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#2876832 David Aldridge says Hornets had third best offseason in the NBA

Posted by thatlookseasy on 04 August 2014 - 09:43 PM

I'm not discounting their draft, but they still have Rondo. If they traded him and let the young guys completely run the show their moves would make alot more sense. They're going to wind up in the same spot they were last season in a more competitive East. That's not the 4th "most improved" team in the league.


If you're talking about building around Evan Turner, you're in trouble.


Its not a most improved list though.  Its a best offseason list.  And they added some good assets without giving away anything important.  4th might be a little high, but they had a good offseason.


Imo not dealing Rondo while his value is low was a good decision, now he can come out and play well this year and they'll trade him by the deadline

#2874339 Top 5 players at Each Position

Posted by thatlookseasy on 02 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

(1) Chris Paul
(2) John Wall- might be #1 if he keeps improving. 
(3) Stephen Curry
(4) Russell Westbrook
(5) Tony Parker


PG position is DEEP- tough to leave off Lillard, Lowry, and Lawson (who was quietly spectacular last year in Denver)


(1) James Harden
(2) Klay Thompson
(3) Goran Dragic- defended SGs for PHX in their 2 PG lineup, so I'm gonna cheat and put him here
(4) Monta Ellis
(5) Lance Stephenson/ Demar Derozan- Derozan was better last year, but I think Lance surpasses him this year

(1) Lebron James
(2) Kevin Durant
(3) Carmelo Anthony
(4) Paul George
(5) Kawhi Leonard

(1) LaMarcus Aldridge
(2) Blake Griffin
(3) Kevin Love
(4) Anthony Davis- hard to place him.  May be #1 next season
(5) Dirk Nowitzki

(1) Dwight Howard
(2) Joakim Noah
(3) Marc Gasol- passing and defense gives him a slight edge over Big Al (though Big Al is a much better fit for CHA)
(4) Al Jefferson
(5) DeMarcus Cousins

#2864475 House wants to send troops to Central America to secure border.

Posted by thatlookseasy on 25 July 2014 - 01:50 PM

It's 57,000 plus since October of last year.



How much do you really think it's going to cost this country long term?



I am not against them staying, I'm not against deportation, I don't have an opinion yet, but would love some serious thought and common sense to be applied to this discussion.


I'm not racist, nor a pub or dem, I just don't think anyone knows what to do, and I certainly don't.


Deportation is expensive.  Finding people once you start deporting them is going to be very difficult and increasingly expensive.  The only economical way to prevent illegal immigration is to prevent corporations and small businesses from hiring them.  Enforcement would cost money and it would mean lots of government audits, but it could conceivably work


Big picture though, illegal immigrants really dont cost us that much.  They work here, they buy things here, they pay taxes here.  Those working under the table without a SS# dont pay all their federal taxes, but they typically work low paying jobs anyways so the government isnt missing much.  Those working with a fake SS# pay all their taxes and then dont take as much out of the system in terms of benefits.


To be honest, I dont see what the big problem is.  They come here to work, not to mooch off the system.  If anything they are probably exploited by shady management practices more than they exploit the government

#2864263 Husband creates 'sex starved' spreadsheet for every time he was denied

Posted by thatlookseasy on 25 July 2014 - 10:29 AM

My wife showed me this last night and I told her how stupid it was...that made her fell good. Then I said...It's stupid because he went through all that work and stopped before it could have been awesome. I told her how he should have created pie charts, calculated to see if there were any correlations on dates or activities, and then examined the Sexcess of those dates. Mimic those activities to see if they were successful and then submitted the spreadsheet. 



I know right? There is so much information missing from this, could have been a gold mine for him later on if he had just put in a bit more work. 


I mean, at the bare minimum you need to be tracking her cycle in there somewhere, thats just basic poo.  Then you have to consider how and when you asked the question- cant just walk up to her while shes sitting on the couch, you've got to build up to it.  Talk to her a bit, get her in a good mood, cuddle up next to her on the couch, anything really. 


The study is basically set up for you- just need to change up the independent variable (how/ when you ask the question) and track the results on the dependent variable (sexy times).  Then randomize when you use the various approaches (ok today I'm giving her some chocolate and a neck massage), do a little statistical analysis with the other variables being recorded and voila.


I give him a 2/10.  Need much more thorough analysis before publication

#2863308 The downsides of being rich

Posted by thatlookseasy on 24 July 2014 - 01:03 PM

I want to know MH's thoughts on his own parents.  Using his own logic:


1- He didnt have many opportunities handed to him growing up

2- Paid for college by himself

3- Anybody who doesnt have a good bit of money is either stupid or lazy

#2863004 Arizona Man Dies 2 Hours Into His Execution

Posted by thatlookseasy on 24 July 2014 - 10:59 AM

Most people will agree that Military action is appropriate in given situations (the aftermath of 9/11 for example) but about half of the country is against the death penalty for some reason. Clearly, the moral objections are thrown out of the window when our "National Security" is at risk.


This guy was a piece of poo and he should have been executed years ago. Of course, I'm talking about Osama Bin Laden.


Thats a really bad comparison.  One is an immediate threat, the other is not.


