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#3224663 Colin Cole vs Dwan Edwards

Posted by rayzor on 31 January 2015 - 09:12 AM

cole doesn't get mentioned as much, but i think he's more important to keep than dwan. he eats up blockers and stuffs the run very well in the relatively light duty he is called on to play. i'm not sure how well he would do if he had to fill in for star for a game or two. might be too many reps on his big old body.


dwan is good against the pass rush, but it seems like we have more people who can help against that than against the run. might just be my imagination on that point, though.


i'd like to keep both, but we also need to be finding some youth to keep around for a few years. one needs to be replaced soon. both eventually.

#3224345 Cam on DP Show this morning

Posted by rayzor on 30 January 2015 - 04:19 PM

That one's more personal to us, but I think the time he was caught not knowing the camera was on telling all the other ESPN guys "make sure you mention that I was the one who broke that story" was more telling.



btw, stuart scott sighting. stuart handled it well, but you could tell he was annoyed.


steve young's reaction was great, esp. the tap on the arm.

#3224312 Josh Gordon's (or at least his publicist's) journal entry

Posted by rayzor on 30 January 2015 - 03:44 PM

the chances that the only times he's used were the times that he's been caught is pretty unlikely.

#3224310 Just found out I have low T

Posted by rayzor on 30 January 2015 - 03:41 PM

i've been getting injections for the better part of the last 3 years.


i took about a year off when my wife and i thought about having another baby. funny thing about getting testosterone from artificial sources, your body quits trying to create it's own and when that happens, it stops making sperm.


i went back on the injections when my wife got pregnant, but i have been looking at other sources for it. not that i want another baby or anything. i'm turning 45 this year so the one last year is going to be my last one.


also be ready to see an increase in the amount of red blood cells produced which may raise red flags at blood screenings. and then be ready for the possibility of a little more acne showing up. if levels get too high, you can have problems there.


there are some other things you can do to elevate T levels. many have been mentioned.


  • excercise will work, but the higher the intensity for shorter intervals, the better it will be.
  • better and more sleep will help. i would check into getting a cpap machine if you are having trouble sleeping.
  • eat a lot less carbs and more protein and don't worry about cutting out fat. your body needs fat much more than carbs. and don't worry about cutting down cholesterol. your body needs cholesterol to create testosterone. if you cut out carbs, you will have healthier levels of LDL,HDL, and triglycerides. you don't have to cut them out completely. check into a slow carb diet where you carb up one or two days a week and then abstain from them the rest of the week.
  • eat lots of raw almonds and brazil nuts. good amount of studies being done to show that will help raise T levels and will also help boost sex performance.
  • take omega3 and vitamin D supplements
  • i've heard that ice baths will help, but i haven't tried it and i probably won't.

i definitely recommend that you have it checked periodically if you have testosterone supplements, but the doctor will probably require it anyway. levels that are too high can cause probably more problems than low T.

#3223962 Rivera up for Coach of the Year Again

Posted by rayzor on 30 January 2015 - 08:04 AM

Cincinnati and ATL at home = COTY moves.


i think we can probably count on several games like that a year followed by this great epiphany where he realizes that he was doing it wrong and corrects course and becomes more aggressive and helps us finish out the year strong and always puts him in the discussion for COTY.


"just look how he turned that team around....again!" of course they don't take into consideration that the reason it had to be turned around is that he did a 180 from where he was before.


the rivera formula...start off pathetically slow and play it safe resulting in frustratingly close losses then do an about face and get aggressive. when season ends and as you prepare for the next season, just chill and take it slow and easy and start the whole process all over.

#3223952 Pro Football Spot breaks down the state of Panthers' Big Uglies

Posted by rayzor on 30 January 2015 - 07:40 AM

i would love for us to go into training camp with the OL already set and the starters spend the whole time getting reps together with cam.


we waste so much time having competition for starting spots on the OL every year (going back into the fox era) and that usually results in the OL taking several weeks into the regular season for them to gel. crap.....last year or two we've still been trying to figure out who the starters are going to be several weeks into the season.


the interior is set heading into the future and RT might be as well. imo, we don't need to screw around with anything there. just build on what chemistry was there and let them use the experience of this past season as a foundation for the 2015 season. hopefully we add the LT early in the offseason via FA or the draft so we can even let them start getting reps together in mini camps.


we can't start early enough building that chemistry, imo.

