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#3321152 Kemba

Posted by Paintballr on 14 April 2015 - 10:47 AM

So gif approved?

#3315399 Bojangles Going Public

Posted by Paintballr on 08 April 2015 - 06:41 AM

I use to like bojangles when I was younger, but it has gotten progressively worse each time I've had it.
The Supremes are either fried to a crisp where you eat just crunchy poo, the chicken has so much fried filler on it, that it has no meat, and it use to have more of a "kick" but not so much any more. I really try to avoid eating there as much as possible and I've lived in NC almost my entire life

#3307888 Halo 5 Guardians Trailer

Posted by Paintballr on 31 March 2015 - 09:41 PM

The fact that both ads are two different views with same lines or similar makes me want to think it has something to do with a internal struggle? Maybe chief is going crazy after all these years? I dunno might be a dumb idea


Seriously after watching them both again, what are the odds that they are the same person? Locke (sp?) Is talking about saving everything from him (chief) and he is saving the day. Both videos they do the same thing, drop a rifle at the statue and pull a pistol on each other. In halo 4 it kept having clips of the doctor being interviewed and integrated about the experiments she did on the Spartans. They dont age the same (I dont know the halo universe that well) and with cortana sacrificing herself to save the chief maybe he just snaps? Maybe cortana is controlling the other with being corrupted? Who knows it looks exciting and may make me finally get a xbone

#3303301 Jarrett Boykin Info

Posted by Paintballr on 28 March 2015 - 04:03 AM

Did he have those special team stats last season or is that his career total?

2 FR 1 TD and 3 tackles were last year. 2 FF and 4 tackles in the year before

#3303056 Jarrett Boykin Info

Posted by Paintballr on 27 March 2015 - 09:26 PM

When he was at VT, the size of his hands was a thing of legend. Manufacturers couldn't make them big enough. I think he was wearing like a 4 or 5X glove. There were articles written about the size if his paws and I'm sure they're still available online.

I remember either the Duke or UNC game his senior year the sideline showed what he was wearing, it was like two torn gloves morphed into one just so he could wear it. They are massive.

I posted in the other thread and maybe its the hokie bias that I have but I like the signing. I was tweeting Frank Garcia and the other guys at 610 about him and they wanted to hear nothing of it.

The kid can play ST. He has registered 3 FF, 2 FR, 1 TD and 7 Tackles on Special Teams. How many WR UDFA do you know of that have done that on special teams? Frank teaches ST himself up at Tech and makes it a point of emphasis that anyone can fill in on ST no matter your role.

On top of his special teams ability, he has shown flashes of being a capable WR in the leauge. Like other posted, in 2013 he had almost 700 yards and 50 catches for 3 TDs. Don't forget that qas the season Aaron Rodgers was hurt. He had Matt Flynn and Sennaca Wallace throwing the ball to him. Throw that myth out that Rodgers was throwing him open that year.

At Virginia Tech he is the all time leader in Receptions and Yards. Beating out players like Andre Davis, Eddie Royal (the one people were having orgasms about signing this off season), Antonio Freeman. (Frank Garcia tried to point out that Armanti Edwards was an all american to this arguement but didnt mention his pro career)

Am I expecting Boykin to come in and be the next Moose or Steve Smith? Would that be amazing? Yes. Realistically he could out produce Bersin or Corey Brown and also be a ST ace. He will be on the disadvantage of coming in learning a new system and proving he belongs compared to being established like those guys. In my book Id rather have a 3rd/4th WR that can also produce on ST compared to a guy who is only a 3rd/4th WR.

#3292736 Is this real? (Trading Newton)

Posted by Paintballr on 20 March 2015 - 04:32 PM

I didnt even read past the first page, I assume this is approved now?

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#3280890 The Panthers have literally not signed a big-time free agent since 1998

Posted by Paintballr on 12 March 2015 - 06:30 PM

Wahle and Lucas were pretty high 2nd tier guys in FA. I dont know what you classify Keyshawn Johnson but he was pretty big named.

Edit: Stephen Davis, Ricky Proehl it seems like we like to target 2nd tier guys not so much the #1 guy in FA

#3280289 Got a chromecast and have problems

Posted by Paintballr on 12 March 2015 - 04:01 PM

Just in case anyone is interested- last night one of the wifes gf s came by with her 21st century smart phone and helped me set up the chromecast. It was pretty easy and now I can cast anything on my desktop computer to the television. For $ 30 its a great deal imo.

I've got three in my house for the bedrooms and living room. Its great

#3278402 J Stew on NFL total access at 7 to 8

Posted by Paintballr on 11 March 2015 - 08:01 PM

sounds like he threw the o-line under the bus, which I'm completely fine with.

