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Huddle Up with Cam Newton

15 February 2015 - 05:15 AM

Panther fans,


Mods, wana be mods, cool kids,  and lurkers alike.. 

We have someone special at QB...


Not only are his measurables off the chart.. not only did he win 2 national championships.. not only did he break rookie records as well as an ALL-TIME QB rushing record..   ..not ONLY did he win rookie of the year.. Not only is he a 2 time pro-bowler... not only did he help win our team back to back division championships (ever)..    not ONLY did he help take our team to back to back playoff births (ever).. not ONLY did he do this with two rookie starting right and left guards (one of which was undrafted).. not Only did he do this with two starting rookie WRs (one of which was undrafted) ..  NOT ONLY did he do it with a bullshit of an OC,(We can all agree)..in which where ever this coach has been, he was pure ASS...  Not only did he have his tendons in his foot severed and surgically fused together.. not only did he break his ribs in pre-season... not ONLY did he wreck his truck where he SHOULD HAVE DIED....     Cam Newton..   OUR QB...   


This series has been out for about a year, but even as a Cam Newton fan, I haven't seen this, so I'm willing to be a good number of you guys and gals haven't seen it either. In the very least, its all in one spot, for your superior convienience. If you are a panthers fan.. watch this! Cam Newton fan, not a fan ..  its still important to see where your frnachise QB came from.. what hardships he has over come.. how much of an inspiration he is.. 


Either way, here it is, all together bout an hour of a program, all about your QB, Cam Newton.


"Huddle Up with Cam Newton"


We can see that in his home town of Atlanta, how much of inspiration and how much of a true HERO of a man this guy is to these kids growing up here.. I, for one, appreciate the circumstances and what MOUNDS of adversity this guy has over come...   this guy hasn't had poo handed to him, and that continues today.. that's why I'm more proud to have this guy as my QB than any young QB in the NFL today. He has faced adversity that others haven't..  he hasn't had a Lombardi handed to him   ( khmmkhmmkhmmmm Russel Wilson) .. and when he does reach that goal, it will be glorious.. this man will bring to the Carolina's what EVERY Panther fan has drempt of.. 


Today, so much focus on Carolina Huddle is "what should we fix?"-- "Who should we bring in?"--"What holes do we fill, with whom??"--


Lets be thankful for the foundation, and the rock of which our Franchise will built upon...


Cam Newton



Episode 1




Episode 2




Episode 3




Episode 4




Episode 5



As we head into a time where we 'want this' or we 'want that', a time in which we build our team, to improve.. the beloved NFL combine..  NFL free agency.. NFL draft..


I just want to have everyone acknowledge what we have, what kind of foundation in which we build..


Before its obvious to the world with our success and winning in the next decade, It is important to be Thankful for what we have.. we have a Beast of a leader and a BEAST of a QB who is ready to make the Superbowl 50's his bitch..


God bless fellas, and have a good week.


and remember, KEEP POUNDING!!!







..And subscribe to ALLPRO, and to click that link when buying on Amazon.









Can we request a 24 hour ban?

05 February 2015 - 12:18 PM

Like for ourselves?

Today is my 21st birthday, and Im at Radford University, arguably the biggest party school in VA.

Im sure some of you remember my relapse of a few days ago. No one wants that.. Lol

Can I request a 24 hour ban from posting?

Pie me

Sorry Dex, that was more like my pre-21st

Luke Kuechky

03 January 2015 - 07:42 PM

He gives us a win!! I give you pie!!!


Redskins fan.

31 December 2014 - 08:04 PM

told me that Panthers will meet their end with the cardinals..

I contest.

also said RGIII was the poo two years ago

were discussing it over beers as I type


parking help

27 December 2014 - 05:02 AM

Thanks to Roaring Riot, my brother and I will be heading down to Charlotte for the Hornets game tonight. I was hoping to get a few tips as to where to park! Ive gone to a bobcats game before, but we stayed at a hotel within walking distance. Tomarrow we are just gunna head down and back up after the game. I have my go to parking spot for Panther games but that is quite a walk to TWC arena.

Please help me out!

And thanks again to Roaring Riot, mad respect. Epecially coordinating trips to take over the georgia dome. Dude is a true Charlotte Sports bad ass