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#2369024 M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (Week 2)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 September 2013 - 02:21 PM

who has this much free time?


I do. With work as slow as it's been lately, it's either this or file paperwork.... I enjoy THIS!

#2368981 M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (Week 2)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 September 2013 - 02:07 PM



That bad-luck-charm had it comin'.




"I can't believe that just fuggin happened!"

"Is it dead?"

#2368960 M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (Week 2)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 September 2013 - 02:01 PM

Also, If any of you have not seen "The Boondock Saints"... Do yourself a favor and go rent/buy/borrow/stream/download it right now. It's not like you have any football to watch tonight.

#2368946 M3OW's Blockbuster Predictions (Week 2)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 10 September 2013 - 01:56 PM

After a Week 1 lost that had bad calls by the refs, a stale game plan from Shula, and some mistakes by the players this team has taken a hard blow. With the players feeling down and out, the fans split, and the media still not taking notice; the Panthers will be looking for Truth & Justice. Or (for those of you that know some Latin or great Independent Films) Aequitas/Veritas. 


That’s right, this weeks M3OW’s Blockbuster is a tale of a group of guys breaking the expectations to show the world the truth (about this team) by taking the fight to the rest of the NFL. First up, Buffalo. They are....






(If anyone has an issue with the name “Saints” used in this piece, please don't complain and just back out of this thread now. It works for the purposes of this thread.)

(Also, sorry the clips are my best work. With the Adopt-a-Panther Re-Adoptions I had to rush this week. More comedic, quality pictures next week, I promise)



With the Holiday know as NFL Kickoff, the team was extremely excited and let themselves go. They got a little drunk of the expectations of this season. 




When the Seahawks came to our house we basically offered them a beer to enjoy the game. They, in turn, through the beer on the ground and a brawl ensued with the Panthers winning the first half. 


Then, they came back at the Panthers when they seemed content and gave them a lose that hurt like a toilet to the head from 5 stories up.





The team limped away to lick their wounds and regroup their thoughts. Last night, with their TV’s on spewing negative talk of the team, our fallen heroes awake from their sleep. They sat straight up in bed with a revelation. No more will they take being disrespected. No longer will they be “an OK team”. This is their season! 





They will work all week preparing for their vengeance. They will load up their weapons.





PREDICTION: Cam will hit 6 different targets in this weeks game. Not just Smitty and Olsen


They will tighten up the mistakes.





PREDICTION: Speaking of Olsen, he won't drop I pass this week. Everything that comes his way that is catchable will be completed.


And they will plan and pray (to the football gods) for a safe and successful mission.





In the beginning, it will look much like it did last week. A total train wreck. Things will go wrong but they will make it out of the first battle unscathed. 




PREDICTION: In the 1st quarter, the O will look stale again, and one bad play will make it look hopeless. But our Defense will hold them to (at most) 3 points.


Going forward the team will be biting at the bits to go in guns a-blazin’, but the staff will be holding them back like cops to a vigilanty. This is where our heroes enlist the help of some insane, off-the-wall help to make a statement. 






PREDICTION: Hardy gets his first sack. Ginn has a huge return (possibly for a TD).


And while they are letting lose, they seem to accidentally kill the bad luck cat of the Panthers.





With the help of their unstable stable of psychopaths, our heroes begin wreaking havoc of the Bills on both sides of the ball.




PREDICTION: We dominate them on D. Our Offense puts together 2 nice drives back-to-back.


This will inspire the coaches to let loose of their restrictive cuffs, and let these players do what they do best. Deal out Truth & Justice.






With the “authority” on their side, the team will go for the death blow... and they will pay for it. One BIG mistake will cause our team to seem helpless in the final minutes.




PREDICTION: The Bills get a turnover and score quickly. 


Just when things look their bleakest, our heroes are saved by a face that seemed to be the teams downfall before. This “stranger” to the story will be the turning point the team needs. 





PREDICTION: Deangelo has a small day until the end of the 3rd. Then he breaks out a few big gainers and gets us a TD.


With the help of their newly redeemed ally, the team makes it out of what most Huddlers  would consider a sure loss. The Bills will be beaten and broken with only one chance left. With time still on the clock, and with what most would consider the norm, the Bills have a chance to run away with the win leaving the Panthers broken. Even the media will be saying “here they go again, giving up the game in the last seconds.”




