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In Topic: help wanted

Today, 07:41 AM

Bentley, art, gold coins, real estate, maids, private school, Europe. I'm better than everyone.

In Topic: help wanted

Yesterday, 09:34 AM

Noooooooo!!!!!! Fug that lying fat fraud!! Just enjoy the fighting between falcon fans on the huddle that are panther fans on the falcon site or the mods of the falcon site that are on the huddle arguing about falcon fans on their site or whatever the hell got all our resident dumbass falcon trolls all pissed off at some guy from the falcons board..........fug it. Just don't wish for the fat.

In Topic: Welcome to Seattle

22 January 2015 - 08:32 PM

its ironic that it's cute?

You're confusing the stooge.

In Topic: Thank you, Huddle. #KeepPounding

11 January 2015 - 04:29 PM

At the end of the game we popped champagne, sang Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs and toasted a crazy, wild, successful season. Ready for 2015!!!!!!!
Keep Pounding!!!!!!!

In Topic: Saints. Bears. Panthers. Cutler. Gruden. Delusions.

09 January 2015 - 07:31 AM

Obviously. Because, this is your home team's message board. Although, I find it hard to believe you aren't also pulling the retard routine on a Saints/Falcons/Buccaneers message board in addition to here.

Nope. Don't go to other teams boards. No point in it other than to troll and be stupid. Besides I have plenty of other teams idiots right here doing that.

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