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In Topic: Arizona Man Dies 2 Hours Into His Execution

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

I don't know anyone that supports the death penalty because it involves suffering. Its the principal that if you kill somebody else, you deserve to be killed as well. The method should be the focus of debate, not the concept.

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So why do you think life in prison w/o parole is not a suitable punishment?

In Topic: House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

25 July 2014 - 02:14 PM

If they are taking low income jobs, they aren't paying taxes either way.  Low income earners pay almost no federal income taxes.  However they do put their kids through our "free" school systems.


Add to that, if these "kids" are indeed deemed refugees they will have access to Food Stamps, Public Housing, Medicaid, etc....


Ok, lets just pretend they are supposed to be here.  A few more immigrants doesnt mean our population growth is out of control- in fact its actually better for the economy to have a slightly growing population as opposed to the declining/ stagnant populations most European countries have.


Hell, you want to know why politicians havent done anything about immigration?  What we're doing now (ignoring the problem) is probably cheaper than any alternative.  If you take a "tough on illegal immigration" stance, you've got to spend a whole bunch of money enforcing stricter working laws and deporting a bunch of people.  And if you take a "allowing more refugees and immigrants" position you've got to provide more government assistance. 

In Topic: House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

25 July 2014 - 01:50 PM

It's 57,000 plus since October of last year.



How much do you really think it's going to cost this country long term?



I am not against them staying, I'm not against deportation, I don't have an opinion yet, but would love some serious thought and common sense to be applied to this discussion.


I'm not racist, nor a pub or dem, I just don't think anyone knows what to do, and I certainly don't.


Deportation is expensive.  Finding people once you start deporting them is going to be very difficult and increasingly expensive.  The only economical way to prevent illegal immigration is to prevent corporations and small businesses from hiring them.  Enforcement would cost money and it would mean lots of government audits, but it could conceivably work


Big picture though, illegal immigrants really dont cost us that much.  They work here, they buy things here, they pay taxes here.  Those working under the table without a SS# dont pay all their federal taxes, but they typically work low paying jobs anyways so the government isnt missing much.  Those working with a fake SS# pay all their taxes and then dont take as much out of the system in terms of benefits.


To be honest, I dont see what the big problem is.  They come here to work, not to mooch off the system.  If anything they are probably exploited by shady management practices more than they exploit the government

In Topic: House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

25 July 2014 - 12:10 PM

Using the wrong word there.


I would prefer for all immigrants in this country to be on the legal path to citizenship.



Also interested in how much these kids have cost the American taxpayer so far.


In my opinion thats not a particularly relevant question, unless you have some solution to completely prevent them from coming here in the first place.


Whats far more relevant is the cost of keeping these kids vs. the cost of deporting them, which is an extremely difficult process (which would only get more difficult once deportations actually started) in addition to being rather expensive

In Topic: Husband creates 'sex starved' spreadsheet for every time he was denied

25 July 2014 - 10:29 AM

My wife showed me this last night and I told her how stupid it was...that made her fell good. Then I said...It's stupid because he went through all that work and stopped before it could have been awesome. I told her how he should have created pie charts, calculated to see if there were any correlations on dates or activities, and then examined the Sexcess of those dates. Mimic those activities to see if they were successful and then submitted the spreadsheet. 



I know right? There is so much information missing from this, could have been a gold mine for him later on if he had just put in a bit more work. 


I mean, at the bare minimum you need to be tracking her cycle in there somewhere, thats just basic poo.  Then you have to consider how and when you asked the question- cant just walk up to her while shes sitting on the couch, you've got to build up to it.  Talk to her a bit, get her in a good mood, cuddle up next to her on the couch, anything really. 


The study is basically set up for you- just need to change up the independent variable (how/ when you ask the question) and track the results on the dependent variable (sexy times).  Then randomize when you use the various approaches (ok today I'm giving her some chocolate and a neck massage), do a little statistical analysis with the other variables being recorded and voila.


I give him a 2/10.  Need much more thorough analysis before publication

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