I mean when your two starting tackles at the start of the year (and I liked both, they seem like good guys) are Byron Bell and Nate Chandler, your not going to get the production you want. It speaks volumes the only two starting players that started last year on the line have returned are Turner and Kalil. We had Velasco/Amini ahead of Norwell, Remmers wasn't even on the team, and Byron is gone now. I think stew is going to get his wish and I think we will be pleasantly surprised this year

#3276289 Boykin to Visit per Rapoport

Posted by Paintballr on 10 March 2015 - 11:09 PM

Going over Boykin's stats,

One thing that caught my eye is that last year he had 4 tackles and 4 forced fumbles. He must be a hell of a special teams player.

Beamer coaches them well on ST. That's what I tried to bring up way at the beginning. He can replace a player like Bersin and Cotch production wise while also being able to play (and be good at it) on ST.

#3275713 Boykin to Visit per Rapoport

Posted by Paintballr on 10 March 2015 - 07:58 PM

Jesus everyone..

Its a visit and I would like to have him here, but I'm not selling or saying hes going to be our #2 and save the franchise but damn y'all are acting like he's straight garbage.

For those saying 2013 was a fluke and its because of the system. Would that have stopped you for getting excited for Cobb this year? How about when people on here wanted Greg Jennings a few years ago?

I'm for one excited to bring in young players that are hungry to earn a starting spot. Low risk high reward. Worse case we cut him during preseason; if we sign him would it stop us signing someone else? Probably not. He came from VT which is known for special teams. Everyone on here complained and bitched about talent and people blocking on that side of the ball. Guess what he can do.

#3275560 Boykin to Visit per Rapoport

Posted by Paintballr on 10 March 2015 - 07:34 PM

Maybe its the Hokie Homer in me, but people who are joking and poking fun at his 40 time saying he js a slow version of Cotch havent watched him play.

When used in GB he was productive, he is the all time leading receiver at Virginia Tech in both receptions and yards beating out players such as Antonio Freeman, Andre Davis, Eddie Royal, Josh Morgan. The kid can play and can run block which is important and has always been important in our offense. I can see him playing the slot position very well for us. If I remember everyone's favorite WR coach didn't run a fast 40 and played 17 years in leauge

#3275492 Boykin to Visit per Rapoport

Posted by Paintballr on 10 March 2015 - 07:19 PM

I loved him at Tech and would have liked him here a few years ago. Hes big and physical. He isn't the fastest but isn't the slowest by any means.

Virginia Tech WR Jarrett Boykin Draft Profile:

Jarrett Boykin Highlights [2013] [HD]:

Watch the second video with sound off....

#3263918 New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Posted by Paintballr on 05 March 2015 - 11:22 AM

Not as excited for this one. I'm not sure why.

Over saturation of the market and t.v. shows of super hero movies?

#3263340 College football fan challenge: Post your school's draft/UDFA prospects

Posted by Paintballr on 04 March 2015 - 09:00 PM


Detrick Booner Safety 5'11" 207 Projected - 7th Round
Started all 13 games and the last 40 of his career … Was in on 932 plays, 866 on defense and 66 on special teams … Recorded 72 tackles, including 7.5 for loss and 3.5 sacks … Had one interception, a forced fumble, two quarterback hurries and four pass breakups … Made the start and assisted on three tackles in the season opener against William & Mary … Made a tackle in the win at Ohio State … Led the team with seven tackles and had a break up against East Carolina … Made two tackles and had a hurry against Georgia Tech … Had three tackles and an interception against Western Michigan … Made six tackles and broke up a pass at North Carolina … Had three tackles, including one for a loss, at Pitt … Led the Hokies with 14 tackles against Miami … Made 10 tackles against Boston College … Made 10 tackles, including 2.5 for loss and 1.5 sacks, adding a QB hurry and a forced fumble at Duke … Had four tackles, including a sack, at Wake Forest … Made five tackles, one for an 8-yard loss, in the win against Virginia … Had four tackles in Tech’s Military Bowl win over Cincinnati.

