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#2822941 Appears that B.Bell may be watching from bench if things don't improve

Posted by rayzor on 18 June 2014 - 01:46 AM

I agree, but this would Be an ideal situation. Sure it would be great to be at that point, but it is not as dire as some make it out to be.

Big picture, our line was shaky at best last season. We ended up 12-4. There are ways to get around a weak line. I could be wrong but I personally think the interior line is much improved than last season. Even not, we can win with the line as is. Every other position has been upgraded so there is no reason for me to think we could not repeat.

yes, we can win with the line as it is, we could also see cam get destroyed and hurt bad bc we had guys starting for us on the outside who really should be just back ups.


i agree that the interior of the OL is better and is pretty good, tbh. it was also stronger than the outside of the line heading into the draft. 


i think this team has only one glaring defect, but it's a big one and i think it is pretty dire. that defect is OT.


i think people are downplaying how big of a deal it is and acting like it's almost unrealisitic that we should have the OL set heading into TC like it's uncommon for that to happen. it's not, though. esp. at OT. what other team,  esp legit playoff team, is still trying to find out who their starting OTs are going to be on both sides? one side....i can see it, but both sides? it's kind of ridiculous. and we have most other position groups pretty much set. we haven't had it set for years. we've had gross and kalil and then the rest has been a revolving door. i'm hoping that the interior is now set for a few years with silatolu-kalil-tailor. we still need more than the 2 jags competing for those two spots and adding williams to the mix is barely worth mentioning because it does very little to strengthen the competition. those two spots are weak and we have no competition for the jobs. i hope there is some FA activity soon so we can expand the pool of potential players beyond just those couple guys.

#2822740 KB Swag

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 07:56 PM

"It's a football team, right?"


Go sick 'em, Benji!


#2822688 Appears that B.Bell may be watching from bench if things don't improve

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 07:02 PM

They aren't even in Spartanburg yet.  It's way too early to start guessing the depth chart based on reps.

it's a shame that we are going to have to wait until spartanburg to see who wins out. that, in my book, is a fail.


we should be going into TC knowing who the starting OL is so they can be getting their reps and hit the ground running as a unit.


TC needs to be all about the OL gelling, not try outs to see who is going to be on it.

#2822686 Mini Camp Update

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 06:59 PM

Do you think there could be something in chandler? My guess that was gettlemans idea


could be, but we're gambling in an area that i don't think we should be. it's waaayyy too important a role to be doing that. i'd feel better about chander giving it a try if we had someone reliable on the other side. we don't. we have another gamble on the other side...that either bell will be a better LT than RT or that he won't suck at RT like he did last year.


he says he loves his hog mollies and he leads us to believe that the trenches are important to him, but when you are looking at bell and chandler as your OTs, you don't get a sense that he really believes it. i think he does on the DL, but the OL is of a secondary concern to him, esp. the outside.


i like gettleman and i trust most of what he does, but when it comes to OT and what he's doing....meh. he's got to prove it there and i just don't see it happening.


what's funny is that so many people in here were saying, "just wait. gettleman will pick someone up to play OT. he's really not going to go with those two this year." the thing is, i think we're stuck with this little experiment. i think they are going to play it through with bell and chandler as the OTs and it's going to bite us in the ass. i would love to be wrong about it. i just have to be proven wrong and we'll have to wait until the season plays out to see who was right.

#2822464 Who is the missing piece?

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 03:34 PM

i don't know "who" but i know there are two missing pieces. one is a RT and the other is a LT.

#2822458 Mini Camp Update

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 03:29 PM

Comparing the talents of a couple undrafted tackles who will be protecting our franchise is not ideal.


what would you rather have, your finger slammed in a car door or banged on by a hammer?

#2822454 Mini Camp Update

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 03:25 PM

Hey Byron




here's the problem....who would replace him. the saddest thing of it all is that he's one of the two best OTs we have on the roster and there is a drop off in talent after him.


we aren't in any hurry to find someone from the outside so kicking bell to the curb could actually hurt more than keeping him at OT.

#2822311 Cason and Norman had the gloves put on them.

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 01:14 PM

so they do this after Smitty leaves...


might have considered this an invitation.

#2822308 Cason and Norman had the gloves put on them.

Posted by rayzor on 17 June 2014 - 01:13 PM

very interesting.


it's got to be miserable wearing them in this heat. hopefully it will make an impact.

#2817723 Here's to hoping Dickson's Hands support his words

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 02:13 PM

Last year, we were very good between the 20's, but seemed to drop off a little in the red zone(or maybe the SF game just stands out the most), but at least this year we have the targets to both pass and run in the red zone.  Hopefully, we can continue to productive between the 20's also.


i think we'll be better between the 20s as well. more conversions for sure. we won't be relying so much on cam's ability to scramble and get a first down rushing.

#2817721 Here's to hoping Dickson's Hands support his words

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 02:11 PM

I don't know about Mike Shula, but I sure as hell can't wait to buy Madden....


getting bigger and more sure-handed receivers might have dummy/shula-proofed our offense.

#2817714 Here's to hoping Dickson's Hands support his words

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 02:06 PM

i hope he does well. it would be great for cam to have 3 regular targets 6-4 and above.


add those three and jerrico cotchery to what cam and tolbert bring in the end zone and we've got some real improving in our chances to score.



we were pretty efficient last year, more than most teams, but we still needed to score more and make more of the limited chances we give ourselves because of the pace of offense. i think that happens this year. there's no defense that's going to be able to stop with any kind of regularity all four of those targets and keep cam and tolbert in check.

#2817661 Gantt talking Panthers at Noon on PFT Live

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 01:42 PM

What is he so bitter about? Just wondering.


*in deathbed doc holliday voice*


being born.

#2817505 Jon Beason carted off field during non contact exercise.

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 12:06 PM

Not really. 


He had already been benched before he was traded, and he was getting paid way too much money to be a bench warmer.  Add in the fact that he didn't wanna be here if he wasn't starting at MLB.  Good as Beason was, he wasn't what he used to be, and there was no way he was getting that job back with Luke in there.

So you wind up with a 7th round pick, a little cap relief and a big contract off the books in exchange for a depth player.  That's not really what I'd consider a bad deal.


I've wished him all the success in the world, but the team made the right decision.


I only hope this injury isn't severe.


yep. he was a back up at Mike, Sam, and Will and was a liability in coverage so the safest place for him to be was on the sidelines considering how weak we were in pass D anyway. keek/TD/blackburn/klein/senn were quite enough to handle what we were doing on defense, esp. since we only had 2 LBs on the field a lot of the time. TD could play either OLB spot equally well and keek/blackburn/klein were capable of playing any spot along the line.


what we were paying him was way too much to warrant keeping around. he had also spent pretty much the previous 2 years on IR and wasn't particularly healthy or back to 100% at that point so there was a good bit of risk for any team with a slim likelihood that he could return to where he was pre-injuries.


giants paid a fair price...not for what beason had done in the past, but for the shape he was in and had been in for the past couple years. they took a minor gamble in giving up even a 7th and lucked out.


we got to pick up a 7th rounder and free up a good amount of cap space for a guy we weren't going to be using anyway. it was a win/win. it doesn't really matter what beason did after we traded him because there wasn't much of a chance that he would be able to perform at a high level for very long, if at all. giants just plain got lucky. we took what we could get for a guy in his situation.

#2817411 Gantt talking Panthers at Noon on PFT Live

Posted by rayzor on 12 June 2014 - 11:02 AM

i have no desire to watch. dude has too much of an agenda or bias to warrant paying attention to. he's a very bitter man about pretty much anything and think it's his job to be a douche.

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