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#2746918 3 FAs to fix the Hornets

Posted by thatlookseasy on 22 April 2014 - 10:39 AM

Y'all are crazy if you think Stephenson doesnt fit this team from a basketball perspective.  He takes some of the creative burden off Kemba, if you stagger his minutes he can be the backup PG (play him in the backcourt with Gary Neal or something), and he would be the second best 3 point shooter on the team.  Not to mention hes 23 and still improving


Now if you think hes a bad fit off the court, thats a legit argument.  Hes been getting cocky this year after everyone talked him up in last years playoffs and earlier this season, and getting a big ego to early can really hurt a player's game

#2740196 This is pathetic

Posted by thatlookseasy on 15 April 2014 - 04:02 PM

JMM was a top 10 pick after his freshman year.


lol no


NBA teams dont spend lotto picks on 6'8 PFs who dont produce in college

#2739627 So whats the plan moving forward?

Posted by thatlookseasy on 14 April 2014 - 11:06 PM

The ballsy move is to go all in on Stephenson.  I have no idea how he will react to getting a big payday with an increased role, but he is talented enough to be a difference maker.


It would require a near-max contract and most of our cap flexibility, but it would really increase the team's potential ceiling.

#2736297 Duke energy

Posted by thatlookseasy on 11 April 2014 - 12:34 PM


NC commission appeals ruling giving it authority to halt coal ash pollution

RALEIGH — The state’s Environmental Management Commission on Monday appealed a judge’s ruling that gave it the authority to force Duke Energy to immediately stop pollution at its coal ash ponds.

It was an unexpected move by the state — and an unusual one — and put the commission on the same side of the ruling as Duke Energy, which last week also appealed the judge’s decision.

The March 6 ruling by Wake Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway reversed a state Environmental Management Commission decision that was reached in December.

The state EMC for several years has interpreted a groundwater pollution rule to mean that it didn’t have to require a polluter to immediately stop the source of pollution, which gave regulators more options to work toward a cleanup. Environmental groups sued to force the commission to return to the way it had imposed the rule before that, but the commission decided it had interpreted the rule correctly.

Environmentalists then sued to appeal the EMC ruling. Ridgeway agreed with them, and said the state had the authority to require an immediate halt to pollution. The EMC adopts and oversees rules for the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and is represented by the attorney general’s office.

D.J. Gerken, an attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center, said Monday that the appeal runs counter to the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ decision last week to pull out of its proposed enforcement lawsuit settlement with Duke. The state agency had been criticized for a settlement that some environmental groups and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency thought was too lenient.

“Just a week after the state publicly abandoned its sweetheart deal with Duke and promised to ‘enforce’ the law, it has appealed a judicial ruling that confirmed the state's legal authority to enforce a real solution for coal ash contamination,” Gerken said. “We’re disappointed that this administration remains so determined to delay through litigation rather than move forward to stop ongoing pollution of North Carolina's rivers, lakes and groundwater.”

Monday was the deadline to appeal Ridgeway’s ruling.

Fantastic news if you think the best solution to groundwater pollution is "eh, it'll probably fix itself at some point"

#2732553 Mozilla CEO ousted for views in 2008

Posted by thatlookseasy on 09 April 2014 - 09:36 AM

Yes, I remember all the outrage over from conservatives in this thread over a guy being fired for expressing a political opinion.  Haha just kidding

#2731436 The racial divide on paying players

Posted by thatlookseasy on 08 April 2014 - 10:15 AM

I find it fascinating how people take such a socialist attitude toward athletes at these universities.  Football and basketball players at big name universities are paid much less than their free market value (considering what they produce for the school), yet the prevailing attitude seems to be that "they get plenty so its cool"


Not to mention the implicit assumption that the football and basketball teams should not only be profitable but should also produce enough to cover the expenses of the other athletic programs

#2730042 The racial divide on paying players

Posted by thatlookseasy on 07 April 2014 - 01:50 PM

Why is everyone assuming football and basketball players should pay for all the other sports?

#2729988 NBA Executives Believe Gasol May Land In Charlotte

Posted by thatlookseasy on 07 April 2014 - 01:14 PM

Pacers are also right at the tax line.  Paying Stephenson close to market value would almost guarantee 2 years in the luxury tax

#2729922 This is pathetic

Posted by thatlookseasy on 07 April 2014 - 12:01 PM

Really?  The only Duke basketball player I know that didn't graduate or isn't coming back for summer classes to graduate is Austin Rivers.  Irving has been back every summer since he left early and the rest have graduated, not to mention all the Acc Academic All Americans Duke has had.  So it's probably not a good idea to try and argue that.


Athletes were steered that way, multiple athletes were interviewed along with people like Jennifer Wiley(the tutor) that said that was how it went down.  Were there some athletes that took "real" classes?  Of course but that is not the issue here, the issue is not helping the athletes who really needed the help.  unc was in a position, as a very prestigious university, to help these athletes and instead just gave them an easy pass on through all while using them for their athletic ability.  If you haven't watched the Real Sports episode on this you should.


