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In Topic: Olsen always trying to get an edge

Today, 05:04 PM

$255 a month for unlimited uses here. I looked into it and decided on just cold showers


LOL ... that would be my choice too. 

In Topic: Olsen always trying to get an edge

Today, 04:45 PM

I worked in a lab that did cryogenic preservation and we had 'hot tubs' at -180 C. It's cold, but cold, dry, still air of the vapor phase isn't all that bad for short periods of time (think of an igloo being 60 degrees) as long as you're not in contact with a surface that cold and/or wet and as long as there is air circulation (lid is open). It's actually rather refreshing, and I preferred it to working in the ice water or directly handling the stuff kept in the -80 freezers.

That said, you absolutely do not want bare skin to come into direct contact with the liquid nitrogen.


On the contrary ... it is fine for liquid nitrogen to contact the skin due to its very low specific heat.  You don't want it 'ponding' on any part of your body or that will be trouble.  Otherwise, it makes for a 'cool' show. 


A cheap version of the cryogenics therapy that Olsen is doing ... is a frigid immersion pool.  However, that's the common man 's therapy where cost actually matters.


Just saying ...

In Topic: 5 Offensive Tackles On The Rise

21 February 2015 - 08:38 PM

As far as the mock drafts go, Fisher goes way too late.  He played both tackle positions at the highest level ... and did well.  Jeremy is right ... shuttle times are very important.  Must have good agility to handle the speed rushers, especially in the NFL.  I don't think Fisher drops to us in the 2nd round.  If Flowers or Peat aren't available, I am ok with him.

In Topic: NCFAN's End of Season Dream/Mock Offseason

17 February 2015 - 03:35 PM

I'd say he's a late 1st. He's all of Lafail size. Big Strong WR not with Burner speed but very good (I'd say a tad faster than Benjamin). The comparison to Boldin is good, he may have even better hands than Boldin to. Again would be have Cam giddy to have him opposite side of Benjamin then if you could have a guy like Greene who is a Great route runner with good hands plying that 3rd WR role the way Proehl did. We would be set at WR for our franchise QB to grow with the next several years.
We also just added another guy to Help coach the WRs, which makes this scenario even better considering we have a ton of help to focus on these 3 young talented WRs who will be here growing with our franchise QB we will be locking down.

Agree, dont see Gett going WR in first 2 rds though. I dont see Greene lasting into the 3rd but Hardy might make it there. Strong, Benjamin and Hardy would be ok in my book.

In Topic: OT Paul McQuistan

13 February 2015 - 07:50 PM

Sure ... as soon as we hear whether Matt Willig has accepted our offer. Lol. C'mon man. Gmann has to do better.