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#2868844 7-29 Practice Thread

Posted by Memphis on 29 July 2014 - 09:27 AM

Was just a short segment on NFLN about Panthers camp.


Steve Wyche is at the Panthers facilities today.


He reported that Cam is not 100 % in movement but that RR had said he was sharper than ever with completions and playbook.


They also talked about out Oline and that we rotate guys in like Bell after loosing Gross and Wharton.


Finally talked about KB's injury and that we will rest him for 4-5 days and not rush him back on to the field as the bone bruise was directly on his kneecap.



#2831281 Five cities you recommend when foreigners to visit the U.S.

Posted by Memphis on 26 June 2014 - 12:20 PM

Been to:



San Antonio



New York


so far. And Austin is my favourite by a mile. Loved the atmosphere in the city, The music and the bars.


This summer my GF and I are going to


Vancouver (Canada)


San Fran

Las Vegas


Tried to squeeze in Charlotte on the way home (only had a 1 hour in the airport so far and it pains me), but it didnt fly with the GF and work this time around.


My next trip to the states will be on the east cost with at least 1 Panthers home game at BOA:

#2517139 Pumpkin vs Sweet Potato Pie

Posted by Memphis on 28 November 2013 - 05:55 AM

In my house we make only 1 type of pie and that would be Banana Cream pie.

#2375192 Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

Posted by Memphis on 15 September 2013 - 09:58 AM

E.J. Manual will have his "Welcome to the NFL" moment today when CJ, Kraken and Star sandwich him into a little tiny mushy muffin.

#2373805 So our starting O-line for Sunday (drum roll)

Posted by Memphis on 13 September 2013 - 06:23 PM

Amini made strides at the end of last season. He needs game reps to keep up his progression. Being slotted in between Gross and Kalil is encouraging.

The best thing that can be said about or right side of the o-line is that at least Cam can seem "them coming", but strangely enough it is the inside pressure that makes Cam the most uncomfortable compared to edge pressure.


Keep pounding the ball with DeAngelo throughout the game and some quick passing in the intermediate routes to Olsen, Hixon and Smitty should open op for some play-action passing to Ginn and Lafell.


I have no doubt that we will win this game as our defence will terrorize E.J. Manuel all day long. His footwork under pressure was horrible against Patriots quite suspect defence and Luke and T.D will both have a field day with Manuel starring down his initial WR and not going through his progressions.

#2304501 7/30 camp thread

Posted by Memphis on 30 July 2013 - 10:54 AM

Cam has always been most bothered by pressure up through the middle.


So when they O-line today is comprised by Gross - Silatolu - Hangartner - xxx - Bell instead of Gross - Silatolu - Kalil - Hangartner/xxx - Bell which was the case yesterday, it is a pretty obvious downgrade at C and RG for todays practise. Combine that with Steve Smith also having the day off, allowing the defence to put more people in the box and in passrush and our upgrades at our interior D-line with Short and Star, the result will be a lot of pressure up the middle, which will hurt Cams accuracy. So in short, Cam wasn't having a bad day, though he could get better at handling inside pressure, the O-line simply was weaker today that yesterday. And when the line today could manage to fend of the defence and allow Cam time to read his progression and get his footwork right, he would hit his receivers with pinpoint precision.

We do need an upgrade at RG, but as others have mentioned, from a cap perspective it would be smarter to wait until we are in season and also we could pick up talented players that don't make other teams 53 man roster.

#2301804 7-27-13 Camp Thread

Posted by Memphis on 27 July 2013 - 04:20 PM

I did a complete list of the Panther relevant tweets from todays practice and also included injury reports from the different teams TCs for the lazy people :phew:




@Panthers: #MonsterzInc @randywattson @ItsGHardy http://t.co/RyIP8NhHGE

@Joe Person: Panthers practicing at Gibbs Stadium again today. Should be starting in next 10-20 minutes.

Panthers notebook: @ryankalil returns from injury; more on @jonbeason contract; 3 questions w/ FB Mike Tolbert.

@CatScratchReadr: DJ Moore is the first player to take the field.

@CatScratchReadr: FYI, Star Lotulelei is a freaking huge human being.

Practice has started! pic.twitter.com/F9lwKxZ9lu

@Panthers: WR @domenik_hixon makes his way to the practice field. http://t.co/KPlICjXmq6

@CatScratchReadr: TD and Keek getting ready to start. http://t.co/1YnaINnGCf

@Panthers: WR Steve Smith warming up. http://t.co/6yHSwdPlmq

@CatScratchReadr: Players have broken up into position groups for drills.

@CatScratchReadr: Kugbila being carted off the field. Doesn't look serious though.

@josephperson: Early word is hamstring injury on Kugbila.

@Panthers: Steve Smith tipped, bobbled and ultimately caught a pass with one hand during receiver drills, the crowd loved it.

@josephperson: 1st-team secondary: Munnerlyn, Florence, Campbell, Godfrey.

