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Orlando Summer league observations

10 July 2014 - 10:44 PM

Anyone else watching? I realized no one is discussing the no names in summer league but it is interesting.

So far I have been keeping tabs on a few rookies as well as recognizable names. Most of this is just the "eye test".

Boston vs Orlando(thur)

I am really impressed with point guard Elfrid Payton for Orlando. He is a smooth confident player with great control. He floor vision is great and he seems to get by guys easily as a pass first and second pg. 9rebs and 9 assists in the third qtr now.

Marcus Smart is a little lost on offense as he just does his bull rush drives to the basket. His outside shot needs a lot of work as it will be no threat anytime soon. He is a smothering elite perimeter defender. You see that 6'9 wingspan frustrate a few perimeter guys. As I type this Smart comes off a pick and drains a couple of threes like he does it in his sleep. Im going by seeing him for the third time now in summer league...where his shooting has been awful.

When Seth Curry gets his feet set he gets effortless threes. He had a good first half but Marcus Smart on him exposes his limited speed/ball handling.

Seth Curry is not the only kid of NBA players in this summer leage as Jimmy Jackson's son and Paul Pressey's son are playing. Both have natural ability and have great feel for a couple of dudes in a pickup bball game style that is summer league.

Pressey had an impressive game vs Philly but not hitting shots this game..he is getting by guys and has great moves to get to the basket but not finishing as shots are half down and rimming out.

How the Iraq War Launched the Modern Era of Political BS

30 June 2014 - 09:05 PM

ive been so frustrated by politics in the last 8 years because it seems no politician, media report is seemingly afraid to either give misleading information or flat out denial of actual facts presented to them. As if denying a fact makes one's resolve or belief system stronger.... Like it is a badge of honor to refuse facts.

When did this start? It was never this bad but this article sort of pinpoints the beginning of the end.


Factual divides over whether Iraq had WMD, and whether Saddam was working with Osama, set the stage for today's battles over reality

They discovered a surprising "backfire effect" among political conservatives: Reading the correction made members of this group more likely to believe that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction than conservatives who did not receive the factual correction.

Free Agency Targets: Gordon Heyward 

26 May 2014 - 11:55 PM

I have seen Heyward mentioned in a few free agency threads but he gets a shrug about max money vs other money...which most likley be close to max bc that is his market value.

Heyward is a player I would have on my short list if GM of the Hornets Max money or not...just get him.

A true 6'8 small forward with at a fully developed 220 poumds.  

Strong upperbody to finish in traffic regularly.  Stout defender who plays passing lanes well and has great defensive pursuit to showcase great anticipation and timing on blocks. 
Great shooter, can play a point forward role great feel for the game. Above avg ball handler. Great athletic ability overcoming his chronic condition(full blown WASP'ey)

He would be good enough to push MKG to a bench role where he is best suited at this time. Heyward just offers skills the Hornets have lacked in a wing player that is much needed. 

Likley target: Boston Celtics (to reunite with his coach from Butler)  

35% chance he is a Hornet. 

Season/career highlights but showcase his athletic ability, great balance on drives and outstanding open court defense. 

Jazz vs Thunder 
-his career high game where he is a smooth, fundemental guy with great athletic ability and first step.  

I just see him as a high level upgrade to this team and he is deserving of any contract that the likes of a Stephenson would command without the locker room headaches and wild mood swings.

Player to root for during the draft: Mizzou's L'Damian Washington

07 May 2014 - 06:28 PM

Tall, productive and a draft eligible. Grantland did this amazing piece on him and the pressures of taking care of his brothers as they survived the loss of both parents.

Also he is a guy I could be happy taking on day 3. I will be rooting for him.

Not another insane draft Best Player thread! Yes, yes it is...

07 May 2014 - 05:38 PM

Since there are draft "best player" in the first and throwing up a Linbacker as a legit choice I figured to offer an actual value "best player" in the mid rounds. (3rd to 6th).

Still have a need for a KR/PR with the departure of Ginn.  Also with two aging, high priced RBs the next gen needs to get here and Barner looked every bit the rookie that he was.  Both of these guys project to HB/WR hybrid guys and offer dynamic playmaking ability that an Avant or Cothery do not offer. 

So seriously..if the Huddle is considering a lber in the first as a sane option..then I propose HB in the midrounds...actually more of a need IMO. Seriously. 

HB/WR/KR/PR : De'anthony Thomas, Orgeon Duck's engine for most the last two seasons and plays like he runs 4.2 easily.  He ran a disappointing 4.5 at the combine just like Barner did the year before. However his Pro Day reassured his play when times at 4.35/4.39

HB/WR/KR/PR : DRI ARCHER, fastest man alive at the 2014 combine 4.29 and has all the wiggles you need on the field. 

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