#3223643 Josh Gordon's (or at least his publicist's) journal entry

Posted by rayzor on 29 January 2015 - 06:35 PM

just like any person, esp. a kid (which an old fart like me considers a person in their early 20's because i remember how much growing up i and others had to do at that age) who makes a poo ton of mistakes, i hope that they grow out of it.


he (or the guy helping him write this) said all the right things and answered a lot of criticisms i had while reading it.


but i am left with two things...either he's an addict or he's dumb. i'm hoping he's just dumb. but i kept thinking this while i was reading, "i don't have a problem. i'm not an addict." those words are said more by people who actually are addicts than by those who aren't.


i do feel that if he legitmately doesn't have a problem that he has every right to defend himself. the problem he has is that he created this image that people have of him. it's his fault that people think he's got drinking or drug problems. it's not anyone else's fault. it's his and he has to own it. he is the one who put himself or allowed himself to be in situations where pot was being smoked. he is the one who drank on a plane knowing that he had agreed to stay away from it and that he could be tested at any time. he was the one who got the DUI. he was the one making mistakes and who keeps making mistakes. the burden on him is to prove that those were just isolated events and that he can control it.


i have worked with many youth and young adults who are/were trying to change their lives and also the perception that people had of them. one of the frustrating things that they all felt was that even if they had turned their lives around, people weren't buying it. you might think that's everyone else's problem, but the reality is that it isn't. you can't blame people for looking at someone who has a long history of doing dumb things and probably lying about it or making excuses and thinking that it's only a matter of time before they screw up again because, and this is the sad thing, it usually is.


what i have told people trying to change is that you can't expect people to believe you. "then what do i do to change their minds?" my answer was usually, "nothing. but you can't worry about that. all you have to worry about is yourself and making sure you get and stay clean."


i had a couple people ask me what they could do to prove that they were changed and that they didn't have a problem they couldn't control and i told them i will believe it when i don't see it happen. i got some confused looks when i said that and one girl asked me how long it will take and i said as long as it has to for me (or others) to forget there was a problem. it's something that is going to have to take a long time to work. people remember the bad more than the good. that's why i said they can't worry about that. it's beyond their control and it's something that their own personal bad decisions made happen so they have to deal with the "fruits" of their past heading into tomorrow.


all they can control is what they do and let everything else take care of itself in it's own time and always remember that the problem of perception that they have is their own fault and if they have to, use that as motivation for deciding what situations to put yourself in or actions you take. whatever it takes to help you get and keep control of your life will be worth it.

#3223619 Breaking News - Gettlemagic Selects Defensive End on the first Round.

Posted by rayzor on 29 January 2015 - 05:55 PM

i know i slept a long time today, but i didn't think it was long enough that i missed the draft!



i'm never taking that pill again.



#3223609 Can't decide who to pull for on Sunday.

Posted by rayzor on 29 January 2015 - 05:45 PM

i can't remember a superbowl that i was this disinterested in.


i'm still going to watch it, but i really don't want either team to win.


i will probably pull for the nfc and the team that knocked us out of the playoffs.


either way, an annoying team with very annoying bandwagon fans wins and the hype is going to be unbearable.


all i know is that when we play the seahawks next year i want desperately to win. i'm so tired of this poo of never being quite good enough.

#3221771 Ramsdell retiring

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 05:10 PM

he was the only real hope for the passing game (as far as coaching goes).


our achilles heel is going to be our coaching staff on offense and special teams.


but at least we'll have that continuity that rivera likes so much.

#3221765 Cam Newton: A Franchise QB?

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 05:06 PM

i get the feeling that most commenting in here didn't read the article and are only reacting to the thread title.

#3221622 Nickname the Falcons new stadium: A Thread

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 02:46 PM

The Jealousy Dome

yeah, i wish the owner of my team had taken billions of tax dollars so that he could have a giant see through retractable sphincter made.
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#3221616 Cam Newton: A Franchise QB?

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 02:41 PM

Yeah, so Gettleman already said he was. So how about we stop making shitty threads like this.

did you read the linked article?

it's not the typical "shitty" topic the title would lead you to believe it is. it's actually a good read with good perspective from a non-homer pov.

thanks for your valuable contribution to the thread, tho. lol

#3221594 Nickname the Falcons new stadium: A Thread

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 02:24 PM

serious request for future usage.

someone make an animated gif of the roof opening and closing and see if it doesn't look like some other animated gifs (that i would ban users from posting).
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#3221591 Cam Newton: A Franchise QB?

Posted by rayzor on 27 January 2015 - 02:20 PM

lol and here comes the edgy contrarian "keeping it real".