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In Topic: I have Madden 15 right now

Yesterday, 07:43 PM

Honestly I thought Benjamin was OP. Especially in the RZ. Had a nasty snag that I thought my Xbox had recorded then realized it must of glitched or something when saving. His only "drop" in my game was a one hander that was two steps in front of him and he nearly brought in diving to the ground.


Thats good i just think his catch and speed should be higher, I saw the individual ratings a few weeks ago. One thing i was good at last year was throwing the jump balls to the big receivers so cant wait to get back to that.

In Topic: I have Madden 15 right now

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

Benjamin is one of those guys who is rated low but can fly past people and make plays. For some reason he does drop it often, but that will change with an update. He's pretty solid for a "71" and FUN to use in redzone.


Thats because the freaking ratings ass clown aka (bucs fan) gave him a pathetic 82 catch rating which is pretty below average in madden. That guy is always pooing us on the ratings.

In Topic: I have Madden 15 right now

Yesterday, 07:10 PM

I do not need to be looking at images like these, im already tempted to go get an xbox one at any given moment as it is. :startle:

So I played my one game for the night (trying to milk my access through the weekend). This is going to be REALLY popular around the goal line for the Panthers in Madden 15....




In Topic: I have Madden 15 right now

Yesterday, 11:46 AM

This is great to know. I have been debating getting me a xbox one now instead of just waiting before the new sports games come out. Plus i know they have a bundle xbox one with madden coming out too with madden being basically free with a console. Havent made a decision yet, but it does seem smart to just get a xbox one now because i plan on upgrading before the year is over with anyway

In Topic: Pros and Cons of our 2014 schedule

Yesterday, 10:03 AM

We normally dont do to well against teams with a new coach, new system. Remember the last time we played the Bucs week 1.


"They did some thing we werent prepared for"


That Rivera line still haunts me.

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