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Favorite 2013 Gameday Meal

26 July 2014 - 10:00 AM

In honor of the end of offseason and the begining of our imminent super bowl run I thought it would be fun to recall our best eats from last season. Being the unofficial(but srsly official) Gameday Menu thread starter I thought it was my duty to the Huddle and our palates to see that this was done. It also gets me in the mood for some football!!!

So last season I was cruising the interwebs looking for a great recipe since I was staying at home to watch the game. I almost always went with my Medium Hot wings from the local dive bar in my area but this time I found something that looked too good to pass up. I called it the Kuechly Queso Dip.

Cream Cheese
Cream of Mushroom
Chopped chicken Italian sausage
Tostitos cantinas light and crispy

It was glorious. Slow roasted in a crock pot for a few hours and bam heaven. So please post your favorite eats memories from 2013 and let's make some new ones for this season! Also the Panthers are 11-0 when I eat my dive bar wings. For the playoff game against the 49ers they were closed and I had to get some one shitty wings. Welp you saw what happened.

I'll just leave this here for the ladies of the Huddle.

25 July 2014 - 09:43 AM

Oh and Alice...



Lets revisit the Hardy situation...

24 July 2014 - 07:14 PM

So the guy made a mistake getting involved with that crazy coke head. We may never truly know what happened that night but one thing is for certain... Despite the outcome of the jury trial Hardy is done in Carolina after this season. (in my opinion) However let me explain why that isn't such a tragedy.


First off if you've seen my posts on here you would know I'm a huge Hardy fan. He was going to be my next jersey purchase, he followed me on Twitter and we would exchange hilarious internet memes. But the dude's head just isn't where it needs to be. He is found guilty in court and a week later he's doing a rap concert. He needs to report to training camp but gets in a motorcycle accident. Greg is a hell of an athlete and I love what he brings to the defense but something about him makes me uncomfortable about us giving him a long term deal.


Secondly the really good news. Greg is playing for us this year and there will be NO suspensions until after the jury trial. (which will likely be after this season has concluded) That means Greg knows he needs to play his fuging ass off to get a good deal next off season so he can wipe some of the dirt off his name. I believe Greg will get more than 15 sacks this season.


Finally with the exception of Big Frank being an idiot every now and then our defensive line depth is solid and we can live without Hardy and his impending massive contract. We already have too much money tied up in our defensive ends to continue the vicious cycle. The selection of Kony in the 2nd round is starting to look better by the minute. Also with Cam & Luke contracts coming within the next two years we need to pinch every penny we can.


I'd like to conclude with saying I love the Kraken persona and as long as he's a Panther I will root for him but it won't be the end of the world when/if he ends up walking. There's no Greg in Monsterz Inc.



Connecticut & New England area Huddlers

24 July 2014 - 09:47 AM

First off I love what RoaringRiot does getting fans together. Then this morning I saw the dude in ATL planning on getting people together for games so I figured I'd start a thread for people in my neck of the woods. I usually watch games at my house but if I could get fans in the area together to take over Jet, Giant and Patriot bars it would make my life. So below I'm including links to a Facebook group and a Twitter list. If you're interested let me know and join the group. I'll add you to the Twitter list as well. 






Also if you're going to the Panthers @ Patriot's game be sure to get my number. So far I think 6 Huddlers are going.

Will "This Is Gross" return?

21 July 2014 - 06:51 PM

Week after week I really looked forward to the next episode of This Is Gross and now that Jordan has retired I wonder if it will be brought back. I thought I heard that Jordan will be involved in the team in some way and I was wondering if anyone had heard anything. 


For you new members "This Is Gross" was a weekly podcast run by left tackle Jordan Gross that started at last year's training camp and went on throughout the season. In these pod casts Jordan would pick a member of the team to "interview" and basically shoot the poo with for about 20 minutes. They were highly entertaining and gave you an in depth look at your favorite players on the team. Players including Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Mike Tolbert and even Coach Ron Rivera had their own episode. 


I really hope it's brought back in some capacity because it really was a great idea and I personally would love to hear from Kelvin, Harper, Decoud and other F/As that were brought in. Below I'll include a link to the episodes in case you have never seen them before or just wish to listen to them again. They are worth the time.




These two below are my personal favorites.


http://www.podbean.c...itByJs/1/auto/1 (Thomas Davis)


http://www.podbean.c...itByJs/1/auto/1 (Greg Olsen)

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