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In Topic: alexander suspended for 10 more games

Yesterday, 04:16 PM

What a dick. Goddamit.

In Topic: BOA Rocking Sunday?

Yesterday, 12:39 PM

you guys better keep it down, all that ruckus distracts me from enjoying my smoked gouda and merlot

fug you and your merlot, muthafuga! Just kidding...do you have a spare wine goblet, perchance?

In Topic: Steve Smith Is ON WFNZ Having A Confessional, Won't Let the Story End

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Steve remains bitter that the doctor slapped him on the ass upon birth. That's the dude's makeup. He was born pissed off, and he plays that way. I love the dude, but I am over him being gone. He will retire with the Panthers, and hopefully go into the Hall as a Panther. But he is gone, and that's OK by me.

In Topic: Gil Brandt draft redo

Yesterday, 12:28 PM

Can't lie.

I've thought about these things myself. Particularly the latter, as we've all just noticed Mr. Gettleman's "ahem" faulty looking assets and shape. :startle:

Nonetheless, let's hope much more good health and prosperity for both. :cool:

There is another factor to consider when looking at our SB odds: Cam. If he leaves, we will be doomed to mediocrity, I'm afraid.

In Topic: several items from USA Today...Benji OROY so far

30 September 2014 - 03:00 PM

No matter how this season turns out, we still have one of the best, young cores in the NFL. Our future is bright, folks.[/quote]

IF, that is, we can lock up Cam long-term, which isn't a given. He may just say, "fug it, I can't work with this anymore." This is my greatest fear as a Panthers fan.

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