but root for the loss? When all hope is gone, there is only April to look forward to.