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In Topic: ROAR Magazine misspells Gettleman's name on cover

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

Pic please

Still haven't seen it

In Topic: Browns get a "QB"

Yesterday, 11:19 AM

How can he sign before FA starts?

He was cut I believe that's a difference compared to if your contact expires

In Topic: Browns get a "QB"

27 February 2015 - 09:52 PM

All this poo talk about teh Browns lol

They had as many wins as us last year.

You guys are so funny, we're not that good. Brighter future maybe but really might want to wait until we can at least win more games to talk poo.

Your acting like the Browns(current franchise) have a rich history of winning or something.

Since 1999 the browns have won 84 games. A whopping average of 5 games a year. The Panthers since 1999 have won 119. Averaging almost 8 games a year. The Panthers in 2013 won as many games then the Browns did from 2011-2013. To compare one season of the Browns and act like they aren't the poster child of mediocrity and an awfully run franchise then your mistaken. Just take the fact that they are about to have their 22nd starting QB next season in 15 years.

In Topic: Browns get a "QB"

27 February 2015 - 08:12 PM

...dumazzes had Anderson who was much better than anything they brought in after him...

Anderson was run out of town after getting hurt and having the "golden boy" at the time in Quinn

In Topic: Browns get a "QB"

27 February 2015 - 08:06 PM

Just to continue the awful QB trend for the Browns.....starting QBs since 1999.....

Tim Couch
Kelly Holcomb
Jeff Garcia
Trent Dilfer
Charlie Frye
Derek Anderson
Brady Quinn
Ken Dorsey
Bruce Gradkowski
Colt McCoy
Jake Delhomme
Seneca Wallace
Brandon Weeden
Thad Lewis
Jason Campbell
Brian Hoyer
Johnny Manziel

That is an awful awful list. Its sad is their best QBs were probably our current backup, our previous starter, and Hoyer....Jesus.....