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Saints* fans, come get these sloppy 2nds while it's still warm

10 September 2012 - 10:30 AM

Welcome to pound town featuring SCP, PhillyB, and the gagless reflections. You would think these mofo's would know when to shut their fugin mouths but they haven't a clue. Maybe you can get it through their think ass inbred skulls that they have no business hanging with the big boys. Enjoy!

Classic trap game

06 September 2012 - 08:15 PM

Before I came here a few days ago I thought it would be fun to come here and talk smack like I used to back in the day but between the overload of camwagon fans and the overwhelming belief that the 6-10 panthers suddenly have a top 3 defense, I must proceed with caution when I say...you're wrong.
For starters, vegas sealed the L for the panties by favoring the panties to win. I just put a fat stack on the Bucs and the winnings will be used on one of those hangover II nights.
Secondly, the panties are on the road. May not mean much in the big scheme of things with the lack of fan support and all but the stadium will still be more than 75% full soo...advantage Bucs.
As for the games play, I'm sorry to inform you that the Bucs D is back. Yea I said it and if you don't believe me, STFU and watch. Cam is Cam and he will avoid a number of sacks but I think we can all agree that a qb on the run is less effective than a qb standing in a sealed pocket. And that forces the panthers O right into the strength of our D, the secondary. Talib and Wright at cb and Ronde Barber and the Red Barron at safety. Not mention that we have been seeing alot of 6 DB sets this preseason from Schiano.
As for the panthers D...fug off it doesn't exist. Like your special teams unit, you're D looks every bit of 6-10 and no amount of vegas favoring or espn QB ranking will change that. Oh you think a rookie LB will change that? Sure why not. I think the Bucs will win the SB this year. See, I can use my faith too. Koochies good but so is Willis and how many rings does he have? ZING! The reality is, the Bucs and kittens are the up and coming teams in the NFC south and since the Bucs have won a SB, we are your big brothers.
No need to thank me for shedding the light of truth, I do it cause I've enjoyed some good times here before the influx of ex laker and packer fans.

Camwagon fans and their gatorade bottles LOL

06 September 2012 - 07:45 PM

I can't imagine what goes on in the trailer parks in carolina at 2 in the morning and I don't want to. I'm sure those blue gatorade bottles arent being used to replenish vital nutrients.
Word is those things are a hot item and I'm sure they are being stocked in porn shops to attract the naive teenage skate boarders inside. What a shame.
I saw one in Atl and I punted that poo to the meat department and when the teeange store manager approached me about it, he took one look in my eyes and decided the gatorade bottle deserved it. I told him there was a pic of Cam on it and him being the failclown fan got mad and took the witches brew off the shelf. I then proceeded to tell him I was a Buc fan and b/c I am a fan of a team who has actually won a SB, I deserve to move to the front of the line. I didn't wait for his reaction, I just moved to the front of the line like I was supposed to, the butt ugly georgia cashier rung my goods, and I paid with hard american cash.
btw, I'm sending a letter to gatorade telling them the perversions that are committed right here by some huddle members and the urgency to rethink their Cam Newton campaign. Carolina is just not ready for a mega star.
Which brings me to the point of this thread, if you want to see where this thread is going, look no further than the falcons forum circa 2007 when Vick brought his legions of uneducated, zit faced, sexual confused mouth breathers to the the falcon bandwagon. What a mistake that was. Their board crashed on an average of 3 times a week and it always crashed on game day. Good for me but bad for the rednecks in georgia who have no life outside of falcon forum. If you don't think it's going to happen here, fug you! It will.
If your smart you would turn on the newbs and run them back to the packers or LA Lakers board. Good luck and thank me later. Like monday.

somethings never change around this dump

04 September 2012 - 02:42 PM

I hate coming here to defend my Bucs twice a year but a real man looks his kill in the eye whilst it takes it's last breath. Thats the kind of pirate I am mate. I don't care that this place is an undercover gay website and reeks of poo. I'm here from the outside world to bring a does of reality. The least I could do.
It was an ok shack back in the day before Cam, now this place is a certified boys after school program. I actually think the the bandwagon fans outnumber the old skoolers. Maybe that explains the increase in socially unacceptable behavior I've seen around here lately. If the Raleigh police dept ever needs to hit their quota, they can always set up a "catch a predator" sting on this website and clean house.
I realize half you fugers can't read but maybe one of your "Daddys" can translate it for you for a small fee...
With that out the way, allow me, as your host for a week, to preview the week one match between your tamed bitches and the mighty Pirates from Tampa Bay.
Josh Freeman leads the assault for the Bucs in his 4th season followed by a 1st round running back, free agent road grader Carl Nicks, and #1 reciever Mount Vjax. This is in addition to your regular panther tamers like Blount, Williams, and Benn.
I don't see how the putty tats defense can stop this. Not when your best defender is a rookie.?LOL
Your dline is weak, your LB unit hasn't played together, EVER, and your secondary is soo horrible Mark Sanchez is till passing on em.
On the other side of the ball is sophmore slumping Cam Newton. If you think he will have a repeat of last season, your not thinking. If you think he will be better, take big bros cock out of your jaw and readjust your face muscles. Behind Cam is the a long line of panty fans with their noeses up his and their...never mind. What I wanted to say is, behind Cam is a an ok stable of backs looking for a reason to fumble. The oline looked solid against the Jets starting D but the Bucs D is better and if you didn't know, STFU and watch on sunday. Cam never faced a McCoy led attack but he will sunday evening and I'll be playing some Isley Brothers whilst it goes down. Look for Talib to treat Steve Smith to a helping of "shut up old man and go sit down" while our rookie safety "The Red Barron" shuts down Cams only other weapon, Olson. Also look for a relentless attack on Cam to flush him out of the pocket which usual means free hits on the subservant franchise.
For added measure, expect our special teams to give us atleast 10 pts because yours is nonexistant. Everyone knows this. Even your wife...she told me.
All in all, don't get your hopes up at starting 1-0. Thats like me hoping all the yound impressionable boys on this site will leave and call the authoritys.