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In Topic: Answering a Few Questions

Yesterday, 03:54 PM

I applaud the effort and what I have perceived to be steady growth over the years. As has been said before, the Huddle is THE best source for what is going on with the the Carolina Panthers and has been for pretty much the life of the site.

In Topic: PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

Yesterday, 03:28 AM

Wow, the media is on a witch hunt with these NFL players and their private lives. I wonder how many of those same guys who are attacking Hardy and Rice are lucky that those running the sports media during their time weren't as obsessed with wanting to control every facet of their lives as players on and off the field. We all know there are some real women beaters among those scorning Ray and hardy. Can't wait until one of them have their glass houses broken, then watch them run off with their tails between their legs. Arrogance is truly the breakfast of Champions.

O.J. Simpson is still alive and well in the minds of some.

The media is gushing all over itself in the glow of their seemingly limitless power.
The only thing that makes them powerful is the sheep who listen.

It is important to remember who they are and what their role is.
The most powerful media icons on the planet are employed and broadcast for one reason and one reason only.

To sell ad space for profit.

That's it.

They don't want to tell you something, they want to sell you something.

There are no good ones. There are no exemptions from this rule.

Given similar influence and opportunity the Mayberry reporter on the local PTA beat would be as bad as anyone you can think of currently holding kangaroo court in America today.

To them, these issues have nothing to do with moral compass or what's right and wrong. It's about a Budweiser contract and how much they can influence it.

Whether or not Hardy physically beat a person to within an inch of her life or looked at her wrong is irrelevant to these people.

The question is whether or not Hardy committed any act that would garner enough public opinion to allow the media parrots to seep in and cause significant impact on a profit stream.

It's that simple and I constantly have to remind myself of it.

In reality, if we lose him for another game or forever it's because he messed with the money and has nothing to do with the alleged crime.

To clarify my position on media, it's not all bad. We just need to be intelligent to understand that it's entertainment and nothing more. These people don't care about the truth and even if they did they are controlled by somebody, somewhere who isn't.

In Topic: PFT: NFL may suspend Hardy

16 September 2014 - 06:05 PM

Was this not a misdemeanor?

I have not heard "criminal" or "felony" yet.

One game is more than enough.

In Topic: Man ESPN really pisses me off

15 September 2014 - 04:23 AM

Sure am glad I grew up, grew some hair on my nuts and stopped needing puppets on TV to agree with me to keep the insecurities at bay.

In Topic: We're 2-0 you feckless avalanches of wilting children

14 September 2014 - 07:30 PM

It was a great game.

Game day on the whole is much better for me since I make it a point of emphasis to keep off the huddle during the game. We have way too many fragile egos and spineless, yet self-entitled douchebags in the forum during the games to actually get anything out of it.

Abstinence is a good policy while Riverboat Ron's wrecking crew is in the course of doin' work.

I could not find a better option for surviving game day with the huddle so this for me is proving to be a tough but good decision so far.

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