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#2502082 In honor of Rick Flair supporting the Panthers

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 07:26 PM

Come on Dex.....


We all know that was the same face you were making the moment we drafted Star Lotulelei... Hahahaha

#2502068 In honor of Rick Flair supporting the Panthers

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 07:20 PM

The Ron one is just wrong.

#2501776 (ESPN) Sports Science examines game-ending call

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 04:04 PM

Science Smience

#2501675 A Gross Thread

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 02:55 PM

Jordan Gross may be the most under appreciated player on the team. Not the offensive line or the offense... I mean the team. I don't want to say important because I'll get flamed but he very well may be. Hear me out. 


2011 & 2012 were disappointing seasons, sure. However we have been steadily climbing over the edge for the past 2 years. How? In 2011 we drafted Cam Newton and the offense became one of the most fearsome in the league after being dead last the year before. The running game was restored and the only thing that seemed to be holding us back was our defense and special teams play. 


2012 arrives we Luke Kuechly takes over at MLB after 4 games filling in at OLB. The defense goes from almost dead last to top 10. The secondary is still pretty bad but our front 7 is beginning to take shape is just missing a couple pieces. However the offense and Cam seems to have regressed. The Oline looks bad, running backs aren't getting holes, injuries, bad WR play you name it. Special Teams improves a little but nothing too spectacular. 


Finally 2013 arrives and expectations are high. Our past two seasons we finished hot, we drafted 2 stud DT's, brought in F/A with potential to fix our secondary and S/T but here we are again starting at 1-3. What the hell is going on?


You're probably asking yourself right now what Jordan has to do with any of this right? Who is one of if not the oldest member of this team? Jordan Gross. Who was around for the Super Bowl loss? Jordan. He's seen it all in over a decade and he saw something that may have been difficult for us fans to really see. There were problems in the locker room. Whether it be personal problems, egos, players who just wanted $ and etc. He saw a group with immense talent and no true unified goal. Kalil tried to get the hype train going for the team in 2012 with his SB prediction but it ended in embarrassment...


It seemed our players either didn't care to to be inspired or simply couldn't with this situation. This is why, in my opinion besides the very obvious(life after football career) move Jordan created his weekly podcast "This Is Gross". He wants to bring this team together, wants everyone to know each other and fight for each other and want to win more than anything. He apparently gives the pre game speeches now and gave an epic one before the Vikings game that started our winning streak. Some guys just want to get paid but now I feel like they don't want to let the guy next to them down anymore. They are tired of losing, tired of coming in week in week out putting in work while the other guy just sits there collecting his check and putting in only what's necessary.


Jordan Gross is also very quietly having his best season EVER in his professional career. 


"Left Side Leaves its Mark

Protecting for a mobile quarterback isn’t always the easiest of jobs, but the left side of the Panthers’ offensive line played their part yesterday with Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil going a step further to add value as run blockers. Gross’ terrific all-around game (+5.5 overall,+2.5 pass block, +2.6 run block) takes his overall grade for the season to +22.3, second at this stage behind only Joe Staley of the 49ers. Against the run he had his way with Chris Jones on down blocks and also made a couple of nice blocks pulling out into space to the left side. "



I know this is mostly speculation on my part but Jordan and Steve are truly the heart and soul of this team. Not taking anything away from TD because I feel the 3 of them are the beating heart of the Panthers.  I believe Rivera is growing as a coach as well but having a guy like Gross on the team is a godsend for him. When was the last time we saw this many fights in a season that had the entire team backing up every teammate? The St Louis game is an example, you fug with one of us and you get all of us. It might sound cheesy but I feel like we have the best locker room in the NFL right now and we have those 3 and Rivera to thank for it. It's not about being a superstar on this team. It's achieving the ultimate goal together, for this city, for the guy next to them and for football immortality. The 2013 Carolina Panthers are the band of brothers.

Please don't flame. :(



#2501147 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 11:19 AM

Glad you enjoyed our city! All I hear from outsiders is that this is a "cool" city.
Now, all you need to do is move down here and either convert your girl or dump her ass and find you a female Panthers fan, a real woman! I can help with that.
Good lord a Panthers dating service. Its genius. 
Loved all the pics and I hope your ankle is okay! Glad you enjoyed the game, what an awesome game it was!

I like my women like I like my team's fan base. Broken and insecure.

#2500669 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 20 November 2013 - 07:18 AM

Ha! Is that OP?

"Let it come out of your fuc.king mouth"

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Charlotte...how'd you become such a diehard fan living up in CT?!?! I love it!!

Fan since 05 my man!

#2500379 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 11:49 PM

Although I did not have to travel to the land o' lederhosen, I still had to forfeit my tickets to BMW clients.  I truly hate I didn't get to come and meet you.  Great write up BTW. 



And help an old man.  How do you embed youtube vids.  I can't figure it out.  And I usually drink at night.  And it's night.

