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#3324092 Final Four! Greatest Fan Base, vote your bracket here

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 16 April 2015 - 08:50 PM

I have never heard of Lynx? Is that a girls lacrosse team or something?

#3324070 All jokes aside. Im really starting to think all the top WRs are gone by 25.

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 16 April 2015 - 08:35 PM

300 players will be gone by pick 25.

this happens every year around this time. Two weeks to go and then we'll start getting the threads about who we could've gotten had we just tanked the Atlanta game.

#3323377 Ricky Proehl... WR coaching genius or overrated?

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 16 April 2015 - 11:44 AM

I think the fact that he did what he could with AE was a pretty good accomplishment even though he did not work out very well.  Dont get me wrong, the AE pick was a failure at all levels but I think Proehl maybe gave AE the best opportunity to make something of himself.

#3323035 Ike Taylor just said..

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 10:51 PM

I can see why. Smitty was always called a small receiver, but that wasn't really accurate. He was a short receiver, but he wasn't really small. Dude was strong as hell while also being cat quick and his leaping ability allowed him to play much bigger than he was. He had the tools to give just about any CB problems.

I agree with everything you say. My only problem is you are using past tense in your description. He may not be young but he is still pretty hard to handle. Would not out it past him to flirt with 800 - 1k yards this year. The chip on his shoulder has changed from undersized WR to over the hill WR.

PS. FWIW I do not support SS threads on this forum during the season.

#3322966 List the four NFCS QBs from best to worst..(Winston to Tampa for arguments. s...

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 08:40 PM

Cam is not better than Ryan. It's Brees, Ryan, Cam and then Bucs QB.


Brees might be on the decline but he is HOF and still pretty good. Ryan is a very good QB and established.  Cam may have more upside and ultimately have a better career than Ryan but right now Ryan is better in my offseason non homer poll.  Still dont like the saints or falcons but can not disagree with this.



#3322944 Ex Panther QB signs with Packers

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 08:10 PM

4 Horsemen still rule.  Dude is classic.  Arn was my favorite though. 

#3322881 If Dave Gettleman wins us a SB - A straw poll

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 06:46 PM

Pretty funny, however I believe it is a felony to show your balls to minors on schoolgrounds.



so was busting a kid over the head with a clip board knocking him to the ground.


The things my coaches did in the 70's would land them in jail today.....and it was common practice.



Just my .02 but please stop jacking up sacred off-season hyperbole.  Its tacky.

#3322711 If Dave Gettleman wins us a SB - A straw poll

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 03:46 PM

For Huddlers over 40--no underwear, so when you put one foot up on a chair or something, a foot-long marble pouch dangles in the wind. And since you are over 40, you know it and don't care.

I had a coach do that to us once--as the entire offense watched that coin purse swing back and forth--some of us became hypnotized and would cluck like a chicken when someone said the word "Ball." You can see where that might be problematic. True story.

I generally refer to this as Tuesday. This is covered.

#3322680 Hernandez Gets life in Prison without the possibility of Parole

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 15 April 2015 - 03:28 PM

Hernandez will be able to hear the cheers at Gillette Stadium on Sunday's from the yard in Walpole.

He might be able to catch some balls there too.

#3321485 Roman Harper posted a picture of an awesome fake car

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 14 April 2015 - 02:21 PM

Ummmm...sorry to disappoint but I don't think that is Harper's car.




Super Disappointing Update: This is not Harper's car, but rather a fake automobile fromsomething called Forza (which is apparently a racing video game), a Lambo designed to be an homage to Tron.


His real car is an 18 year old Chrysler minivan.  If you put it in reverse it stalls after 15 yards and the steering wheel does not work. 

#3320942 Crabtree signs with Raiders

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 14 April 2015 - 06:19 AM

Someone bumps the Jennings thread in 3, 2, .....

#3320304 NFC South Team: only 4 scouts evaluate a 1st R pick before Combine

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 13 April 2015 - 11:35 AM

Sorry op but what am I supposed to make of this?

#3318484 Panthers met multiple times with OT Chaz Green, potential Day 3 steal

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 10 April 2015 - 08:11 PM

I tore my labia too. Can relate.

#3316505 Curious as to why no Strong pre-draft visit.

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 09 April 2015 - 06:11 AM

Sometimes, the answer is already in the roster.

I personally see no difference between him and Stephen Hill. Btw, Strong has been slipping on all the latest mocks. I'm sure that there's a reason for it

Except in September Strong will be on the active roster of an NFl team and in the mix for a top 3 receiver on the depth chart.

I see loads of opportunity in Hill but he needs to show something.

#3313196 New generation

Posted by Pejorative Miscreant on 06 April 2015 - 08:19 AM

This has nothing to do with new generation of children but rather their parents. The iPad is not the new baby sitter. My kids have I pads but at least 80% of the usage is controlled. They read in the car. They use it to translate Spanish and Chinese and even have the Emondo app for school work. Balance is key.