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#3218118 Twitter Users - RT this and get PIE

Posted by Paintballr on 23 January 2015 - 01:34 PM

I want me some delicious pie @gusbust3r

#3215972 colts know a good thing when they see it.block chud from other job offers.

Posted by Paintballr on 21 January 2015 - 04:10 PM

Hmm lets see. Let's add those numbers

32-31-1 for Ron Rivera

Clap for him

This wasn't about Ron but more between Mike and Chud.

But to show Ron's growth he went from 6-10, 7-9, 12-4, 7-8-1, and have had two playoffs appearances. Like him or not but he has shown growth every year here, this year had 7 rookies starting (most UDFA) and still made the playoffs and won. Also he is one of two coaches left that were hired the same time. Him and Jason Garrett. Our last HC has only made the playoffs one more time then Ron, and he has now moved to his second team in the same time frame that Ron has been here.

Ron and Dave have set the foundation for the Panthers to win in the future, and I for one am excited to see the continued growth

#3215964 colts know a good thing when they see it.block chud from other job offers.

Posted by Paintballr on 21 January 2015 - 04:00 PM

Since when did wins become a offensive stat? And I didn't know chud allowed 30 points a game.

Anyone can take stats and make them lean one way or the other. All that should matter is wins.

I'm not a shula advocate, and chuds offense was more "exciting". I remember sitting there watching tv when cam had his first game thinking that I haven't seen a Panthers offense throw this much or show this much energy since the seifert days. But you can't argue that the players hated playing for chud, his play calling was hated and had worse situational knowledge than shula does. All that matters is this.....

Carolina Panthers w/Shula

19-12-1 2 Playoff Appearances

Carolina Panthers w/Chud

13-19 0 Playoff Appearances

#3215945 colts know a good thing when they see it.block chud from other job offers.

Posted by Paintballr on 21 January 2015 - 03:35 PM

Personally dont care what the players like all I care for is results. And how can you argue top offenses vs bottom teir?

By number of wins

#3214862 Sponsored Ad's

Posted by Paintballr on 20 January 2015 - 05:24 PM

I love candy crush

and I was just testing out a new ad system. didn't care for it.

the lack of patience around here is amazing! Wish the Panthers coaching staff had the same...

I just posted because I've never seen them before and saw no update or post saying "hey we are gonna try this". Trust me I understand why you want to do it oe try it but wanted to give my feedback that it was distracting on the app that they were as big as a post and looked like one between posts and topics etc.

#3209426 Tightening up on link policy

Posted by Paintballr on 17 January 2015 - 10:50 PM

Several times in the past I have intimated that the boundaries regarding copyrights in the Huddle were being skirted. I guess that our forum leader is finally catching up.

Oh we people of little faith, we were blind, please lead us oh great one

#3208494 Niner OC options include familiar names

Posted by Paintballr on 17 January 2015 - 12:04 AM

Couldn't this go in your NFL Offseason news thread?

Are you seriously going into every topic and posting this and bumping every thread higher than the "off-season thread"

#3177017 Hardy made $48,000

Posted by Paintballr on 04 January 2015 - 10:59 AM

You do realize he didn't have a choice to go on the exempt list right? We couldn't cut him the tag money was guaranteed. Derp.

I understand, and I also understand he chose to associate himself with a bat poo crazy girl who had a history of this. Take himself out of that situation and none of this would have never happened

#3176972 Hardy made $48,000

Posted by Paintballr on 04 January 2015 - 10:39 AM

For the playoff game last night. Glad to see that he made as much as I did in a year just for sitting on the sideline last night while the team balled out

#3163910 Mike Wallace

Posted by Paintballr on 30 December 2014 - 11:55 AM

And when Moss arrived in New England, Brady had already won his 3 Superb Owls, so Moss knew he didn't have the biggest dick talent in that locker room. Btw, those two never won a Superb Owl together.

Of all the WRs that will be cut this off-season, prolly the only one that Gettleman will let near our young and impressionable Benji and Philly would be Larry Fitzgerald. No divas will be allowed to infect that locker room.

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#3155326 Falcons expected to fire Mike Smith

Posted by Paintballr on 28 December 2014 - 12:40 AM

Lol so you want to trash the Hornets games as being like a chess match?! Have you seen or been to a Panthers game.. I will never forget when they play the Giants and Cruz makes a catch, all you hear is Cruuuuuz. Or when they play the Steelers and all you see is a sea of black and gold. BTW, if you knew anything about the NBA you know that most NBA games are all quiet and lacking energy early in the season, I just watched the Hornets play at OKC just lastnight and the crowd was very quiet, thats just how NBA games are during the regular season.

So you say Charlotte Hornets games are quiet like a chess match?! This video of Lance Stepehnson hitting a game winning 3 PT just this year says otherwise. https://m.youtube.co...h?v=jTKFPpSWHNs That is WAY more energy then ive seen than in any Panthers game.