@josephperson: LBs: Senn, Kuechly, Blackburn

@SteveReedAP: Panthers rookie RG Edmund Kugbila taken to the locker room with an unknown injury. We'll update later.

@CatScratchReadr: Clausen with a great throw over the middle to Rosario.

@NFL_ATL: Eagles fear Maclin tore ACL and MCL in his right knee, per @RapSheet
http://t.co/ieXFOHAOUl (Note: Rumors indicate and ACL and MCL tear)

@CatScratchReadr: Running punt drills right now. Adams and Ginn rotating at PR.

@CatScratchReadr: Armanti also fielding punts.

@James_Dator: Olsen getting some reps out wide

@CatScratchReadr: Armanti with a nice grab...took one away from Norman and stayed in bounds.

@James_Dator: Armanti makes a great contested catch with DJ Moore covering

@PanthersMax: DE Frank Alexander relentless in pass rush vs Garry Williams. Gets some love from DL coach Eric Washington.

@CatScratchReadr: Some things never change...Clausen with a checkdown to Williams.

@James_Dator: Lots of middle linebacker blitzes here. Didn't see that in 2012  

@Panthers: Cam connects with @gregolsen82 on a perfectly thrown pass. Expect big things from the duo in 2013

@James_Dator: Lots of DB blitzes, Munnerlyn and Nakamura

@CatScratchReadr: It's only the 2nd day, but Bersin looks pretty good so far.

@James_Dator: Clausen's showing a lot of zip, but his motion is more drawn out to compensate

@James_Dator: Gentleman on the sideline. Looking just like a 61 year old who discovered shorts

@CatScratchReadr: As expected, Nortman is putting on a punting clinic.

@James_Dator: I think Gay is punting better than Nortman today

@CatScratchReadr: AE just dropped a super easy pass.

@Panthers: The view from the stands. #PanthersCamp http://t.co/kPRpWQm6Se

@James_Dator: Mitchell picks off Cam on the sideline, rolls into the end zone

@Panthers: Cam connects with Smith on a pass that would be a touchdown in any language.

@CatScratchReadr: Mitchell with a pick six and out-juked Bell during the return.

@CatScratchReadr: Nice over the middle grab by LaFell. Would have been a first down.

@James_Dator: Cam is looking a little rough today. Out of sync

@CatScratchReadr: Bersin running with the 2nd team, makes a nice grab over the middle

@josephperson: Robert Lester forces an interception and/or a fumble on Richie Brockel.
(Note: That is Lester's second interception in as many days)

@CatScratchReadr: Things I never thought I'd say: Clausen with a great throw, and a nice catch by Ikharo over the middle.

@Panthers: ,@SpartanburgCVB representitive reports a total attendance of 7,500 at #PanthersCamp practice today. Thanks for the support! @josephperson: Munnerlyn breaks up Cam pass intended for Smith.

@josephperson: Correct. RT @RevMemphis: @josephperson second day in a row with an interception from Lester correct?

@josephperson: Yes. RT @beardsonfire: @josephperson think Lester makes the 53?
(Note: Seems like Lester is making the most of this oppertunity to make the team)

@CatScratchReadr: Louis Nzegwu makes a nice strip. Blows by Chandler again. Almost looks like Chandler isn't even there.

@James_Dator: Colby Cameron is not good... Not at all

@James_Dator: And there's an INT from Cameron. Ugliest throwing session I've seen in a long time

@CatScratchReadr: Like, really really sad. Clausen's job as #3 QB is pretty safe.

@James_Dator: That's it for practice. Cool down stretching. Thanks for following everyone, back in the AM

@SteveReedAP: Panthers rookie RG Edmund Kugbila taken to the locker room with an unknown injury. We'll update later.

@Panthers: Rookie G Edmund Kugbila tweaked his hamstring during drills today. He was carted off thr field before practice started.

@MaryKayCabot: #browns player carted to ambulance. team has asked not to identify until family notified.

@MaryKayCabot: The injured #browns player is awake, alert and movement in all four extremities. Taken to local hospital. Still unidentified


@MaryKayCabot: Injured #browns player is OL Ryan miller

@ProFootballTalk: Dennis Pitta carted off Ravens' practice field http://wp.me/p14QSB-9e2R

@Ravens: TE Dennis Pitta has a dislocated hip. Will miss at least the Denver game.

@caplannfl: Initial word on #Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin, per league source: Torn right ACL. More info as I get it.


@rapsheet: Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin has, in fact, torn the ACL in his right knee, source tells me. That was the fear pre-MRI. Out for the season.



#2301318 7-27-13 Camp Thread

Posted by Memphis on 27 July 2013 - 09:47 AM

This just makes me jizz in my pants.



#2301260 7-27-13 Camp Thread

Posted by Memphis on 27 July 2013 - 07:13 AM

Here is the link to the practise times for the entire Panthers TC