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In Topic: QB pay transitioning?

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Fair may not be the best way to look at this.
Comparable sure. All those factors are considered but then it becomes hair splitting.
The team will or should at least benefit more than the individual. JR did come out of pocket and invested and took on known risks and has been compensated accordingly.
And I'm no Richardson apologist.


And I appreciate JR for doing so :)  I own a business so I am all for owners making a profit.


But from Cam's perspective.. a football player with at least 1 pro bowl @ QB is going to have a roughly 11 year career. JR or whomever owns JR's team will make money as long as they own the team.  A lot of people as fans say things like 20 Mill a year is 2 much.  This makes me kick a baby seal.


The team benefiting more than an individual is one thing.  However the product is the players.  The salary cap is a "SELF IMPOSED" spending limit by the owners.  It's a system put in place to keep teams from spending more than other teams under the pretense of competition.   There was a reason the owners were adamant about not going to arbitration and not opening the "books".   Cam has been making JR waaaaaaaayyyy more than 20 mill per year.  Factor in the increased visibility that Cam brings his actual contribution to the Panthers far exceeds his salary.   Factor in that he has been making less than 5 mill the past 4 years the scales have been firmly entrenched in the Richardson camp.


Also the salary cap is at around 50 % of NFL "on the books" income.  So it comes up to about 4.5 bill for the players and 4.5 bill for the owners.  So JR is making bare minimal 143 mill a year.  Not counting the other stuff .. parking, local marketing, local sponsorships etc.  Also factor to that , the Panthers are doing nothing but going up in price. 


I think if anything the owners are making out like Bandits.  I just want Cam to be payed fairly.  Jonathan Stewart has made more than Cam in the last 2 years than Cam in has in his career.  Hell Jamarcus Russell has made more than Cam..... ok that's picking an extreme to make a point.   Jamarcus Russell has made more than a lot of good players.

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You muth#$#$#$## are lucky it's the offseason!!!!

In Topic: QB pay transitioning?

Yesterday, 08:48 AM

Cam isn't hurting in the endorsement market so maybe he just want something fair. That's all we can hope for at this point.


See that's the issue,  what is fair?  A guy who is responsible for almost everything offensively a team does making the same as a guy who's job it is to "manage" another?    


If you go off percentage of offense, then Cam would be the highest paid QB in the league. If you go off wins, then Russell Wilson should.  If you go off passing yards then Luck would be the highest paid of the three. 


Only thing that's fair is what the other  QB's recently signed have made.  For Peyton , Brady contracts are ecliped by the   Matt Ryan, Stafford, Romo, Cutler , Brees, Flacco and (upcomming, Luck and Wilson) contracts.  The going rate for a franchise QB is 20 mill give or take.   End of story. 


Saying outside endorsements factor is like saying, you just got a large insurance settlement, you boss should pay you less money at work.   One has nothing to do with the other.   Contracts are business deals.  The Carolina Panthers make a lot more than 20 mill off of Cam Newton than Cam Newton makes of of Cam Newton in a year.  In fact, the past 4 years it's been hugely tilted in the teams favor.

In Topic: QB pay transitioning?

Yesterday, 08:15 AM

Salary cap issues aren't the result of QB's making a lot of money.   Salary cap issues are a result of poor management by the GM.  See exhibit A,  the Carolina Panthers had salary cap issues because of the way the deals were structured.


A good GM's job is to mitigate those issues by planning ahead, structure contracts with the idea that the last 2 years are basically fluff, and signing good players early.  Doing a contract early is a risk and doing it too late is a risk.  Having forethought in team building helps keeping you from over paying.  Keeping the Kraken doesn't seem as desperate a situation because of Ealy's play.  Letting go of Dwill and keeping an oft injured Stewart doesn't seem so bad when you have Fozzy.  


However the people who you have no alternative of replacing have to be compensated.  However you have to take a tiered approach and stay ahead of the game. Cam Newton , Luke Kuechly are givens.  Norman, Star, Short are people who should be extended before they hit their stride because the market for CB's and DT's is outrageous at the upper tiers.  If you can't get them signed early.  draft their replacements.


That's why I hope the Wilson, Luck deals get done early so the Cam deal can get done.  Knowing his numbers make figuring out the other numbers easier.  QB's are making between 18-22 Mill.  Thats the numbers on the new contracts, the market is set.   The closer to 18 and the farther from 22 makes it all work.

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04 March 2015 - 04:56 PM

Why?  If playing on a SB winning team can't fix him...what would it change here?