Even people who are against the death penalty have no problem when the police kill a guy who is on a shooting spree

#2860919 Hornets Sign Marvin Williams

Posted by thatlookseasy on 22 July 2014 - 11:08 AM

 McRoberts was the better overall fit, which makes Williams' overpay all the worse because you probably could've kept McRoberts for a million less...unless he just wanted to leave.


No, we couldnt have kept Mcroberts for $1 million less because he didnt want a 2 year deal.  Mcroberts signed for about $9 million more than Williams if you're keeping score


This deal was clearly structured to leave the team flexible, so (ideally) 2 years from now we will have Vonleh and Zeller taking all the minutes at PF.  If neither of those guys develop, then clearly Mcroberts would have been the better deal.  If they improve like expected though, its gonna be nice not having an aging Mcroberts getting in the way of their development still on the hook for 2 years/ $12 mil


It was a slight overpay, but the other PFs on the market cant shoot 3s.  Which is important for spacing when you've got Big Al in the post and MKG on the wing

#2855941 Cavs Now Offering Wiggins In Deal For Love

Posted by thatlookseasy on 17 July 2014 - 05:26 PM

I tell you who I would rather trade- Kyrie.  I have no interest in sacrificing all my flexibility so I can pay an injury prone PG whose game has shown minimal improvement $18 million/ year.  Hes played 10 more regular season games over the past 3 seasons than Dwyane "I dont play back to backs" Wade, and thats not including his time at Duke.


Pull a 3 way trade where you give up Kyrie and get Love + one of the mid-tier PGs like Conley, Teague, Dragic, or Ellis (who make like $8 mil)

#2855918 Cavs Now Offering Wiggins In Deal For Love

Posted by thatlookseasy on 17 July 2014 - 05:12 PM

I mean, the Cavs with Love are absolutely better than the Cavs with Wiggins- he is just too young to come in right away and play like an All-Star, we saw that last year at Kansas.  And my god, Love is about as perfect a complement next to Lebron on offense I could possible imagine.  His shooting would stretch the defense past their breaking point, and his post game and passing are very underrated.


But why make this trade now?  You have the best trade offer on the table right now, and as long as the Warriors stupidly refuse to include Klay in their trade offers you will still have the best offer in January or February when the trade deadline is approaching.  Unless the Wolves are calling you up saying "Klay is on the table and unless you offer Wiggings we are trading Love today" I dont see why you dont see what you have with Lebron + the young guys

#2841511 Kris Humphries in play for Hornets

Posted by thatlookseasy on 07 July 2014 - 07:12 AM



But, this is interesting... why are we being linked to any other 4s if we're certain that McBob is coming back?


McBob may be looking for a longer contract than we are prepared to give out. 


I think we need a veteran 4 to help out with the rotation this year, but I'd rather not sign anyone to anything over 2 years (when both Zeller and Vonleh should be ready to play big minutes)

#2840714 NBA Offseason Trade/Free Agency Thread

Posted by thatlookseasy on 05 July 2014 - 03:53 PM

Clearly Udonis Haslem is the real face of Miami

#2836119 We need to look for a STARTING PG.

Posted by thatlookseasy on 30 June 2014 - 03:12 PM

Kemba is a bad team point guard. Takes too many shots. Isn't a strong distributor. Needs too much of the basketball to make his points. How many NBA teams have won anything with a PG like Kemba starting?


If your PG is taking more shots than anybody else on your team you either have a bad team or a bad PG. Just about any NBA quality starter taking the number of shots that Kemba took would have been good for 20 a night. His shooting percentage was well below average, but by all means we should look at his PPG numbers to determine his value to us.


Interesting hypothesis.  You know there was a PG who led his team in shot attempts in these playoffs (it wasnt Kemba)


His name was Tony Parker

#2836045 Chris Broussard: Hornets going to make a strong run at Stephenson.

Posted by thatlookseasy on 30 June 2014 - 02:33 PM

I doubt Chris Broussard actually has a source on that, but a lot of people have speculated about it and I absolutely agree that we should go after him.  Players this young and talented rarely become available as unrestricted free agents, and Indiana will have a tough time keeping him and staying under the tax line.  We may not even have to overpay


He's a little out of control on the court at times but players tend to improve on that as they gain experience.  I would love to add a guy with his competitiveness and ball handling ability (we really need someone else who can take the pressure off Kemba at times). 


Zach Lowe had a good article a few weeks ago about his upcoming free agency


#2832914 No.9 Pick : Noah Vonleh

Posted by thatlookseasy on 26 June 2014 - 11:04 PM

The idea behind drafting Vonleh right after Zeller is

1) BPA

2) There are plenty of minutes available for both right now, Vonleh is very young and wont be playing huge minutes from day 1.  There are 48 minutes in a game at PF for them to split and Zeller can possibly get more minutes backing up Al at C


If only one of them pans out, we've got a starting PF and a good backup at the 4/5.   If both turn out to be starting level talents, maybe you have to trade one, but thats a good problem to have. And by that point, Big Al will be getting older and may be playing fewer minutes.  In 3 years or so we could have a big man rotation with Vonleh/ Zeller/ Jefferson where each guy plays about 32 min/ game


Not looking good for Biz though, he is gonna really need to prove something this year or he is gone

#2832597 2014 NBA Draft Thread

Posted by thatlookseasy on 26 June 2014 - 09:30 PM

Hey, if it makes you guys feel better, think of PJ as a former Texas Legends player