PREDICTION: In the last 5 mins. of the game, the Bills will have time to drive down field and tie it up to take it to over time. The Huddle freaks out.


But this stories ending will be different than the past. Our heroes come in weapons cocked and loaded to stop the same ole from happening again. They pull the trigger for the whole world to see. Their message: “Take notice. The times are changing. We will not stand idly by while getting taken advantage of! We are here! Our time is now! And if you want to try and stop us... Well, good luck”. BOOM!




PREDICTION: The Panthers D gets a late turnover to seal the game and we finally finish a game in the 4th.


The media and the fans will be split. Some will call it a fluke. Some will say we had an easy team to beat. But the people who can see the truth will say: 

“Damn, the Panthers are the real deal!”


PREDICTION: Even though we win and finished a game out strong, the media and some of the fans will still not believe. While the rest of us know... It’s the start to something special.




Panthers Win


#2358062 M3OW's Free Panthers Sigs (Updated with 3 New Sigs)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 06 September 2013 - 11:18 AM

I know not everyone got an Adopt-A-Panther this year... So, I'm making up a few Panthers Sig's that ANYONE can use. I'll keep posting them when I get them done, but in the meantime here are a couple I pounded out today!


As always, Enjoy!




(Could possible update this one each week with whoever we are facing's star player)





(I edited the text so it rhymes. It has a more Mid-evil feel to it now) 












#2357977 A friendly Wager for Seahawks.net

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 06 September 2013 - 10:23 AM




#2357913 A friendly Wager for Seahawks.net

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 06 September 2013 - 09:48 AM

Shots fired. 


Hans Gruber done done it. 




Oooo Zod, you are a redneck and you have crappy 1994 software.  You butt, dawg. 


Btw, our gay pr0n is no of your goddamn business. 


Welp, so much for classy fans. 


I don't know why every opposing team's fan base automatically defers to the "redneck" insult. I'm pretty sure you can find "rednecks" anywhere in the world. 

#2357891 A friendly Wager for Seahawks.net

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 06 September 2013 - 09:36 AM



Went ahead and made this up this morning, just incase I get any takers on the Sig-for-Sig wager. I've been trying to think of a great tag line to put on it. Huddlers, start giving ideas! 


So far I've got:

"No Mercy"

"A King Has Fallen"

"Truth Hurts"

"Bow To Greatness"

"Russell Who?"

#2357463 Trolling Seattle Fans

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 05 September 2013 - 11:01 PM

Do you think Ray Carruth will have a "breakout" this year?

#2357431 A friendly Wager for Seahawks.net

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 05 September 2013 - 10:47 PM

Avatars are too small to make a decent bet. Lets put sigs on the line. I personally volunteer to make the Seahawks sigs when we spank that tail (with all my photoshop godliness)

#2356384 Carolina Panthers Tailgating - Seahawks Game 9-8-2013 - Updated Info

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 05 September 2013 - 11:17 AM

It should be based on how old you act versus how old you are..just sayin


Well, my son is 5 but extremely well behaved in public. I think the 21+ rules is because of the Adult Beverages being served. Too bad, my son could school all of us at Cornhole.

#2354741 The Carolina Huddle's Gameday Playlist (Spotify)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 04 September 2013 - 12:20 PM

meow can you switch the number to 98 on my sig since they decided to change numbers?


Yeah, I've got a few more to make so I'll edit yours when I'm working on them. Send me a PM as a reminder.

#2354638 The Carolina Huddle's Gameday Playlist (Spotify)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 04 September 2013 - 11:29 AM

I'm whipping up a playlist where most of the songs aren't at least 20 years old


If you're making a Music Playlist... Shouldn't it have some song that SHOULD be considered "music". I'm only 26, but damn they don't make them like they use to. 


EDIT: Nothing gets me pumped more than "Thrift Shop" or a Miley Cyrus tune! /sarcasm

#2354592 The Carolina Huddle's Gameday Playlist (Spotify)

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 04 September 2013 - 10:54 AM

Not a pump up song by any means, but Wagon Wheel is essential for tailgaiting purposes



#2354277 What is Pie?

Posted by MeowMeowMeooow on 04 September 2013 - 07:55 AM


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