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In Topic: TD laying Jimmy Graham the fcuk out last night

Today, 01:22 PM

It was sort of a cheap shot, not that I did not like it as a Panther fan, but lucky he did not get penalized.

In Topic: Jonathan Jones With Interesting Breakdown of Cam's Incompletions

Today, 12:38 PM

Of the completions Brees made, many of them hit the receiver in stride helping his YAC tremendously.  Our guys are usually jumping or reaching behind themselves even on the ones they don't miss.  This basically makes them easy targets for immediate tackles.

In Topic: Why is Jerry Richardson always sleeping during Panthers games?

Today, 08:58 AM

How boring a person do you have to be to keep your camera aimed at Richardson for 3+ hours to finally get a shot of him nodding off?  Guess you could just set up a camera and run it back, still.

In Topic: So...thoughts?

Today, 08:15 AM

The problem with the romper room, errrr, the Huddle, is that everyone has picked their favorites and turns their ire on everyone else.


Cam fans hate everyone from ownership, to management, to coaching staffs to Olineman to WR's.  If that is not enough, they hate on the D.


Cam is not the only problem, the coaching is not the only problem, the OLine is not the only problem, the WR's are not the only problem, the defense is not the only problem, BUT, they are problems.  We have a lot of issues as a team.  Picking one as the only one is stupid, but typical here.

In Topic: The Emperor has no clothes

Today, 08:00 AM

So Shula calls 150 different plays during the game and our guys can't execute any of them.  Man, I wish someone else could dial up some plays, that would certainly make it all better right away

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