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In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 09:15 AM

Plenty of people have received assistance which allowed them to better themselves and climb out of poverty.



That's the point of governemnt assistance. Sure some people abuse the system, and that should be rooted out, but the point of the programs is to give people a chance to survive and better themselves. The President has said so much plenty of times. Hell, he wants to make community college free so people can get real jobs, have real families and stop the cycle of poverty.  So, which party is it that wants people to stay poor and on the government dime?


Well Mr Gullible, a politician said he wanted people to lead great and prosperous lives.  My goodness, we should elect that guy.  What?  There are thousands upon thousands of politicians that have been saying his forever?  Oh, then there should be no problems then


In fact, I think the system abuses the people far more than the people abuse the system

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Today, 09:02 AM

How many people in the country, of any color, have found happiness after hitching their hopes in life to the government wagon?  The government loves it, because they are needed and have a group of followers whom they have duped into giving them endless power.  But that is all the people get, the duping.


To be told over and over to follow "us" to the promise land and to be forever disappointed is a tough place to live, I am sure.

Since PhillyB quotes Proverbs, so will I.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

In Topic: Would you vote for Hillary?

Today, 08:15 AM

She is woman, it is her turn, now shut up and get in line.


Really.  All this "I won't vote for Hillary" bravado.  You guys will vote for her or die.  You will use the excuse that the pubs are worse or whatever, but you are voting for her and you know it.


O Malley was a dark horse but seeing that he was in charge of Baltimore for 8 years while the police were doing bad deeds, who knows how he comes out now.  They have been floating his trial balloon for the last couple of months, we'll have to see where it goes

In Topic: You liberals happy?

Yesterday, 10:56 PM


stirs, on 27 Apr 2015 - 10:10 PM, said:snapback.png


A.) the reason he got into the van alive and ended up dead is the same reason as all the previous cops killing unarmed black male cases.


B.)  you find that people should be as offended about looting of property as a man dying for no reason.


connect the dots you moron.



So you are kinda like the OP who lumped all his grievances together.  you are doing the same.  Not about Freddie Gray but a time to get even for all of the past.


Exactly like I said, you find nothing wrong with what is going on tonight because the churches, drugstores and senior centers that are being burned somehow gives you a warm feeling.


I find the Freddie Gray situation wrong and I find this destruction of people's property wrong.  But hey, I am simple minded.  You genius guys go ahead and figure it out.



In Topic: You liberals happy?

Yesterday, 10:43 PM

So institutionalized racism = burnt cop car on your "justifiable outrage" scale? Jesus.


Your reading comprehension is off the chart.  Yeah, yeah that is what I said exactly.  Good job