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#3097204 Nate Chandler IRed

Posted by rayzor on 19 November 2014 - 12:55 PM

To be fair, right here and right now, that's probably true.

Very much looking forward to this getting addressed in the offseason.

again, i refuse to believe that. not because i think there are secret studs just sittin hidden from the masses, but because i think that we have the worst group of OTs in the league because we have team run by a head coach who is a piss poor talent evaluator and a GM who thinks all that is needed to be a good OT is to be a big fat guy who wasn't drafted and who apparently has so little respect for the position that he feels he can put anybody in there and expect the job to be done.

this dynamic duo couldn't tell OT talent if it came up and knocked them on their asses.

there has to be someone better than what we have currently on the roster. we didn't magically pick the best of the worst and all that remains available isn't worth bringing k. for even a try out.

rivera and gettleman won't bring in competition because they are too sure of thekselves and have too much pride to think that they could possibly have missed out on someone.

when your already incredibly thin and weak OL loses it's starting OT it's just plain foolishness to not bring in competition and/or depth regardless of how weak the pool of choices is. things are in full on desperation mode and they refuse to acknowledge it and try to do something about it.

#3096825 Which would you rather see happen?

Posted by rayzor on 19 November 2014 - 08:59 AM

i just want to win. i don't care who is here making it happen.

#3095991 Thomas Davis on WFNZ Bustin' Loose

Posted by rayzor on 18 November 2014 - 04:20 PM

TD is more of a man than rivera.

#3095945 Andrew McDonald just hit waivers

Posted by rayzor on 18 November 2014 - 03:59 PM

contrary to what gettleman believes on the OL, competition from someone not already on the roster is a good thing.

#3093028 The Future of our Offensive Line

Posted by rayzor on 17 November 2014 - 10:45 AM

best FA (NOT udfa) left tackle available and best RT in the draft.

vet LT might be pretty costly, but we need to take this poo more seriously.

#3093014 Rivera's Blunder - Illustrated

Posted by rayzor on 17 November 2014 - 10:35 AM

Rowboat Ron is back.

i was just going to make a similar post....riverboat ron jumped ship into a lifeboat.

last year was an abberation. he did the exact same thing he did time and time again his first couple years. he doesn't believe in the team and the team doesn't believe in him.

we need to clean house.

#3089722 Step forth Cam apologists

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 03:06 PM

reactionary thread made during the game. locking and banning OP.

won't be the only one.

#3088534 Was Gettleman the right GM choice? How long to stay with him?

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 08:34 AM

let's see what he does next year.


rivera....not really interested in seeing that.


i don't think gettleman had any idea it would be this bad. i want to see what he does to correct course.

#3088471 Another "suck it" game to Kemba haters...

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 02:49 AM

It's a forum. Yes it is.

no. it isn't. suggesting suicide and/or making a joke of it is very offensive to those who have been effected by it. we don't allow that kind of stuff in here.

#3087751 Bring them out of retirement.

Posted by rayzor on 15 November 2014 - 12:19 PM


good googly moogly i forgot about that song. only thing worth opening this thread for.


you remember this one?


#3087737 Norwell and Turner to start at guard

Posted by rayzor on 15 November 2014 - 11:59 AM

i like the potential for the interior. seems like we have a good core there.


its just that tackle position that makes me vomit.jpg

#3087650 Changing careers...

Posted by rayzor on 15 November 2014 - 09:41 AM

i know you are probably too smart for this, but don't leave where you are until you have something lined up in the field you want to be in and in a job with comparable pay and benefits or at least one that will allow you opportunities for that in a short time.

but, as one previous poster said....don't let your work be your passion. let what you do outsode of work be your passion and what you do at work be the 40-50 hours a week that helps take care of the rest of your life outside of work.

let a job just be a job, not your life. it sounds like you've got a good thing going where you are and have developed a solid reputation that will allow you plenty of room for growth. just do your time and go home. i mean make the most of the opportunities you have at work, but try to get your satisfaction in knowing that what you are doing is taking care of your family.

just my .02.

btw, i recently had to leave my business where i got to work at home as a freelance writer to find something that took care of my suddenly expanded family better than what i was able to on my own. for various reasons (mainly stemming from the surprising stigma of being self employed) had to settle for a third shift job at a distribution center.

it's far from ideal or even a dream job and a drastic change for me and my family on many levels. i make the best of my situation and opportunities, though, and have a lot of potential for growth within the company and the benefits there are great. i don't get to see my family as much as i used to and i sleep a lot during the day, but i make sure to make the most of what time i have with them, which is still quite a bit. the reason i think i am so happy with the path i'm on now is that i know that i'm doing what i need to make sure that all my families needs are taken care of and i just have to go to work and then i get to leave it behind. i do my time and come home to the loves of my life. my passions. my family. work is just this thing i do for 8-9 hours a day/might then come home.

i try to keep our needs simple as well as our lives so that more isn't required of me, although i will certainly take advantage of growth opportunities there. i will say that my education (mba with a concentration in leadership) will be utilized a lot more than when i was at home securing and working on writing gigs so that makes what i am doing a lot more bearable.

sometimes a change in career is necessary, but whatever it is you decide to do, whether stay the course you are on or changing fields, again i would just encourage you to be more focused on life outside of work to be what fulfills you.

sorry for the long post.

#3086405 Steve Logan absolutely nails it about Cam Newton and Panthers

Posted by rayzor on 14 November 2014 - 10:35 AM

Points 1-4 are fixable with better coaching, namely a bonafide OC that schemes to showcase his strengths and QB coach dedicated to working on his mechanics. Points 5 & 6 come with experience and good team around him. Steve Logan's commentary was on point. No one can deny the kid has talent. Cam Newton is a two-time Pro-Bowler and recording setting QB  in only his 4th year in the NFL. He's easily the best QB this franchise has ever had. No reasonable, knowlegdeable, unbiased fan would believe his skills or talent have suddenly disappeared or he's being exposed as no good. What's the difference? Terrible OL, which translates to a subpar running/passing game, WRs that can't get consistent separation and crappy playcalling due to imcompetence and the aforementioned issues. Fix these areas and suddenly this pointless debate becomes moot. He may never be in the elite status of a Manning or Brady, but he's the best QB this francishe has ever seen and the Panthers will be the laughingstock of the NFL if they foolishly cut him loose w/o making efforts to build a competitive team around him.


he was being a wee bit facetious.


and by wee i mean rrreeeeeaaaalllllly facetious.

#3085373 Schefter Tweet

Posted by rayzor on 13 November 2014 - 11:40 AM

he gets hit more because he runs more, but esp. because his OL has sucked.

we keep sticking rookies from small schools in at guard and udfas at OT. what do you expect to happen?

when was the last time he didn't have at least one udfa or rookie on the OL?

#3085365 And now, it gets interesting...

Posted by rayzor on 13 November 2014 - 11:36 AM

What I find most interesting in this is that while he's not being insubordinate, he's also not completely regurgitating the company line, either.

It does make me wonder what's going through his mind right now.

i don't know, but he's more of a man than those turds looking for a scapegoat he's got running that team into the ground.

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