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In Topic: Blue Chips

28 July 2014 - 02:42 PM

Is no one goin to point out that using top 10 as the determinant doesnt make any fuging sense


There are different amounts of contenders per position. Lets look at corners. There are AT LEAST 64 starting NFL corners. Thats a conservative number considering how many teams run nickel as the base formation. The 10th best corner is, by definition, better than at least 84% of starting corners. 


Now look at running backs. There are AT MOST 32 starting running backs. That is a high estimate because teams who run a true committee are better described as having no tarters as opposed to two, because the limited workload would prevent either from being in top 10 discussions anyway. Lets say DeAngelo is the 10th best RB (which may be too high if you take off the homer glasses and see that he hasnt hit 900 yards in 4 seasons and has average a mediocre 4.2 in the past 2 season), that means hat his is better than, at most, 69% of his starting competition. Wer're talking about a guy who is closer to the median player than he is the best player. That means blue chip to you?


You guys are guilty of this when discussing Thomas Davis as well. The league is split almost 50/50 with 4-3 and 3-4 teams, so you're putting Davis against at most 32 4-3 OLBs. Again, it's 32 at most because of how many teams run a base nickel. The way to fix this would be to group people in by their responsibilities, which would place the 4-3 OLBs with the ILBs while the 3-4 OLBs get grouped with the 4-3 DEs. But if you do that, then I'm sorry theres no way Davis still ends up top 10


In conclusion, stop using this fraud system to fluff the panthers

In Topic: Gotta love NFL Network

11 August 2013 - 03:59 PM

- Cutler has just as much to pove as Cam... if he struggle he's gone.

- Josh Norman is not currently a starter and he was a 5th round draft pick from an FCS school.

- Jon Bostic was drafted out of Florida and in the second round. Your info is also incorrect, D.J. Williams was brought in to be Urlacher's replacement. Williams was out due to a calf injury.

- An interception by a backup who was a 5th round pick from an FCS school (who was benched for his poor play last year) on Cutler's first pass vs. an int pick six by a 2nd round pick out of Flordia who had nothing but green grass ahead of him on that pick six... seems like a push.

- Preseason: You play to win the game, just watch Steve Smith's post game interview.

- Anymore stupid comments?


- Not even slightly. people except wya way more from Cam than Cutler. Tons of bears fans are indifferent towards cutler/wont be that sad when he goes. Cam has a vehement fan base behind him.


-Ok so he's not a starter anymore. if anything it makes it less relevent.


- The Bears drafted a highly touted MLB prospect for no reason then? No. DJ Williams was insurance in the event that they don't get a guy they actually want to play MLB. there's no way Williams starts over Bostic, especially now.


-That is not a push..how could you even say that. You're making the case about how irrelevant Norman is and yet his less impressive pick is somehow equal to the very relevant Bostic's pick six.


-Smith can say that all he wants...but you watch the games and you know it's not the case.


Pitiful little homer you are.

In Topic: Gotta love NFL Network

11 August 2013 - 03:38 PM

Are you guys god damn serious


you don't understand why they would show Cam's pick?


lets consider a few things


1.The QB. Cam is a QB on an up and coming team with a lot to prove. All eyes are on him. Cutler may be in a contract year, but people know what to expect from him anyway.


2. The Defender- John Norman is a second year starter out of CCU. Wasn't hyped in college. hasn't played well enough to get hyped up in the NFL. Jon Bostic is a ROOKIE out of UF who was drafted SPECIFICALLY to replace Bears legend and potential Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher. So again, all eyes are Bostic, whereas no eyes are on Norman (and deservingly so)


3. The Play- This is simple enough. 11 yard INT return by Norman. FIFTY-ONE yard PICK SIX by Bostic


4. The Game- It's preseason. No one cares who won the game in preseason. It's all about the individual performances. In the regular season, both picks probably would be shown, but this is the Preseason so the 51 yard pick 6 by Brian urlachers sucessor is going to get the attention.


you guys are so deluded with this us-againt-the-world attitude