Every Panthers game alwys has a ton of opposing fan bases, even during the Browns game I saw seas of that god awful Brown.. The Browns. Panthers have hands down the worse fans in the NFL

And yet you didn't bring up any points of what you originally said. I try and cheer for the Hornets, but i brought up them because you said "Charlotteis a basketball town".

Have I been to games or watched them? Silly question to ask when someone is on a Panther forum. Yes our stadium has opposing fans in them, when you have close to 80,000 people in attendance you will. But I'd rather have that then average 25th in attendance like the hornets/bobcats have the past 5 years. Starting "slow" doesn't mean poo when its a average of thr entire year.

Come back to me when you can actually go up against my points in the original post and when you can back up your "facts" of when you stated Charlotte is a basketball town, that Jerry Richardson is only interested in profit, and that he only brought the team about to cater to transplants and Steelers fans.

#3155281 Falcons expected to fire Mike Smith

Posted by Paintballr on 27 December 2014 - 11:33 PM

Please, show me

According to Forbes, the Carolina Panthers are ranked #17 as the "most valuable franchises in the nfl".
He brings in 283 million a year and spent 56 million in operating costs. Know why they are so low? Cause the f-ing stadium has been paid for since 1996 and the PSL owners, not because he is "frugal".

He only wants the franchise to cater to Steelers fans and transplants? Charlotte is a basketball city? Seriously?

The Bobcats oh I'm sorry the Hornets rank 17th in the NBA in average attendance this year AFTER spending millions of dollar of rebranding the franchise cause they have sucked ass since they left to New Orleans. Before this year? The Bobcats/Hornets ranked 25th in attendance in 2013/2014 (with playoffs), 24th in 2012/2013, and 25th in 2011/2012. Remember when the Hornets/Bobcats were giving away tickets because no one wanted to go? I remember being in High school receiving tickets and people throwing them away. Has the Panthers ever done that? So desperate to fill a game they give tickets away? Buy a sprite get a free ticket! Feel like I'm at a Charlotte checkers game. Basketball town? Please.

The Panthers (and yes I know PSL's hide this slightly, you can look at my post history as I hate these) in 2014 were ranked #8 in the NFL in average attendance. #8 in 2013, #6 in 2012, and #7 in 2011.

Jerry isn't the perfect owner, he is the ONLY owner to ever play in the leauge. You really think he doesn't want to win? What indicators have you picked up on and have you spoke to him personally to get this opinion? Sure he doesn't go on Twitter like Michael Jordan, but I'd rather have a owner that knows his place, hires the right people and lets them do their job. How has MJ's gambles this year paid off? Or when he was with the Wizards?

Jerry has been owner of the Panthers since its inception. Sure its not been perfect, we haven't had back to back winning seasons, but nothing I've seen says he wants it to be profit first and win later. Since 2002 when the current NFL line up was altered, the Panthers have won the division 3 times, 4 playoff births, 1 NFC championship, and 1 super bowl appearance. Lets compare them to everyone's "big spenders" and top 3 "profitability" owners of the NFL.

Since 2002

Dallas Cowboys Record 113-79, 4 playoff appearances, 0 nfc championship appearances, 0 super bowl appearances

Washington Redskins Record 78-114, 3 Playoff births, 0 nfc championship appearances, 0 super bowl appearances.

Carolina Panthers Record 98-94, 4 playoff appearances, 2 nfc championship appearances, 1 super bowl appearances.

Please tell me how this team doesn't want to win, Charlotte is a basketball town, and Jerry is the devil.

#3151958 "Live With Panthers" Coming Up Now On Sportscenter

Posted by Paintballr on 24 December 2014 - 09:48 AM

Great read would read again

#3150178 About KK Short Sack....

Posted by Paintballr on 22 December 2014 - 11:07 PM

The play before this, Davis tackled Crowell by his hair for a 4 yard loss. He actually ripped one of his dreadlocks out which CJ picked up and held it up.attachicon.gifImageUploadedByCarolinaHuddle1419273964.220108.jpg
Close up view...

I remember watching that and laughing cause CJ held it up like a trophy towards the Panthers bench haha

#3143454 Odell Beckham Jr.

Posted by Paintballr on 20 December 2014 - 11:56 AM

It's not ridiculous at all that was one of the greatest catches in football history.

Luke got his in there for the tackle record

Luke and Cam have stuff there too.

It is ridiculous, they got there for the overall frame of work and records. Luke had the highest tackles, cam had the highest (at the time) passing yards for a rookie. The dude made a catch, you can look back and all the catches Jerry Rice, Larry Fritz, Chris Carter, Randy Moss etc and find some similar. Did they get that cause they made a catch? Did the kid from the giants David Tyree make it for his super bowl catch?