Copy the link.


paste the link in here



#2500359 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 11:30 PM

Dude, how the fug did you find roundtrip tix for under $200.. I live in New York and searched both LGA and JFK for tickets and best I found was around $215/each roundtrip.. My wife and I played around with the fantasy of making the trip after the SF win. However, we were a day late and many dollars short on all that.. 


We are college students, but do want to make a trip to BofA sooner rather than later now that we are much closer to Charlotte.. We are originally from California and have seen the Panthers live twice on the west coast (Once in SD and once in AZ)...


That is awesome that all worked out perfect for you and your girl.. Thanks for sharing your trip highlights with us.. My wife and I are very jealous of you and your gf being able to make the trip.. Haha

Haha yeah man it was $198 each we booked in August. Great time, hope you get a chance to go down soon!

#2500212 Dex's Trip To The Queen City

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 09:35 PM

What's up motherfugers. This is going to be boring but I don't give a fug I had a great time.


Friday November 15th


Feeling like a fuging sack of poo. Long ass week that seemed to be dragging because of the game. I'm tired as fug but I'm like fug it I wanna go for a run. Get about 5 yards down the street and sprain my fuging ankle.





Doctor's is too expensive and ain't no buddy got time for the fuging poo. Only won thing was on my mind... Getting on that plane Sunday morning and there was no fuging whey it wasn't happening... Oh and calling out of work Saturday and watching Dexter.


Saturday November 16th





Mission Accomplished.



Sunday November 17th


Didn't sleep last night. Dozed on and off between 11 and 430 am. Stay in bed refreshing the Huddle every one or two minutes hoping for a new thread. I see SuperJ's name and throw my phone across the room.  6 am I get out of bed and head down to D&D to get a cream cheese bagel.




Moving on. I'm all fuging packed and ready to go. I'm leaving on a fuging jet plane and I'll be back again on fuging Tuesday. We get to the airport at about 11am and decide to get some food cause the flight isn't for another couple hours. Oh and by we I mean my fuging Patriot's fan girlfriend.




I go the bathroom to take a leak. A security guard disreguards the 1-3-5 rule and decides to take #4. This concerns me but I squeeze the fuging lemon and come out to find my girlfriend changed the background on my phone to a stupid fuging selfie and took off my Greg Olsen lucky wallpaper.




This angers me. I tell her she has jinxed my team and doomed them to irrelevance for eternity. She reminds me Jimmy Clausen had his mom invest in a energy drink pyramid scheme and he shamelessly promotes it on his twitter. I said "that's good but not enough." She reminds me of her fellatio skills. I pick up our bags and start moving to the terminal after I change Greg back.


Airports are fuging miserable but I stand in line waiting for the time to come. They check my fuging bag even though it meets requirements. fug you LGA.




Wheels up Charlotte here I come.


We get to cruising altitude and it's pretty fuging sweet once we get above the clouds. 




The fuging flight attendant comes around asking me if I want a fuging juice like I'm a little kid. The conversation went along the lines of something like this.


Flo - "Would you like a beverage sir? We have water, soda, juice -"


Dex - "Do you have alcohol?"


Flo - "Yes sir we have-"


Dex - "I'll take whatever's strongest and a cup with ice."




That's moar like it. But wait, what is that off in the distance?




Charlotte....? Is that you?




Cue Starship.



So anyway Douglas is a fuging shitshow with 8 flights arriving and only one baggage claim section working but we find our poo and hail a fuging cab. 




Our cabbie was a nice guy and told us a lot about the city. But fug that poo you wanna get to the game right? Well it's going to be a while. We arrive at the Upton Sheraton formerly the Blake Hotel and settle in with an afternoon fug and a $5 water from the hallway vending machine.




Usual poo but not a bad room at all.




So anyway we freshen up and head over to the Epicenter and Wild Wing Cafe to catch the rest of the 4:00 games. Service and food was great but the atmosphere could use a chainsaw. Bahston fahcking accidents everywhere. fug you Pat's fans.







Buffalo Chicken Dip & Chips

Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Fries



Anyway moleface wins so I get mad and we decide to go on a walk around Charlotte in the rain to see some poo.




Pretty sweet.




King Kemba! (UCONN Fan)




This fuging thing! Anyway I get tired and pass out halfway through SNF. The day I've been waiting for has arrived...


Monday November 18th




I woke up at the exact time the sun fuging broke across the horizon. I knew today was going to be the fuging day. So my girlfriend and I decide I need an undershirt for my jersey because it might get a little chilly later. I call her a weak woman but agree so we go to Target and get me an undershirt while grabbing some breakfast at Starbucks. Also fun little fact. I was amazed at this.




In Connecticut only package stores and groceries can sell alcohol but it was everywhere I turned down here. It also just became available for purchase on Sundays a few months ago. (Thank God)


So anyway we do the 3 S's and head over to BoA early to go to the Team Store and see the sights before the game. Also weather earlier in the week called for a shitty fuging day. But it was absolutely gorgeous all day!


