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#3107110 What kind of pie have you eaten today

Posted by rayzor on 28 November 2014 - 07:08 AM

we had two meals. one with my faily and one withthe wife's. between the two of them i had pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, grape pie (hated the idea, but was actually pretty tasty), strawberry rhubarb, pecan, & cherry yumyum. i had several pieces of pecan and pumkin w/ lots of coolwhip.

#3106054 Cam and turkeys

Posted by rayzor on 26 November 2014 - 04:58 PM

Lock if old


Kinda lame that something like this has been up since last night but I don't see that anyone here has posted about it... But if some white guy over 30/scumbag radio host has some "intel" about how he's annoyingly shy or can't process stuff quickly enough the topic gets talked up to death. Don't mean to take away from what Cam did here with my drivel, just kinda sucks to see him not get the credit he deserves for his community work.

could have made your point without bringing race into it. keep it out of here.

locking because you made this thread about race. hijacked your own thread in the OP. good going. got to be some kind of record.

it's a shame. what cam is doing is really good thing to talk about right now.

#3105222 A coach who takes the hit for his teams failure

Posted by rayzor on 25 November 2014 - 09:20 PM

the last time rivera admitted he made mistakes we went on to a 12 win season.

i guess he learned everything there is to know and now it's everyone else's fault they are failing. after all, he's coach of the year. it just CAN'T be his fault they suck.

#3104815 Th

Posted by rayzor on 25 November 2014 - 02:33 PM


#3100607 Gary Kubiak

Posted by rayzor on 22 November 2014 - 03:13 AM

was the problem in houston kubiak's fault, or was it houston's fault?

what was the texans overall record and number of winning seasons prior to kubiak's arrival?

of the retreads, he could be the best choice. i'm not a fan of the wco, or necessarily kubiak himself, but considering the lack of support we've given cam, this would be a positive step.

and i have to say i'm not all that interested in someone without HC experience replacing ron. i' rather have a guy with experience who probably learned a few things in his first attempt dealing with an already sucking team in his first attempt at being a HC who has something to prove than some brand new HC who has to learn how to manage a whole team like rivera did. i'm just not interested in a coach going through that learninf curve again.

give me a retread or a HC from the college ranks before promoting another coordinator without HC experience.

and please make it an offensive minded person. if we are going to give cam a big contract, we better start giving him the tools and coaching to help bring about the success we'll be paying for.

better weapons.
better protection.
better coaching.

#3097204 Nate Chandler IRed

Posted by rayzor on 19 November 2014 - 12:55 PM

To be fair, right here and right now, that's probably true.

Very much looking forward to this getting addressed in the offseason.

again, i refuse to believe that. not because i think there are secret studs just sittin hidden from the masses, but because i think that we have the worst group of OTs in the league because we have team run by a head coach who is a piss poor talent evaluator and a GM who thinks all that is needed to be a good OT is to be a big fat guy who wasn't drafted and who apparently has so little respect for the position that he feels he can put anybody in there and expect the job to be done.

this dynamic duo couldn't tell OT talent if it came up and knocked them on their asses.

there has to be someone better than what we have currently on the roster. we didn't magically pick the best of the worst and all that remains available isn't worth bringing k. for even a try out.

rivera and gettleman won't bring in competition because they are too sure of thekselves and have too much pride to think that they could possibly have missed out on someone.

when your already incredibly thin and weak OL loses it's starting OT it's just plain foolishness to not bring in competition and/or depth regardless of how weak the pool of choices is. things are in full on desperation mode and they refuse to acknowledge it and try to do something about it.

#3096825 Which would you rather see happen?

Posted by rayzor on 19 November 2014 - 08:59 AM

i just want to win. i don't care who is here making it happen.

#3095991 Thomas Davis on WFNZ Bustin' Loose

Posted by rayzor on 18 November 2014 - 04:20 PM

TD is more of a man than rivera.

#3095945 Andrew McDonald just hit waivers

Posted by rayzor on 18 November 2014 - 03:59 PM

contrary to what gettleman believes on the OL, competition from someone not already on the roster is a good thing.

#3093028 The Future of our Offensive Line

Posted by rayzor on 17 November 2014 - 10:45 AM

best FA (NOT udfa) left tackle available and best RT in the draft.

vet LT might be pretty costly, but we need to take this poo more seriously.

#3093014 Rivera's Blunder - Illustrated

Posted by rayzor on 17 November 2014 - 10:35 AM

Rowboat Ron is back.

i was just going to make a similar post....riverboat ron jumped ship into a lifeboat.

last year was an abberation. he did the exact same thing he did time and time again his first couple years. he doesn't believe in the team and the team doesn't believe in him.

we need to clean house.

#3089722 Step forth Cam apologists

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 03:06 PM

reactionary thread made during the game. locking and banning OP.

won't be the only one.

#3088534 Was Gettleman the right GM choice? How long to stay with him?

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 08:34 AM

let's see what he does next year.


rivera....not really interested in seeing that.


i don't think gettleman had any idea it would be this bad. i want to see what he does to correct course.

#3088471 Another "suck it" game to Kemba haters...

Posted by rayzor on 16 November 2014 - 02:49 AM

It's a forum. Yes it is.

no. it isn't. suggesting suicide and/or making a joke of it is very offensive to those who have been effected by it. we don't allow that kind of stuff in here.

#3087751 Bring them out of retirement.

Posted by rayzor on 15 November 2014 - 12:19 PM


good googly moogly i forgot about that song. only thing worth opening this thread for.


you remember this one?


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