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In Topic: What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

I never thought Cam had it between the ears enough to comprehend an NFL playbook.  I never thought he would keep his nose clean off the field.


Two big whiffs.  A big old poo sandwich for me, and happy about it. ^_^


And why did feel that way, honestly?


I am not saying u share that perception, But I honestly feel that there is a very false built in perception towards black players, especially when they want to play the QB position. 


Cam was automatically painted into someone like Manziel, despite the reality. His on and off the field actions were speculated and scrutinized to the point where folks were turning everything he did into a concern. LOL

In Topic: What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

I don't think you can leave 'preferred college or pro team' out of that mix, and I'd probably put it high.


I agree. I believe that should be number one, especially college teams.


I've always felt that a lot of the hate that was/is generated towards Cam is  because no one really knew/know him. And most Panther fans simply saw/see him as an end to their team'' means. When one is a blank slate, some folks find it easy to project their fears, insecurities, prejudices, and whatever else unto him/her. 


During his short lived years at UF, The Golden Calf of Bristol was the star QB. In Jr. College, he took his team to their first championship but he left as quickly as he came. His time at Auburn was short lived, successful but marred thanks to the media. Plus let's not walkabout the already simmering college rivalry between Auburn and other SEC colleges. That made it easy to hate him because no one knew him. He had no established followers.  He didn't come into the NFL with a built in fan base like Luck, RG, The Golden Calf of Bristol, and Manzeil. Even some of the Auburn fans were suspicious of Cam and didn't see him as a real Auburn Tiger because of his short stint playing for and helping to win the NCAA championship for the college.


And whatever likeability factor he had was well tarnished by those in the media by the time he got to the NFL, during the draft and pretty much his first and second year as a rookie.. Replaced was a belief that one can criticize Cam for any and everything because it was easy.

In Topic: What do you guys make of the Cam haters still out there today?

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Oy :unsure:


Yes, there are racists out there, but I think it's pretty lazy to assume everybody who doesn't like Cam is a racist or a closet racist.  That's just silly.


For one, a pretty good contingent out of the "hater" parade are Alabama fans, Saint/Buc/Falcon fans, other NFL team fans, etc.  To be honest, I don't really give a rat's ass about their opinions because they're always going to be slanted.  Ask a Panther fan for a fair assessment of Matt Ryan and you'll get the same.  Big deal.


Panther fans though?  Based on what I hear from them, I'd say some are probably just pricks, but the majority of what I hear screams one primary thing:


Lack...of football knowledge.


First off, you've got a guy playing in his first preseason game after ankle surgery (a big deal for a QB, even one that doesn't run like Cam does) alongside teammates with whom he's only minimally practiced.  You seriously expected him to look good under those conditions?  What the hell were you thinking?


Beyond that though, and arguably more important, his performance last night was a sign of progress.


You heard me...Progress!


Why?  Because the Cam Newton of his first two years (you know, the one with crazy stats but a lousy win-loss record) was a guy who'd start games like a house on fire but then fade the longer the game went on.  He wasn't a finisher, and his record showed it.


The Cam Newton of last year?  Whole other story.


That Cam Newton might have started his fair share of games cold (most gunslingers do) but the longer the game went on, the better he got.  Hence, way more game winning drives than you'd seen at any time in his prior years.  And yeah, lesser stats, but a significantly improved win-loss record.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is progress!


Heck, given the conditions, I wouldn't have been surprised if Newton had played his entire game like he did the first quarter.  But he didn't, and I'd argue that anybody who doesn't see that as a positive probably has a lot to learn about real world football.


Cam, just like many of the rookie QBs had their adjustment phase in the NFL. Cam's was more obvious because he was always under the microscope and didn't have any real solid and consistant offensive weapons around him, outside of Smitty, in 2011. Also one must keep in mind that it had to be exhausting as a young rookie QB to be putting up numbers and watching your defense squander them all away and u get blamed because u didn't put up numbers every quarter. 


Interestingly enough, As a rookie, Luck didn't play strong all four quar'ts. He came to life in the fourth quarter and was the benefactor of some lucky breaks. Russell, Colin, and RG ebb and flowed at different times for their team. Not one of those QBs played strong for all four quarters. But it was clear folks simply wanted to say Cam will never be because or He's good but never good enough. It seemed as if many wanted to mold Cam into the prototype of a perfect QB. Someone that doesn't exist.

In Topic: Manziel Not Impressing

19 August 2014 - 08:38 PM

It's really not the media's fault they just do what gets views. it's the public's fault. the public wants Cam to be a villain, thus ESPN is going to show that stuff. The public likes Johnny Manziel, thus they are going to slob on him. They aren't doing it for any other reason other than views. 


Those in the media always want to take credit for something they didn't do. So by painting Cam into some immature brat with exceptional talent, when he turns the corner and they know he will because they know Cam isn't what they are making him out to be, they can take some credit for his growth. 


The media knows with Manziel, what u see is what u get. They know Manziel doesn't have half the talent Cam and some of the other young QBs out there have but they know many football fans see Manziel as their son going through growing pains and they believe in him. Beating up on him will only make those fans sympathetic towards him. Beating up on Cam gave some folks, even Panther fans, pure joy. 

In Topic: Manziel Not Impressing

19 August 2014 - 08:20 PM

He was pretty damn bad.  I mean, most of the fan base was wanting him to start to get him some experience and to not have to see Clausen again, but no one expected him to bust out of the gates like he did.  Cam Newton having back to back 400+ yard passing games to begin his career after that preseason has to be one of the most shockingly positive things I can ever recall in all my years of following the Panther


I am amazed that some of you still have  a hard time admitting that u were way more harsh with your scrutiny of Cam's game his first year. Cam had 10000 times more pressure on him than Manziel his rookie season. Folks in the media wanted him to fail and set out to undermine every throw, every arc, every move he made. With Manziel those in the media are simply looking for a little glimmer of light to say, he's the Brown's starting QB.


Heck if every rookie was analyzed on the same level as Cam, They would never be starting QBs today.

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