We walk for about 20 minutes and then I see it in all of it's fuging glory.




I almost teared up(comes later) seeing her. We walked along the "Observer Wall" which was pretty cool then make our way down to the stadium.




The place is absolutely fuging beautiful. The cats were sweet and made my girlfriend's legs quiver. Actually they may have made mine quiver but whatever moving on to quite possibly my favorite part of the trip.


I may come off as a dick in this but Sam Mills is my favorite Panther of all time and when I saw him and touched his statue it damn near truly brought me to tears. I'm a film major and a script I'm writing is inspired by his story and will be dedicated to him and his honor. My grandmother has been fighting breast cancer for the last 3 years and has taken everything that it's thrown at her and said "fug you, you're not keeping me down". The "Keep Pounding" slogan may mean a lot to us as Panther fans but it carries a greater meaning that can be shared by anyone that's ever been affected by cancer or even any hardship in their life. Love and miss you Sammy. RIP.




Now onto the Team Store! I was one of the first in line!




Didn't spend a whole lot.


- 8 Keep Pounding Bracelets

- Keychain for mom

- Gameday Pin

- Growl Towl

- Sideline Winter Hat




All in all it was great seeing the stuff I wanted to see at the stadium while I was sober. Saw a few more sights and then headed back up the hotel to get ready, geared up and head out to meet a couple fellow Huddlers at a tailgate.




Carp24000 PM'd earlier in the week and told me to stop by the tailgate he goes to. He said $10 all you can drink and eat. Really starting to fall in love with this city. So my girlfriend and I start making our way across the city Kuechly/Edelmen jersies side by side. Got some strange looks but whatever. So we get to the tailgate behind The Doghouse right next to the stadium.




It was an awesome fuging tailgate. Hung out  with Carp and his buddy for about and hour or so drinking beer, taking hots, eating and playing cornhole. Then that's when the second Huddler arrived. Your Girlfriend's Favorite Huddler. The "Tucker Max" of the Huddle who's girlfriend is also coincidentally a Pat's fan but he left her home like a bawss. So we all hungout for a couple more hours and got shithoused then proceeded to make our way into the stadium around 7pm.


Also I just want to say Carp and YGFH are two of the coolest and nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Hope to see you guys next time I come down!


Here it is. Finally for the first time ever I see the field. My fuging sanctuary. Words couldn't describe my emotions.




Anyway met our seatmates both Panther's couples (who were both awesome all game making noise and standing up) then proceeding to hike back down the mountain for beer and Bojangles before the Veteran's ceremony began.


By the way BoA was LOUD basically all game and really filled up halfway through the ceremony. 




Last minute fans scurrying to get in.


Very classy ceremony by the way with the building lit up with the American Flag and the field as well.




Alright now I'm not going to commentate the game. I didn't take any pictures (superstition) so will just fast forward to the end.




As soon as we saw Mitchell running around we knew we won and BoA fuging ERUPTED. It was incredible, I burst out crying into my girlfriend's arms and people immediately took out their cameras and took pictures of me and her kissing and hugging. Man card revoked and I don't care.I really wouldn't have changed a thing about my first trip to BoA. Fans were great to my girlfriend, Huddlers I met were awesome, I got to see the city and our Panthers won. I look up into the stars because I was fuging drunk and couldn't find the building with the V on it and wept some more. Hadn't had this feeling since 08 and if you never had it then I can't explain it to you.




Dude above almost ruined the picture fug him! But anyway we stayed for a while they started to make our way down. Here's my drunk ass trying to start a "let's go Panthers" on the ramps.



Tuesday November 19th


So that was my trip and it really was something special. To the victors go the spoils.




(Giselle was in the bathroom.)




So wheels up Huddle it's back to Connecticut to rub the win in all my Patriot fan friend's faces. Thanks for the time of my life and lets keep this streak going.



#2498545 Power rankings time

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 11:31 AM

The huell picture makes me laugh almost every time. It shouldn't, but it does.

#2498540 Panthers can't win close games against big teams!

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 11:30 AM

They can't win against a team with an elite defense!

They can't win against a team with an elite QB and offense!

Shut the fug up and take that 6 win streak dick bitches!

#2498475 Mark Kriegel might be Cam's biggest hater...

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 11:11 AM

You mean THE Mark Bagel?

#2497749 What an atmosphere and game

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 02:53 AM

Insane fuging game! Good meeting you too bro!

#2497639 Dex(SBVG) is coming to Charlotte for the very first time!

Posted by Dex on 19 November 2013 - 01:55 AM

Game and crowd were incredible. I cried when we won and I don't care.

#2493006 where to watch the game in charlotte?

Posted by Dex on 18 November 2013 - 01:50 PM

Bank of America Stadium.

Go and steal Dex's girlfriend's ticket. We don't need anymore Pats fans in there.

she said go fug yourself haha you got a future teacher to drop an F bomb. Bravo.

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