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#2920188 Bucs week - Yo ho ho it’s a pirates life for me

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 07:30 PM

Has Tedford always been a college guy?

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.


and then factor in that their QB is josh mccown who is in his first real start with this new team led by ????? i just don't see how people are giving them an edge.

#2920167 Bucs week - Yo ho ho it’s a pirates life for me

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 07:14 PM

So apparently Tedford might miss the game Sunday because he had surgery? Wonder who calls the plays if he's out?

Matt Ryan wears braided belts.


marcus arroyo, the QB coach who is only 34 years old and who, like tedford, has no experience against pro level defenses.

#2920154 A Cautionary Tale - Tampa Bay Opener

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 07:03 PM

like i said in the prediction thread...its all about who does better, their offense against our defense or our offense against their defense.


their D is good for sure and lovie is no slouch, but our D is better...that doesnt really matter, tho. david won't be facing keek or TD so measuring them against each other is kind of pointless. what matters is their defense going against our offense.


i know that we got our issues like cam maybe limping a little or having a sore rib, but we've all seen him play and know the guy is a fighter and he'll make things happen. and yes, he does have new receivers, but guess who else does? josh mccown. new receivers....new offense with a brand new OC with no previous experience against pro-level defenses who, get this, may not even be there for the opening game as he's sick and at home. guess who is going to be calling the plays if he isn't there? marcus arroyo...a 34 year old QB coach who, like tedford, has no experience against pro level defenses as a player or a coach.


so what we have here is

CAM FRIKKIN' NEWTON (entering the 4th year in a system he has grown and matured in)

with a healthy jonathan stewart and the tolldozer

multiple TE sets once again (finally)

a new (more sure-handed) WR corps featuring one of the most, if not THE most impressive WRs from this class who looks to be every bit the big time target and play making beast we had hoped for.


a very good and respectable defense headed up by a respectable defensive minded coach in lovie smith in his first year with this team




josh mccown...an older journeyman QB who has never been anything more than mediocre with a new team, new receivers, new system, new OC and playcaller (who might be the back up play caller) in their first real game together.


one of the top 2-3 defense in the league


now seriously...all you guys that are calling for a loss for the panthers, do you HONESTLY believe that the buc offense will score more against our stud defense than our offense will score against their defense? please tell me why.


do you have that little respect for our defense? how much do you think we will be scored on? i honestly see our defense being able to score more than their offense.


do you have that little respect for our offense that you don't think that they will be able to score more points than the panther D will allow?


not only do you really underestimate what our team can do, but you are really overestimating what the new buc team can do. you must've seriously drunk some of that MMQB that says the bucs will be the best team in the nfcs.


and before you bring up that last opening game against the bucs with a new coach, etc....this isnt that year. rivera is a different and better coach, cam has grown more into his own, we have a keek led defense with him in his third year....all aspects of this team have improved from that game.


we may not blow them away, but us losing that game? i just don't see that happening. and screw that whole thing about always losing the first game. we lost last year opener against the team that was the best in the league last year....and we almost pulled it off and that was even before riverboat ron showed up. we are not destined to lose that game. we aren't more likely to lose because of our past losses on season openers. this is a new season with a team that should be picking up where it left off last year playing a team that is starting over.


forget what the "experts" are saying. this is our game for the taking.

#2919266 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 11:37 AM

it is interesting that they are working out WRs.

what is disappointing is that they aren't working out OTs and potential depth OL. hopefully they are and it's not being reported or they are going to be doing it soon.

#2919260 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 11:34 AM

rather have a not so dynamic guy that can run his routes and catch the ball when thrown to him rather than a really fast guy who can "take the top off a defense" but drops what is thrown to him with regularity.

i'd rather have a guy who took it on himself to better himself every year over a guy who just sits back and blames the coaches for not getting better.

#2919247 Caplan: Stephen Hill trying out for Panthers today

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 11:29 AM

can proehl teach him to catch the ball in one workout?

#2919224 The Fappening

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 11:23 AM

yeah me too! except after you get married and have kids banging a freak means jiggling your wife's boobs while she's asleep, stopping when she yells at you, and sneak-fapping until next week's try.
but yeah celeb nudes are boring


fug my life. Omg

that hasn't been my experience at all. i mean as far as i'm concerned it's never enough. but after talking to some frustrated friends of mine lucky to get some a couple times a week i don't feel bad about the 3-5 times a week i get some lovin. of course at the moment i am about 3 weeks into the 7 week dry spell post child birth which is following a few weeks of pelvic rest my wife was put on leading up to birthing the baby which we mostly kept to....so yeah, right now is rough in that dept, esp. with the wifes tits being quite a bit bigger than normal. the waiting is hard, but it's only temporary.

point of all that, tho, wasn't to brag but to let you know that what philly is talking about doesn't happen to everyone. btw, we've been married 12 years now and have one other kid.

