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In Topic: 1st take destroys the Panthers FO, "Panthers Sold Cam Newton Out"

12 November 2014 - 12:51 AM

How is Cam supposed to make Byron Bell, Nate Chandler, and the undrafted Canadian better? none of the QBs that you mentioned have played behind anything close to as crappy of an OL as Cam's playing behind this year. And other than Brady, none of them have been throwing to the scrubs that DG likes to call his top 4-5 WRs. Let's not even get into the suck that is the Panthers D this year.

Let's just admit cam isnt a franchise QB. He's good but not capable of making those around him better like a Brees,manning, Brady, Rodgers. The whole team sucks, the coaches suck, the owner sucks, the fanbase sucks. I just don't see this getting fixed and cam still being here. Imo he's gone and this year is why


In Topic: 1st take destroys the Panthers FO, "Panthers Sold Cam Newton Out"

12 November 2014 - 12:31 AM

didn't watch the video, but they're right. DG has set Cam up to fail. The OT and WR situations are a joke....4 years into Cam's NFL career. 4 years of Byron Freaking Bell starting. GMAFB


basically shits on the o-line, receiving core, FO, and ron himself (asking why in the world they extended ron after 1 good year)


even though i hate 1st take im glad that the truth is coming out


In Topic: Dalton

06 November 2014 - 11:41 PM

Let Cam walk.....and then watch what he can do with a decent OL and WRS. He deserves a helluva lot more support than he's gotten from Carolina's front office the last 4 years.

The guy is playing like garbage and I'm betting the Bengals wished they hadn't paid him big money. IMO it would have been a better decision for them to let him walk, have a bad year, and try to replace him in the offseason.

We will be in a similar situation and as much talent as I think Cam has...if we continue the way we are right now then I'll say the same thing about him.


In Topic: Opinions: Can they fix this team in one off season?

02 November 2014 - 06:22 PM

I want Bell gone as much as anyone, but we made it work last year with him on the right.  At least Cam can see it better when he's getting blown up on that side.  If they can replace him at RT for pennies or for no more money than it would save us if we cut him, then by all means.  But RT becomes much less of a priority if we fix LT.

You're probably right. I'm just really looking forward to not seeing any more of Byron Bell on the Panthers OL(or any other UFAs).

In Topic: Opinions: Can they fix this team in one off season?

02 November 2014 - 06:07 PM

I think they can fix the team in one offseason easy.  Fire the HC, OC, and by default DC because the new coach probably isn't going to keep either coordinator from the previous regime.  Find someone who can start and play at least reasonably well at LT, send Bell back to RT (because we just won't be able to afford to replace both Ts this offseason).  That right there will be enough to get us back going in the right direction.  Patch the secondary with whatever is available.  The biggest thing is to replace the inept coaching staff and fix the OL.  Coaching staff issue is easy, just have to have the will to do it.  OL will be a little harder, but if they can find a LT, things will fall into place.


Bell starting anywhere on the OL won't fix anything. DG could've/should've addressed the need at Tackle in the last draft. I wouldn't give him a free pass when the pink slips are being passed out. There were options in the 6th and 7th round that were far better than Bell, Chandler, and Foucalt. Knowingly going into this season with those 3 as the top options at OT was completely moronic.

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