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Where to Start in the Comic World

21 October 2014 - 04:00 PM

I guess I'll attribute the rise of comic movies and tv shows with renewing my interest in the comic world. I remember as a kid watching the Batman animated series, X-Men on Saturday morning, and others, so I'm looking to reconnect with some of these things and broaden my horizons a little. I know there are more than a few comic guys on the board, and I'd love to input on which comics/shows/movies to get into. Primarily, I'd like to stay within the realm of Batman/Justice League and the Avengers since I'm a newb. 


Last night for instance, I watched the animated Dark Knight Returns movie, and have been thinking about buying the Civil War comics with the recent Avengers rumors. I've always felt I have a basic understanding of most characters, but feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the great details that DC and Marvel have given. 


The only graphic novel I've ever read was the Watchmen, so any input would be much appreciated. 

Bill Barnwell's NFL Trade Values

23 July 2014 - 01:26 PM

Grantland's Barnwell usually does a great job, and despite his NFL trade value column being more of a copy-cat of Bill Simmons's NBA version, and more useless since NFL player trades are rare, it's still a fun read. Part 2 (The Top 30) was released today, featured 3 Panthers, and is sure to enrage the Huddle at one point specifically. Keep in mind, trade value takes into account performance AND contract, not just who is the better player.


25. Greg Hardy, DE, Carolina

Hardy, meanwhile, will make more with the franchise tag this year ($13.1 million) than Clowney will make over the next two and a half seasons combined. You would rather have Hardy in a vacuum because the 25-year-old has actually done it at the pro level, having produced a DPOY-caliber season with 15 sacks a year ago, but there’s a good chance Clowney actually outproduces Hardy next year at a fraction of the cost. Actually, switch these two up. Clowney’s at 25 and Hardy’s at 26.

24. Luke Kuechly, MLB, Carolina

Carolina’s playmaker and defensive leader, Kuechly was a worthy choice as Defensive Player of the Year in his second season as a pro. Blessedly for Carolina’s still-terrible cap situation, Kuechly is two years removed from a serious raise and still has three cost-controlled years left before he’ll be due an extension, at which point Carolina’s cap woes should finally be over. The reason he’s not higher is simply that teams don’t value middle linebackers all that much; it’s why Kuechly, who just about everyone agreed was a star heading into the 2012 draft, fell to the Panthers at nine. This is about as high as it gets for players at a non-premium position; after Kuechly, 22 of the final 23 selections play one of the five critical positions in the modern pass-first game (quarterback, wide receiver, left tackle, pass-rusher, and cornerback).


Luke is too low, IMO, but he makes his case based on MLB being devalued. Now, for the part I can't agree with (as I'm sure most will agree with me)...


6. Cam Newton, QB, Carolina
5. Colin Kaepernick, QB, San Francisco


I'll link because this section is lengthy, but his points essentially are, Kaep's wins in the playoffs (I say his team moreso than him, though he's done well), the contract (Kaep's team friendly deal, opposed to Cam's future one), and the last two reasons are "silly" IMO. Carolina hasn't put a team around Cam (due to salary cap issues), and Cam's "lack of growth". Barnwell is by no means a Cam hater so don't get these last two twisted. He's basically just saying Cam has always been good and his media portrayed struggles were silly and overblown. Of course, Regardless, a fun read if nothing else but for the Carolina content. 



Build Your All-Time Team for $15

28 May 2014 - 04:34 PM

So this picture has been circulating today on the Internet, and figured it would be a fun exercise. It's simple, 1 player from each position, adding up to $15 bucks. I don't agree with some of the dollar amounts, but my team is below.




PG - Magic $5 (Best PG of all time, and my team is huge with him at PG)

SG - MJ $5 (Just a must)

SF - Pippen $1 (Bird, Durant, and LBJ are all tempting to me. Especially MJ/LBJ together)

PF - Duncan $3 (Lol at Malone/Barkley being ahead here. Both Dirk and KG are tempting value wise)

C - Hakeem $1 (Steal)


For me, the PG/SF spots are the only ones worth changing. Give me Stockton/Bird or Frazier/LBJ and I'm just as happy. 

CarolinaNCSU's First and Last Mock Draft

21 April 2014 - 12:57 PM

I'm bored, which mean's I'm going to make a mock draft. Could be a bit of a dream scenario draft, but I'll try being as realistic as possible. No trades, and focusing heavily on our positions of need (OT/WR)


1st Round - Morgan Moses - OT



My ideal 1st rounder pick, we find our future LT to protect Cam. He could struggle some, but he's an upgrade over Bell/Chandler/whatever no name currently on the roster or a cheap vet we could find. Get it done, GMan.


