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#2899899 Bell getting some love on NFL.com

Posted by rayzor on Today, 12:38 PM

Gil was on the radio this morning talking about Bell. He also spoke about KB a bit, and the fact that he doesn't think Cam and Rivera get enough credit nationally. He basically gave his view of the team after spending a couple of days at camp last week.

Here is a link to the podcast for anyone that wants to listen


very good listen for several reasons. brandt is one of the few media guys worth paying attention to, and not just because he was a cam supporter from early on in the draft process. he knows his stuff and all you have to do is look at his history as a GM. i don't like the cowboys and never have, but i respect the teams he built there.

if he gives an opinion about a player, you should listen.

#2893883 Adam Schefter makes the world aware we have zero receivers that caught a pass...

Posted by rayzor on 17 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

in 2011 we had a rookie QB throwing to new (to him) receivers including two TEs who were new to the team and all of them were playing in a new system and a new playbook and all of it was happening withput the luxury of OTAs. correct ke if i'm wrong, but that QB did fairly well.

i think we'll be ok.

#2892911 Kelbin Benjamin? Panthers.com

Posted by rayzor on 16 August 2014 - 04:27 PM

Kelbin Venjamin

#2891894 BR Ranks NFL Offenses

Posted by rayzor on 15 August 2014 - 05:07 PM

consider this....we were 2nd to last in drives per game (btw, that was by design). that, in itself, is going to limit 1) our yardage per game and 2) our points per game. it just makes sense that if you have less possessions than anyone that you are going to have less opportunities to gain yardage and points compared to the rest of the league. you want to know why we were among the lowest ranked teams on offense, consider the metrics most people use to gauge success of an offense are those two stats. why? it requires the least amount of thinking. how accurate a gauge is it? imo, not very when we scored enough to win 12 games last year.


football outsiders had us with 31.59 yards per drive and 2.09 points per drive, which was a respectable 11th and 10th rank for yards/drive and points/drive. like i said, that's respectable and pretty efficient considering the amount of drops had by the WRs last year. as a team, we caught 62.5% of passes thrown, which was 13th in the league...kind of meh, but still not horrible. Looking at team drops, on average we weren't too bad...about 17th highest team percentage. When you look at individual drops...smitty at 5.5%, lafell at 7% and ginn at 4.4% aren't among the worst, but we all saw the effects on drives. ginn's drop % isn't as high as i thought it would be, but i definitely remember watching those drops and those were some really big plays that we lost out on because he couldn't hang on to the ball. the timing of those drops were horrible.


if you give yourself more drives then it obviously gives you more chances and limits the damage that those dropped balls and failed drives have. when you limit the number of those possessions, you don't have the luxury of being not "among the worst". you have to be among the best. we had a couple very good/reliable receiving options last year, namely olsen (111 targets, 4 drops), dwill (36 targets, 1 drop), and tolbert (32 targets, no drops), but that wasn't enough.


we replaced some WRs with not the surest of hands with guys like avant (76 targets, 1 drop), and cotchery (76 targets, 2 drops). we have all either heard or saw how good benjamin has been in regards to catching the ball, but it wasn't until one of the very last practices that he dropped any which was a walk through in which people weren't really focusing on catching the ball as much as making sure they were where they needed to be when they needed to be. of course, there will be more challenges when real games start and he faces some tougher DBs and some scheming against him, but what I'm taking away from it is that he will be a very reliable target that puts himself in very good position to catch cam's passes, both the good and not so good ones.


so what we have is three new receivers who have shown or are showing that they have very reliable hands. combine that with olsen, dwill, and tolbert (and stewart who is also a reliable target when healthy) and we have a receiving corps that can help keep drives alive allowing us to make more of the limited opportunities our offense has each game.


what this also means is that our offense should be more productive. it will have more points and yardage (though still not being enough to pu tthem at the top).


the biggest thing, tho, is that it will help us win more games and those wins will be less dependant on the defense suffocating the other team.


the biggest thing we needed for this offense was to be more efficient and we've given ourselves the tools we need to make that happen. not just more reliable targets, but bigger ones as well.


sites like BR and ESPN who draw a lot of traffic, but who rarely look at the bigger picture, will probably still not give the panthers the respect that we hope is due them. that won't matter because we will see an improved offense on the field that stays on the field longer, giving itself more and better chances to score and will have more successful end zone efforts.


regardless of where the panthers rank on total yardage and points, the true signs of a successful offense will be our ability to turn more possessions into points.

#2889081 Brockel and Williams...big part of the equation this year

Posted by rayzor on 13 August 2014 - 02:38 PM

not that it matters really one way or the other, but i have always looked at brockel as a FB with tolbert.

#2888806 Not one fight in camp this year....not a punch thrown

Posted by rayzor on 13 August 2014 - 10:44 AM

The biggest thing to me is the difference between us and atl last year when cam got hit late by the rams and Jordan pushed back and stuck up for him. Our whole team then systematically destroyed them both mentally and physically. The falcons meanwhile left Ryan to nitchellmself up.

