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Armanti Edwards Cut

Oct 08 2013 01:54 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
According to @MikeGarafolo Twitter Armanti Edwards has been released from the Carolina Panthers roster.

The Appalachian State QB turned WR officially never panned out as a NFL wide receiver, despite years of opportunities. Though Armanti is well liked for his attitude and excellent work ethic, the talent just was not there.

His career with the Panthers will go down as one of the many drafting mistakes that belong to Marty Hurney.

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:: before


we'll re-sign him in a week
Oct 08 2013 01:55 PM
What the hell has he done wrong

And we  kept him over Gettis why?

About damn time. Waste of a roster spot.

Oh my god.


Huddle explosion in 3... 2... 1...

Making room for Josh Gordon

Finally.  It has come to an end.  No clue why he was on the final roster if we weren't going to try to use him.


Why god why?!?!?!?

Well I guess this means no Superbowl.
In b4 Gettis bandwagoners

In b4 Gettis bandwagoners

Too late

Failcons might take him...:)

[quote name="Phil" post="2417956" timestamp="1381258620"]

Too late[/quote

LOL. Damn. They are so quick.

Making room for Josh Gordon


Lol was waiting for it.

He wasn't doing anything anyways.
Whoa :blink:




Too late

LOL. Damn. They are so quick.

I'm not really upset about this, it was going to happen sooner or later.


But this really speaks to the utter disarray that our organization is currently in. Gettleman worries me.

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lol cruising over to appfan.com right now*






*they think the reason armanti isn't a star NFL player right now is just because the panthers are a dumpster fire and don't recognize his talent


I sincerely hope this means we're planning on making a move at WR, but who knows.  

I wish him luck. It wasn't his fault we drafted him and tried to turn him into a WR. If that was the only chance I had to make a nfl roster, I would have did the same. Hope he catches on somewhere

Atlanta just found their Julio replacement