You seriously think that Kyrie Irving, non-basketball player, would have been admitted into Duke?  lol ok


Can you even read my arguments from all the way up on your high horse?

#2729161 High Court Voids Overall Contribution Limit

Posted by thatlookseasy on 06 April 2014 - 06:14 PM

So we are pro illegals now


Pretty soon they will all be billionaires with their incredible work ethic

#2728734 This is pathetic

Posted by thatlookseasy on 06 April 2014 - 10:20 AM

That is what the fans that never actually went to unc say.  Now my wife and other friends we have that actually went to the school and got a degree from there don't feel that way.  They don't want their schools integrity tainted.  They don't want their degrees to be the butt of a Duke or State fans joke.  Not to mention unc could actually help these athletes and teach them instead of just giving them grades to keep them eligible.  


Except I did go to UNC.


Dont really see how it taints the school when every football and basketball player recruited by UNC was also recruited by a bunch of other schools.  Cant help the athletes if they dont want help.


I think we should offer them a chance to major in football/ basketball and take classes that would be relevant for them (whether they go pro or try to get into coaching).  UNC isnt going to change the system by raising their academic standards for athletes

#2728702 Mozilla CEO ousted for views in 2008

Posted by thatlookseasy on 06 April 2014 - 08:12 AM

I am trying to talk about political retribution, no matter the issue.  Gay rights, abortion, left vs right, etc.  Just because you are on the winning/losing side of an argument, should there be this third world retribution mindset?  After Prop 8 passed in CA, did the 52% go through all the "for" contributions and publicize them for punishment of all the 48%ers?


I am no so caught up on the cause here, which 98% of Huddlers are hung up on, but the actual effects of winning/losing elections, especially when your political opponents pay a price with their jobs for just contributing to a cause.  With 52% of Californians voting for it, does over half the population there need to lose their job?  Why not?


Here's the thing- this isnt political retribution.  These things dont happen to the same extent with other "political issues" because most people dont feel as strongly and therefore wont participate in a boycott.  This is about the government failing to do its job (protecting equal rights for all citizens), and the free market being forced to do the governments job for them.


The government is blocking the rights of people (mostly as a political statement to pander to their evangelical base) under the guise of majority rule.  The problem is, this is the exact sort of tyranny of the majority from which the government is supposed to protect minorities.


So the only recourse people have to this failure of government is a boycott. 

#2728348 Mozilla CEO ousted for views in 2008

Posted by thatlookseasy on 05 April 2014 - 07:28 PM

Okay, here's the deal.


This is a very dangerous precedent.  If I donate my own money to a cause or even an candidate, should I lose my job?  If there is any cause or candidate, it automatically means that there is another candidate running and another side to every cause.


Should we has a society, be so short sighted to say, "if you don't agree with me, I will punish you and your livelihood"?  If this is the gay and lesbian way, then what makes them any better than the redneck?  Maybe I sent money to Barack Obama for his campaign, which means I agree with most of his policies.  if another side wins the election, should I lose my job or business.


Most of you guys, I could give a rip about your knee jerk short sighted opinions, but a couple, who are generally on the other side, disappoint me.


If MLK wanted revenge rather than equality, I do not think he would have made near the impact that he did.  If the gay/lesbian community are fixed on revenge rather than equality, then I think their cause will suffer.  I would not respect putting one asshats vengefull intents over another.


This is more bent on facism than anything I would count as just.


How does this in any way set a precedent?  Public figures do stupid poo and the public boycott their products all the fuging time, and guess what happens? They get fired or resign.  Not remotely unprecedented.  Hell, maybe he should have doubled down on his bigotry like the Chik-fil-a guy and encouraged the anti-gay crowd to download firefox.


This is how the free market works.  If you are a representative of a company and you offend a lot of people, thats bad for business.  Money talks, and thats why this guy is gone. 


And you compare this to facism?  Not even close

#2728252 Mozilla CEO ousted for views in 2008

Posted by thatlookseasy on 05 April 2014 - 06:10 PM

I'm not disagreeing they were going to lose money I'm puzzled by the fact that they were calling for a boycott two years after the story broke and only just when he became CEO. As long as you aren't running the company you can donate to organizations I don't agree with but once you are CEO and I find out about it I will never use your product again? That's absurd as fug


Why is that at all surprising?  When you become CEO you become the face of an organization.  That some upper level executive has some opinions isnt newsworthy (to most people)

#2726197 Climate Risk: Worst is Yet to Come

Posted by thatlookseasy on 03 April 2014 - 05:22 PM

Not enough?  How about this?

I mean, this is literally addressed by the Cook article (which you would know if you took the time to read it rather than only reading things written or linked by climate skeptics). They emailed the authors to ask whether they thought their paper agreed, disagreed, or came to no conclusion on AGW

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