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Philly and Decoud...

10 January 2015 - 07:00 PM

...are active tonight!

Panthers Bars in the Maryland area?

08 January 2015 - 10:35 AM

Does anyone here know of any Panthers Bars in the Maryland area? I'm trying to find a place other than my normal bar to watch the game on Saturday night.

See you all tomorrow!

02 January 2015 - 09:25 PM

I'll be traveling down from MD again for tomorrow's game and in section 520 (I just got them tonight). I look forward to rockin' BoA and cheering on the black and blue! See you all tomorrow!


02 January 2015 - 05:01 PM

According to Chris Simms, we'll beat Arizona but Seattle's matchup against us will be a cakewalk for the defending Super Bowl Champs. Apparently, he doesn't know how well we've played them in year's past. Additionally, he should know as a former player that no game is ever a cakewalk.



First three rounds of the draft...

01 December 2014 - 07:37 PM

It seems everyone on here wants Amari Cooper...but here's what I propose we do instead (hoping they are available):


1. Landon Collins, S, Alabama -- fills a major need...DeCoud and Harper stink.


2. Rashad Greene, WR, Florida State -- sure hands, has the quickness to get open, unlike our current WR corps.


3. Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame -- quietly moving up draft boards, long arms, has quickness to defend the speed rush from the edge.


I would personally be very happy with this after three rounds. Let me know your thoughts!