Caleb Farris Guard 6'3" 307
Played in all 13 games, making 11 starts … Logged 767 plays on offense … Made the start at center and was in on all 69 offensive snaps against William & Mary … Had four knockdowns while in on every offensive play at Ohio State … Was in on all 92 offensive snaps against East Carolina … Logged all 74 plays on offense and had eight knockdowns against Georgia Tech … Was in on 60 snaps on offense against Western Michigan … Saw action on 76 plays on offense at North Carolina … Was in on 35 plays on offense at Pitt … Logged 32 snaps on offense against Miami … Had four knockdowns while in on 40 plays against Boston College… Was in on 47 offensive snaps at Duke … Was in on 31 snaps on offense at Wake Forest … Had two knockdowns while in on 65 snaps on offense against Virginia … Started the Military Bowl against Cincinnati, playing 61 offensive snaps between guard and center

Laurence Gibson Tackle 6'5" 305 Projected - 6/7th Round
Started all 13 games … Was in on 1,044 plays, 985 on offense and 59 on special teams … Made the start at left tackle and was in on all 69 plays in the opener against William & Mary … Had six knockdowns while in on every offensive play at Ohio State … Was in on all 92 offensive snaps against East Carolina … Played every offensive snap against Georgia Tech while also contributing on special teams … Totaled four knockdowns while in on 80 plays on offense against Western Michigan … Was in on 84 plays, making six knockdowns, at North Carolina … Had six knockdowns while in on all 72 snaps on offense at Pitt … Was in on all 63 plays on offense against Miami … Had six knockdowns while in on all 78 offensive plays against Boston College … Had five knockdowns while in on all 76 offensive snaps at Duke … Didn’t miss a snap on offense as he was in on all 70 plays at Wake Forest … Had eight knockdowns while in on all 79 snaps on offense against Virginia … Started at left tackle in the bowl game win over Cincinnati, playing 69 offensive snaps.

Kyshoen Jarrett Safety 5'10" 200 Projected - 7th Round
Jarrett has spent the last two seasons manning the rover spot for Bud Foster’s defense—which roughly translates into a strong safety position in the NFL—and it’s no mistake he’s getting some attention.

2013 Coaches Third-Team All-ACC
2013 All-ACC honorable mention
2014-15: Played in all 13 games, starting 12 of them … Logged 924 plays, 854 at rover and 70 on special teams … Led the team with 88 tackles, including three for loss and half a sack … Also had three interceptions, a forced fumble and five pass breakups … Made four tackles, and also returned two punts for 25 yards, in the season opener against William & Mary … Intercepted two passes and returned them for 35 yards and added five tackles and a break up in the win over Ohio State … Named Nagurski National Defensive Player and ACC co-Defensive Back of the Week after his performance against Ohio State … Broke up a pass and made six tackles against East Carolina … Had five tackles against Georgia Tech … Made eight tackles and added a breakup against Western Michigan … Had three tackles at North Carolina … Made seven tackles, including one for a loss, at Pitt … Had nine tackles against Miami … Made 11 tackles against Boston College … Led the team with 13 tackles and also forced a fumble and broke up a pass at Duke … Made seven tackles at Wake Forest … Had an interception and eight tackles in the win over Virginia … Recorded a pair of tackles in Tech’s Military Bowl win over Cincinnati.

Luther Maddy DT 6'0" 292 DT
2014 Honorable Mention All-ACC (ACSMA and Coaches)
2013 Third-Team All-ACC (ACSMA and Coaches)
2014-15: An honorable mention All-ACC selection by ACSMA and the coaches … Started the first four games of the season, but underwent surgery on Sept. 23 to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee … Logged 219 plays, 201 at tackle and 18 on special teams … Had a tackle and two hurries in the season opener against William & Mary … Made a tackle and added two hurries in the win at Ohio State … Had five tackles and two hurries against East Carolina … Made two tackles while in on 48 defensive plays against Georgia Tech, but was sidelined the rest of the season because of an injury suffered against East Carolina … Had a second surgery during the season to repair the injury and will apply for a medical hardship waiver.

Chase Williams OLB 6'0" 223
Started all nine games he played in … Logged 619 plays, 558 at linebacker and 61 on special teams …Recorded 72 tackles on the season, including nine for loss and 3.5 sacks … Also had two pass breakups and a forced fumble … Had two sacks for a 26-yard total loss, also forcing a fumble and breaking up a pass, in the opener against William & Mary … Made seven tackles and hurried the QB five times in the win at Ohio State … Had six tackles, a break up and a hurry against East Carolina … Led the Hokies with 17 tackles, also adding two hurries against Georgia Tech … Had a team-best nine tackles and added a hurry against Western Michigan … Made seven tackles and added four hurries at North Carolina … Made the start, but was limited at Pitt after suffering a knee injury … Missed the Miami and Boston College games due to a knee injury … Dressed but did not see the field at Duke or Wake Forest … Returned against Virginia and led the Hokies with 12 tackles in the win … Tallied six tackles in Tech’s Military Bowl win over Cincinnati.