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Panthers, our clear cut Destiny

15 August 2014 - 01:42 AM

I'm on vacation, Outer Banks NC. Championship. Beer pong.. The one play I need.

I need to make it, one more to go. One more cup, have a pong ball in my hand... Need to get that poo in the cup, and I winn money.. IN THE FINALS. last play to win it all, after so many elimination beer pong games to get to this point. A 8 team playoff.. One cup to go, one pong ball in my hand, one team on my mind..

I say, "cam newton.. Last drive.. For the win.... Superbowl... Last second TD... 2015"


Take the shot...



Carolina Panthers super bowl camps_ February 2015. YOU ARE WELCOME

Fantasy Football: Help Me Hit the Books

09 August 2014 - 11:34 PM

Yo, I'm looking for some really good fantasy football information sources, and I was hoping some of you would help me out. We all know of the ESPN, yahoo, and NFL.com fantasy crap that everyone reads in order to prepare for a draft.

I'm looking for some real nitty gritty, in depth analysis to take my teams to the next level. I want to put in the work to study and be fully prepared for this season.

I realize there is a total subforum for this topic, but there is little traffic through there. If you have had a lot of success with a source, please share. PM me if you have competition here on the Huddle. I don't just want to use google to find my sources, as to most of the options on there are so generic and just want to make money. Much thanks and pie for helping me out!!

PIE for a source

Madden 15 Features Cam Newton in "The Gauntlet"

13 July 2014 - 02:28 PM

The Gauntlet is a new game mode that will be in this year's Madden. As we all know, Cam lost for the cover vote, but EA has incorporated our QB in what seems to be a pretty cool mode!  The video below is by one of my favorite Madden heads. In this video, he shows the official trailer for the mode put out by madden, and then explains what it is. He gets early access to the game and goes to E3 and all of that stuff. He knows about all of the features and nuances but can only talk about them as EA releases information. Cam basically narrates this game mode. Take a look at the video and tell me what you guys think! I think its pretty sweet. Shopmaster explains Cam's role better during the video





Pretty cool if you ask me! Some won't care very much about this but as a Panther fan, its cool to see a Panther player featured in a game that I grew up with.


Subscribe to Shopmaster if you want consistent updates with Madden 15! He's not just a reactionary when these trailers come out, he knows a lot of the ins and outs as he gets special access. Visit his site at http://mymaddenpad.com/ !



Wana know what grinds my gears..?

08 July 2014 - 10:49 PM

I get on madden 25 looking for a good head to head match with another dude online.

The only teams I EVER get a choice for playing against..


I have to search 30 mins to any someone who hasn't jumped on those bandwagons. Hell I'd play the broncos in a heart beat if someone chose them! I'm sick and tired of these three teams!

Only a madden head would understand my torment.

aWelcome to My Lair...

20 June 2014 - 10:26 PM

If you were in college, and a HUGE panther fan, how else would you want your apartment to look like?? I am a student at Radford University, persuing a BAchelor's of Science degree in Nursing to become legit RN and since college only lasts a few( awesome) years, I decided Ima deck my apartment out with Panthers. I have my whole life to be whiped by my wife and to be a normal person. Not at this stage! Ive accumulated these panthers items over the years, and with genious interior design, ive made the ULTIMATE college panthers fan cave KNOWN TO MAN. After you had a tour of my apartment, tell me if I need treatment or not.

Disclaimer! I have all of my blue lights on. It definitely does not look like this all of the time, and the pics look a bit more blue than they really are. This is for special football/ video game ocassions with some good friends of mine. durring the day and without the blue lights it looks just like a normal place, but I went the extra mile to make the perfect college dude lair for when he's done studying/ keg standing.

I have the luxury of a single apartment. It is small as poo, but it serves its prupose! my living room is 11' x 12'. Hey, its cheap and utilities included. Ive got my 42" 1080 Xboxlive DirectTv set up. That is the most comfortable bean bag chair you would ever sit on. black, topped with a blue blanket. ummm.. madden and then some more madden (I do study, I have a 3.86) This is where I School little seattle using, 9ers using, Broncos using punks on Xbox.


This is a wall. Ive got a nice playoffs magnet bracket from when the oilers were still goin'. Its pretty cool. No titans, texans etc. Blue lava lamp, blue neon clock. Panthers flags and pictures from this past season. (Thanks Zod, snagged a few from you. Great photographer)


This is my other wall lol. you can see my tiny cheap laptop that I huddle on. My microwave.. if im lucky i can manage to nuke some ramen. mini fridge! ONLY for beer. I have another mini fridge, but I wanted to be able to reach my beer from my bean bag chair.


Another view, I have lights boardering the floor, looks really nice in person.

This is what makes the whole apartment. You cant tell from this pic, but in person this looks so similar to how the sky scrapers look at night in charlotte. Blue top, looks great. A great background while I make Kapernick banwagoners look like what they are, idiots.

this is as wide as my apartment gets.


My panthers stove, coozie, shotglass... where it goes down!. tiny tiny kitchen. its all good cause i eat ramen and totinos. My apartent is a bit small for a big get together, but i get a couple of my dudes and we have madden/ COD/ battlefield/ Halo tournaments. No girls here, but since its a huge party school all you gotta do is go next door, or the next, or every other door on campus. The college life at Radford is exceptional


This one is for SCP! toilet is broken.. to broke to fix it. gotta reach into the water to pull the plug. If you arent a panther fan, theres a Highland Pizza right down the street, you can use the utilities there.

Well, thats my place. I dont know why I had the nudge to share, but I wanted to get my passion for my team out there. If you are talking to The Huddler, youre talking to the guy that lives here. I have such pride in my team, and pride in every single one of you. We all have the vision of the panthers winning it all. whether we are homers who are blind to obvious weakspots or reactionaries that point out every flaw and amplify it, we all want the same thing. All you guys on this forum are awesome, and Thank you admins for setting up such a special place for Pather fans to gameplan. Have a nice weekend and KEEP POUNDING!!!!

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