#2919173 Huddle prediction: who will win and why....

Posted by rayzor on Yesterday, 10:44 AM

we will win 24-9.

our defense against a josh mccown led offense whose game planning and managing is being done by a guy without experience against pro-level defenses? i don't see them putting much, if any, on the scoreboard.

as weak as our offense may seem (which i don't agree with), i think that our defense and offense are better than theirs. the biggest thing, tho, is that i think their offense will do worse against our D than our offense will do against their D.

i think also we're just due for an opening day win. we'll come away with a couple rushing TDs, a passing TD to benjamin, and a couple FGs while all the bucs will be able to do is get a few FGs.

#2918910 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 09:42 PM

so rayzor likes grateful dead and owns that t-shirt if i'm reading this thread correctly


i mean no.

i mean i don't own that wolf tshirt that all the babes like either.

i mean i love you, man.

#2918855 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 08:10 PM

Also Ray check out the drive by truckers and lincoln Durham. Durham may be a bit too harsh for your tastes but he is the second coming of son house and jack white... He is a one man wrecking crew

i'm pretty familiar with the truckers. lincoln durham is a new one to me but i checked out a few of his songs on youtube and not too harsh at all (not much is, tbh). i loved it. i totally get the son volt/jack white. a couple others he made me think of is b
the black keys (well, the more raw stuff) and capt beefheart. in fact i was thinking if there was more acoustic beefheart out there it probably would have sounded like that. kind of an acoustic fusion of beefheart and roy estrada. thanks for pointing me in his direction. i've been out of the scene for a few years and there's probably quite a bit more i am missing out on.

and what you were talking about the posers...yeah, they kind of suck but i can remember being one at one point myself. i mean not in the dead scene but when i was in the processnof trying to find where i fit in and who i was i borrowed a lot from other people. i think most people do for a while. it just lasts longer for some people. i know they are having a blast withit, though, and while i shake my head at what they do and where their heads are at, i still think its cool where they are in life because it's the start of finding themselves. my hope is always that they get their poo togethe at some point, but it's hard for me to judge because i was once not too far from then. i may not have been as dumb or destructive, but i was still pretty dumb.

#2918645 The Carolina Panthers fan base is going to grow by 1 more...

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 04:33 PM

Congrats. Another Panther fan into the fold.

Having never had kids, I don't see what the big deal is. But, people seem to go gaga over them. Once I learned that chicks dig dogs, that was as far as I wanted to go.

once you look down at them and they look up at you...that's when you know know what the big deal is. when you hold them while they sleep, as they learn to smile and laugh, as they learn to reach up and touch you face, when they reach for you at any time....those are the times you know what the big deal is. there is nothing better.

#2918638 The Carolina Panthers fan base is going to grow by 1 more...

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 04:27 PM

Until they turn 14 and 15 then they know more than you do...


i've got a 7 year old going on 17 who is already like that. i'm in trouble.

#2918631 Any Grateful Dead Fans?

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 04:24 PM

its amazing to me how intolerant people are of each other in an age where tolerance of pretty much anything is expected. i've seen this quite a bit and i've probably been guilty of it.

someone comes and starts a thread talking about something that they think is pretty cool and they thought there might be others who would appreciate it (which there likely is) only to have early and often comments about how stupid it is.

sure, it's a free thought forum (more or less), but why not just live and let live? if some people want to share something with others who might appreciate it, why not let them have their little moment? is it that big of a deal to you that you have to go in there and share your negative opinion about it? why not just let some things go? why not show a little respect once and a while for people who like and are into different things that you are and just keep your negative thoughts about it to yourself. yeah, you've got just as much right to share your thoughts about it as they do, but why not just let it be?

#2918579 One week from this very minute

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 03:45 PM

gonna be one long week.

#2918558 The Carolina Panthers fan base is going to grow by 1 more...

Posted by rayzor on 31 August 2014 - 03:33 PM

great stuff. my wife and i just had a baby a couple weeks ago. not much better on the planet than what you guys are getting ready to embark on.

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