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In Topic: Possible DE Trade?

Today, 11:04 AM

Gosh, this is like a few years ago when everyone wanted to keep and pay all the RB's.


Bottom like is, Zod is correct.


You have more DE's than will make the roster.


You can choose, get a quality OT and give the offense a chance to stay on the field, OR, keep all the DEs and rotate them......a lot.  Because they will be on the field forever.  3 and outs on our offense are going to be common place because of our OT's in my opinion.  One great veteran guy will help a great deal.


And further, i would trade Charles Johnson.  He is good enough to warrant a starting tackle and we can move some salary.  Win win

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

Today, 10:37 AM

Got it.  Thanks

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

Today, 10:30 AM

I doubt there are any police departments in the country who train their guys to try to use a taser on anyone with a knife, much less a guy who is 6'4" and close to 300 lbs.  Having said that, has it even been confirmed that Brown had a knife?  Where did the knife talk come from?

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

Today, 09:48 AM

I am not sure why the PD does not give out info.  Part of an investigation I would assume is the main thing.  You can't give out eyewitness testimonies one at a time as they might keep others from coming forward and taint ones still to be delivered.  A lot of what if's in this case so I don't see how everyone is so certain of anything.  I had a lot of questions and "wonder whys", but guess they will get answered eventually.  Until then, i can't say that the cop was justified or that he should go to prison.  Best anyone should be doing at this point is saying, "with what we know so far, I think". 




Did the shots come from the front or the back?  Seems like everyone in the country is doing an autopsy, so maybe we will get a consensus.

Was there gunpowder residue?  Some say autopsy was without clothing which could show close up shots.

What was the condition of the officers car?

Did the officer actually sustain a broken orbital bone due to a blow?  Was there a concussion?

Why was the kid so brazen as to rob a place and then walk down the middle of the street as if he feared nobody?  Blood tests reveal?

What is the position of the car, the body and all the shell casings?

What day in the future will all the testimonies be released?  After the trial?  During?

Can you get an untainted jury if all the evidence is released before hand?

What did the officers training tell him and did he over step his protocol?

Did he call for backup?  Was he supposed to?  What did he report during and after the shooting? Was he informed of the robbery at any point?

What did the first officer on the scene report?

What is the officers history and is there reports of him being abusive in the past?


Most people will only worry about what supports their argument.


To have authority figures in this country side step and break the law is not that uncommon, look at DC.  But, to have local cops overstep their authority while dealing directly with people cannot be tolerated.  A certain level of respect HAS to be maintained for the police departments all across the country, else you have a big anarchic mess.  Not sure about my last adjective there.  The respect for the police is a two sided street.  It has to be in place and neither side (people nor police) can abuse it, ever.  No amount of locked arms from a police department nor marches from anyone should be able to get their way.  If the policeman is guilty, he should go away, period. 


The police circling the wagons and the Sharptons are both wrong in my opinion. 

In Topic: Shooting in Missouri sparks protests, looting

Today, 06:58 AM

Been in NYC for the last 5 days and Wow.  Made very few posts here and them early on.  What I mentioned was that the truth would be somewhere in between the first two far left and far right camps.  This seems to be forming up but still more stuff coming out.  Also said that politics would be in full gear here, not to find truth, but to form and find support for THEIR cause, which is getting elected or re elected.  This also seems to be playing out in force.


Other than that, it seems that most minds were made up as soon as a story broke which said, "police officer shoots unarmed black man".  Those initial stances from both sides have not seemed to budge no matter what comes out going forward.  So, except for a lot of name calling, I don't think I have missed much.  Huddle rules.

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