2nd Round - Jordan Matthews - WR



Plenty of WR options on the board I'd be fine with, if still available like Latimer/Richardson but I'm going with Matthews should he still be there. He's got size, 4.4 speed, and made plays in the SEC. I wouldn't hate the pick in the 1st, but a lot of mocks have him in the middle of the 2nd and I could see him falling to us. I could also see a potential OT double dip should Cyrus fall this far. While ignoring WR in both the 1st and 2nd, a draft giving us Moses/Cyrus could pay dividends


3rd Round -  Pierre Desir - CB




What would be a Panthers' draft without a small school pick? Desir has great potential at 6'3" and is the type of CB Gettleman seemingly wants. From what I've read, his technique needs improving, but the athleticism is there. Want to improve an already great defense? Give them a tall, athletic corner who can make plays. Stanley-Jean Baptiste also an option here, or double up on WR. 


4th Round - James Hurst - OT



Protect Cam. What better way to do so, than grabbing another OT who had a 1st-2nd round grade before his injury? Between Hurst and Moses, we should find at least one starter at OT. Hurst has played LT and is better suited there, but could play RT if need be or just provide solid depth. The talent is there, and at worst we get a coachable kid with tons of experience to provide depth along our line. 


5th Round - Brandon Coleman- WR




Maybe a bit of a dream scenario, but the potential with Coleman would be great in the 5th round. His size would be a great target for Cam, especially in the redzone. Coleman and Matthews flanked out wide at 6'6" and 6'3" respectively? Good luck to opposing corners. Doesn't have great speed and inconsistent hands, but at worst we give Cam a big target with potential if Proehl can coach him up. He may very well be gone by this point in the draft, but I've seen various outlets put a 3rd day grade on him, so maybe we get lucky and he falls to this point. 


6th Round - Ross Cockrell - CB




A smaller CB, but could be our future Nickle or at least special teams help. Smart player, great awareness and even been described as a coach on the field. At this point, taking a flyer on a 1st Team All-ACC player at a position of need makes too much sense not to do. Could fit right into our defense and become a heady player in our secondary ready to make plays and create turnovers. 


7th Round - Michael Campanaro - WR




Anyone who has watched their team play Wake over the last few years know this kid. Small, nothing special at the next level, but makes plays and always finds a hole in coverage. He's a slippery dude who we could run out of the slot. I don't see him being anything special or even seeing the field that much in the NFL, but he's a play-maker. I say give him a shot. 



ACC POY. Who Should It Be?

09 March 2014 - 11:46 PM

For me, there are only 3 real candidates for ACC POY. I don't think I could fault any choice of Paige, Parker, or Warren, but figured we could use a thread to maybe have a decent discussion about it (lol at that thought).



Jabari Parker - The easy choice for Freshman of the Year, but can he double dip and get POY as well? The most talented of the 3, and likely top 3 NBA draft pick, but Duke "underachieved" by finishing 3rd in the ACC. 


30.3 MPG, 19.2 PPG (.487 FG%, .371 3P%, .738 FT%), 9.0 RPG, 1.3 APG, 1.4 BPG, 1.0 SPG


Marcus Paige - Plain and simple, the heart of Carolina's team and the reason they've rebounded so well from their bad start in conference play. Big shot after big shot, and an absolute closer who makes UNC dangerous every time they play. 


35.6 MPG, 17.1 PPG (.440 FG%, .395 3P%, .876 FT%), 3.3 RPG, 4.5 APG, .0.2 BPG, 1.6 SPG


TJ Warren - NC State would be absolute garbage without Warren. Instead, they're sneaky dangerous but only decent at best because they couldn't close out games. Preseason 10th, they finished 7th despite losing close games to Syracuse, UNC, Wake, and others where NC State Shiiiiiiiiiiiit showed up. The dude simply gets buckets and went for over 40 in back to back games this week. 


34.8 MPG, 24.2 PPG (.528 FG%, .301 3P%, .699 FG%), 6.9 RPG, 1.0 APG, 0.6 BPG, 1.8 SPG



All things considered, Jabari is the most talented, but Paige and Warren mean more to their respective teams. Jabari is still the favorite to some, and some knock Warren for not leading State for the tourney where their bubble has seemed to have already burst. For me, Warren SHOULD win it, but may not. Jabari will get some votes due to his name, and Duke being the best team of the group. (Yes, that can be debated. But with all playing to their potential, Duke is better than UNC, IMO). As I said, I can't fault any of the 3 listed if they win it. My heart says TJ, head says Jabari, and Paige is the dark horse. 


So, who gets your vote? 





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