I just want our guys to legitimately stick up for each other and have each other's backs in a game. I shudder to think of what kb would do if someone hit cam late or hurt him.

i don't think there will be that differemce between last year and this one, in fact i think it will be stronger. the team, from my limited perspective, is more unified than it has been in a long time. i don't see as many "me against the world" players and mindsets as i have "us against the world". with smitty and capt and mitchell and some others the mindset was "i've got something to prove". the pervasive language that i have heard from interviews with even the new and rookies is "we have something to prove". in some cases it might be whole position groups, but still it's more "we" than "i".

#2888536 I met Kony Ealy today

Posted by rayzor on 13 August 2014 - 05:48 AM

i'm so glad you got to experience that. seems like a moment that ealy will remember from the early days of his career as well. thanks for sharing it with us.!

#2887947 "Rape Culture"

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 03:23 PM

What will be funny is when she beats the fug out of you.

You're a worthless human being with no sense of what it means to give it back to someone. So I hope your kids get molested, murdered, dismembered, and you never find the bodies you pencil dick, stupid, knuckle dragging loser.

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and that will give you a little vacation.

#2887767 2 4 1: J.Jones top 3 WR's in mix..Charlotte new Fm sports radio

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 12:32 PM

I have a strong feeling Brown makes it since he can play 3 positions. Gunner, returner, and WR. And King will make it if he continues doing what he's doing.

bersin will be the other one. it just sounds like he is just too fundamentally sound to not get the job and he seems to be really improving every year. i don't see us going into the season with less than 6 WRs.

#2887756 Bell can win the LT position vs Chiefs.

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 12:28 PM

I hope he proves all of us doubters wrong.

pretty much this. i gain nothing substantive by being right about him and benefit quite a bit from being wrong. same goes with any criticism i have about the team. getting to say "i told you so" when i'm right about stuff like this is pretty petty and weak.

at this point i would settle for him just not being a liability on the line. i would be quite satisfied with that.

#2887628 don't panic...Greg Olsen has a cramp

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 11:10 AM

fixed title.

banned OP.

ok...didn't ban OP. felt like it tho.

#2887397 Fixing the running game a.k.a same story,different year

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 08:06 AM

Carolina was 10th in pts per drive last year I believe.

You seem to confuse a team getting lots of offensive touches and producing larger overall stats means they are better on offense.....it happens to many

yeah, i think he's basing a whole lot on overall yardage and points without knowledge of the system and philosophy of game management and looking at the stats that tell the more accurate picture of what we're doing and it's effectiveness. he came in feeling like he was knowledgable about the team, but he's been looking at the wrong information and working under wrong assumptions.

that's what happens, though, when you haven't spent a lot of time studying a team's behaviors and philosophies. when you analyze that team, you're likely going to get a lot of things wrong. i would do the same thing to most teams. those that we face regularly within our division, i feel pretty comfortable in my assessing of them, but when it comes to teams that are out of conference...any assumptions i make are largely misinformed and if i went in acting like i knew my poo, i'd probably be making an ass of myself.

it's tempting to come into forums trying to sound like i have a solid grasp on things and feel the need to correct some homer views of their team, but the best thing to do is to come in with a desire to be educated rather than educate.

#2887314 RIP Robin Williams

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 02:09 AM

It's similar to why the reaction to John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix or jonny winter's recent death had a profound impact on people. People remembered times of happiness, joy, pain, sadness and how those people made them forget about it, or made them pinpoint that feeling and helped them move on , or how they deeply connected with another person because of it. They bore their souls to us and in return we felt something or like Rayzor said actually changed the path for the better . People inspire people.

I think the age of twitter/Facebook has brought about disingenuousness but those feelings are still there in some.

totally agreed about twitter and facebook. people look to others to see how they are "supposed" to respond things. its group think on a large scale. people don't know how to think for themselves. i think it takes away individuality. life becomes something you try to get approval from the masses for and you have to become like everyone else to get that.

#2887311 RIP Robin Williams

Posted by rayzor on 12 August 2014 - 02:05 AM

i get deeply emotional over random triggers that are far more abstract and strange than a well-known celebrity death… no judgement here

it seems that as i get older i'm turning into more of a sap. random things in nature, in people i see living their own lives, lines or movements in music, certain photographs and paintings, and many other unexepected things will from time to time smack me with joy or sadness. i think it's just being more in tune with your surroundings and feeling a part of them. i think it helps us really live and get the most of what life has to offer.

#2887140 Deadspin: why your team sucks 2014 Falcons and Bucs

Posted by rayzor on 11 August 2014 - 10:23 PM

they are funny, but what is funnier is the overreaction from fans here when they read about why the panthers suck and how many think that it's just us getting picked on.

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