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In Topic: If Atlanta AND Cleveland win this weekend....

18 December 2014 - 01:53 PM

Might not even make top 10.


1. Kasay kicking off out of bounds in the Super Bowl.

2. Kerry Collins being a drunk washout, then leading the Giants (my dad's team) to a Super Bowl.

3. Trading a second round pick that eventually became the #33 overall pick for a FCS running QB, who would then be groomed as a failure of a slot receiver.

4. Delhomme meltdown against Arizona.

5. Twenty years of existence and no back to back winning seasons.

6. Winning game 1, then losing 15 in a row in 2001.

7. Andrew Luck proactively avoiding the team.

8. Drafting Jimmy Clausen. I knew he would suck, just knew it. I have witnesses from when the pick was made.

9. Somehow being the worst team in the league AND headed for cap hell at the same time in 2010.

10. The Rae Carruth and Fred Lane things happening within one year of each other.


There is a long and healthy tradition of disappointment here. Those are my top items; sure I left out some good ones. YMMV.


1.  Seeing Steve Smith in a different uniform.

In Topic: Four scenarios this weekend

16 December 2014 - 12:40 PM

And what each will mean for us going forward. Only 2 games matter next week. Browns at Panthers and Falcons at Saints. Here are the ways it could play out this weekend.

1. Panthers win and Falcons win. Best case scenario. Eliminates Saints. Winner of Panthers at Falcons in week 17 wins the NFC South.

2. Panthers win and Saints win. Falcons eliminated. Panthers would need to beat Falcons and Bucs would need to upset the Saints in Tampa for us to make the playoffs.

3. Panthers lose and Falcons win. All 3 teams still alive. Panthers could win the NFC South with the same week 17 results as scenario 2.

4. Panthers lose and Saints win. It's over for us.


5.  The distant possibility of an ATL/NO or CAR/CLE tie. Or a week 17 tie between TB/NO or CAR/ATL brings a lot of alternatives into play.  Don't laugh, ties happen! :D

In Topic: Latest Odds in Vegas

10 December 2014 - 09:59 AM

I mean if you have money to throw away like that then go right ahead. We more than likely have to go to Seattle and Green Bay to be NFC Champs, so if you have that much faith in this coaching staff to not screw everything up if we somehow miraculously score enough points to be in contention, then you should use that money for some treatment for your stockholm syndrome.



This team won three of its first twelve games yet somehow we are going to win eight straight, including likely games @Seattle, @Green Bay and then against New England?


The 2011 Giants were 6-6 at one point right?  Then even 7-7 after that IIRC.  Went on to beat Atlanta, Green Bay, 49ers, and you guessed it New England.  


Seriously, I wonder what the odds were for the Giants when they were sitting at 6-6.  Teams with talented players CAN get hot.

In Topic: Could 7-8-1 actually win the division?

08 December 2014 - 01:06 PM

Predicting ATL loss to Green Bay tonight putting them at 5-8 then yes it very possible.  If Carolina were to win out all they need is NO/ATL to lose one time, and one of them is practically guaranteed a loss in the head to head, I forbid a tie.  They both have at least one other likely loss, NO vs Chicago, and ATL vs Pitt.  Week 17 vs ATL may very well be for the division.  

In Topic: Sum Up Carolinas Season in 1 Gif

03 December 2014 - 12:02 PM


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