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#2304419 Panther fans in Phoenix

Posted by Kingpatecu on 30 July 2013 - 10:15 AM

I will be moving to Phoenix later this year and looking for any Panther fans currently residing in the desert to get together to watch games with.

#1406444 Section 504- Visitors better behave

Posted by Kingpatecu on 19 September 2011 - 11:29 AM

This does not speak for all of them as I'm sure there were many classy Packer fans in the stadium, but I had 2 of the trashiest crazy chicks in front of me cheering for the Packers.

This was my first Regular season game as an official PSL owner with 2 seats in section 504, needless to say I was pumped to stake my claim on this section as not a place that allows visiting fans to do/say whatever they want. Sitting in front of me were 8 GB fans (6 seemed cool) but the 2 chicks were out of control.

The first girl was cursing the whole time (which really didn't offend me) but also was saying some of the dumbest ish ab football and the Panthers. Then there was her friend that brought a sign that on one side said Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire complete with rhinestones from her bejeweled and the other side said Panthers Suck not to mention she was just as obnoxious as her friend.

I let them go for a good bit bc to be honest they were so ridiculous it was kind of amusing but then I hit my breaking point. After GB threw a incomplete pass on 3rd and goal the girls thought they scored and started jumping up and down screaming and then made the mistake of putting the sign right in my face. So of course I ripped her sign up which sent her into a frenzy where she tried to throw her beer on me but hit her friend instead which then made her crazy. Saying I threw a beer on her and she began pushing and hitting me.

The whole time they are crying that I tore one girls sign and threw a beer on the other girl and they are going to get he cops. My response Please do. They come back with event staff and like the class acts they are one girl starts hitting and pushing me again in front of the event staff.

So after it all gets sorted out in the concourse with ab 4 cops and 6 event staff the 2 crazies get kicked out. The head security lady told me this was already the 5th incident/report they had on them and apologized for not removing their sign earlier.

Sorry about my rambling on but thought it was worth sharing, and on a side note if any of you sit in section 504 let it be known we are taking back our section this year.

Go Panthers!!!!

#1321947 Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Thread

Posted by Kingpatecu on 11 August 2011 - 02:30 PM

1. 7
2. Steve Smith, Legedu Neene, Brandon Lafell, Armanti Edwards, David Clowney, David Gettis (IR) & Kealaho Pilares (PS). Will only have 4 active on game days top 3 and 4th will be someone to contribute on ST.
3. Order above

I was worried about our WRs until last nights practice. It was the first practice I have been too this yr but man did they look good. Legedu caught everything arnd him, Kealaho looked crisp in his routes and Armanti really impressed me in how comfortable he looked out there.

One big advantage Armanti has IMO is the fact that the 3rd QB roster spot has gone away. If we choose we can add Armanti to the active roster and as our 3rd qb if needed and just activate Jimmy and Cam.

#811804 Jerry Richardson called me this morning! Not a joke

Posted by Kingpatecu on 13 October 2010 - 09:47 AM

Did he ask you to mow his lawn?

No thats what we drafter Armanti for.

#792885 who runs are replay/challenge booth?

Posted by Kingpatecu on 04 October 2010 - 04:46 PM

There was even the possibility that he had recovered the ball after the fumble andwas down by contact before it popped out again. Unfortunantly it didn't go our way but still a good challange.

#750477 Ex Panthers thoughts

Posted by Kingpatecu on 15 September 2010 - 12:12 PM

Every yr my employer does a United Way campaign and today we are kicking it off. The United Way brought in some athletes among them were ex panthers Hoover, Mike Rucker, Steve Beuerlein and Eugene Robinson.

Got to talk to a coulple of the guys for a few minutes and figured I would share wht they had to say.

Mike Rucker- asked him if he had talked to Peppers about his move to Chicago, he said he had talked with him and that he seems to enjoy it (blahblahblah). I also asked what his perspective was on how Peppers is now viewed in Charlotte. He said that he understands how fans become upset with players and that is part of the reason he thinks pep left, bc he felt like he was the center of attention and was always getting ragged on but in Chicago he'll be treated as one of the guys. I asked if he would have ever left Carolina to play elsewhere and he stated he never gave that much thought during his career bc of his relationship with Jerry, but the only team he would have ever considered was Denver bc he was a Broncos fan growing up.

Hoover- said he was staying in shape in case he gets a call, but he isn't actively looking for a opportunity. I let him know teh Panthers could of used him in Ny week one seeing how last yr he blasted open holes, he just laughed but did say he still talks to Fia and gives him pointers.

Steve Beuerlein- sounded like he really likes Clausen but in his opinion Moore should start all yr if healthy he also said that if we have a new coach this yr he doubts Clausen starts next yr b/c a new coach would be more inclined to bring in a vetren that knows his system for a yr to get the offense together in the first yr or 2.

#748591 If Kris Jenkins retires would you want him to retire a Panther?

Posted by Kingpatecu on 14 September 2010 - 01:59 PM

um no..... I don't see the FO allowing that the way he left town and its not like he's getting a bust in Canton where he gets a choice.

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