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My draft 1.0

21 January 2015 - 11:42 AM

1 / Jaelen Strong  Wr.

2 / Devin Smith Wr

3/ Austin Sheperd OT

4/ Ladarius Gunter

5/ Jake Ryan OLB



With 2 wrs + Kelvin and Olsen and Browns Cam will have tons of weapons, Strong is really an impressive Wr and Smith is a perfect deep threat.

Austin Sheperd is huge with a good lateral move he is a RT, we need an LT but with a 3th he is a solid pick.

Ladarius is obviously very good against the pass, maybe not so good against the run.

Jake Ryan is looking like a wonder for a 5th (5th for CBSS, not for long if you ask me..)



Adarius Glanton

29 December 2014 - 06:19 AM

What do you think about him?

Personally i like him a lot.

Not bad for an UDFA.




Jacobs or Klein?

08 December 2014 - 11:02 AM

Personnally i am much more confortable with Jacobs.


My next gen Panthers

01 December 2014 - 06:21 AM

DFA is for draft or free agency




QB Derek Anderson or Cam (one must go), Joe Webb.(if Cam stay, otherwise, DFA or UDFA)

RB JS, Tolbert, Fozzy, DFA

WR KB, DFA, Brown, Bersin, DFA

TE Olsen, Williams, Dickson

OT DFA, DFA, Zimmer, (Bell, or Foucault, or the UDFA sleeper)

OG Turner, Norwell, Velasco, DFA

C Kalil, Folkerts




DE CJ, DFA, Ealy, Addison, UDFA or Horton

DT Short, Star, DFA, Cole, Edwards

MLB, Kuelchy, Klein or Jacobs

OLB, Davis, DFA, DFA, Williams (no not Klein!!!)

CB DFA, DFA, Norman, Benwikere, Dockery

Safety DFA (landon Collins), Jones, DFA, Tre Boston, UDFA or Lester.



Speical team.

I am not good with special teams so i have no advice but obviuously we are very bad..


Kickers, i have no problem with our kickers.


Cam or DA, don't get me wrong i am a big fan of Cam, not only the QB but the man and trading Cam would be heart breaking but i am sick to see this kid wasting his carrer with this team as much as i am sick to see a QB like DA wasting his best years on the bench. for the good of the team and the players, one of them must go.

I would start DA over Cam up to the end of the season, Cam need to heal and DA is healthy, watchout the result could be painfull for the fans, DA is like a good wine and imho he became a probowler caliber QB.


Must be cut asap :  Harper, Decoud (i warned you the day they have been signed) and Silatolu, , a kid can bullrush Amini and finally Chandler since the same kid can bullrush Chandler as well.




Coachs, i will join the fans and i will do even much more,

Rivera, Shula, McDermott and Rodgers must go.

I know nothing about the secondary coachs so i have no advice.


How good is a 5 - 2 Defense?

12 November 2014 - 06:10 AM

CJ, Edwards, Star, Short, Ealy


Davis, Kuelchy


Since we don't have the players to play a 3 - 4 Defense why not a 5 - 2?

A defense like this can obliterate a pocket and so a QB.