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#1397345 Who is moronic enough to believe we stand a chance against Green Bay?

Posted by panthersfan#2 on 15 September 2011 - 12:48 PM

Wouldn't it be SWEET to watch all the NFL commentators eat crow after watching Cam play even better against the Packers and beat them convincingly? :D

I watched all of Cam's games last year. You can't underestimate what he can do ... especially once he gets on a roll. Cam looked like an NFL quarterback who snuck into Auburn's locker room and played for them.

After just a few games with Cam, just about everyone was saying that Cam had bigtime NFL potential. They said Cam "looks like a man among boys" out there! Especially when you compare him to typical college QBs.

Cam was like the kid in Pop Warner football that all the parents complained about because he was so much bigger, stronger, and faster than the rest of the kids. They were afraid their kid would get hurt, etc.

Let's hope that Cam has a few even HIGHER LEVELS he can ascend to ... so he can dominate in the NFL like Michael Jordan did in the NBA. We shall see. It's going to be exciting watching Cam get better and better in the next couple of years.

#1201436 Can someone shed some light on this idea that Newton is dumb?

Posted by panthersfan#2 on 16 May 2011 - 03:00 PM

I watched every one of Cam's games at Auburn last year. Trust me, he's going to be a very exciting player for Panther fans and everyone else in the NFL to watch. The guy really seems to love the game of football a lot. He gets just as excited as the hardcore NFL fans do on game day.

Cam loves to hear those cheers from the fans and get the accolades from the commentators on TV. He'll work his butt off to make sure he's playing at his highest levels.

He doesn't give up when things aren't looking good in a game either. He works with the coaches, gets the team fired up and goes out and plays even harder. Anyone who saw how Auburn went from down 24-0 at halftime against Alabama (at Tuscaloosa) and still won the game can testify to this. That was an all-time classic college football game if there ever was one.

Hopefully, the entire Panthers team will rally around him and everyone will play at their highest levels for the whole 2011 season. We shall see.

#1171414 Round 1 Panthers Select: Cam Newton QB

Posted by panthersfan#2 on 28 April 2011 - 09:51 PM

Cam Newton was an excellent pick for the Panthers. I guarantee you that he's going to work his butt off to become a star in the NFL. He loves those accolades from the commentators and the fans so he's going to work hard to make sure the Panthers become playoff contenders for years to come.

Man, I hope the rest of the draft for the Panthers is excellent. I want to see the Panthers become a dominating team and get a Super Bowl in the next year or so.

Go Panthers! Welcome aboard Cam Newton! You're going to have a really good fan base of Panther fans rooting for you every week.

Get down to business now. Work like crazy and don't waste a minute of time. Expectations are going to be high so you better leave nothing to chance. Us Panthers fans want to win and hoist championship trophies like Auburn did last season.

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