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Farewell to Jon Beason

Oct 04 2013 05:28 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
A few months back, before training camp started, I did a commercial photo shoot for RSP Nutrition that featured Jon Beason in product placement shots. Jon arrived with a friendly smile and handshake.
A few months back, before training camp started, I did a commercial photo shoot for RSP Nutrition that featured Jon Beason in product placement shots. Jon arrived with a friendly smile and handshake. He looked liked the Jon Beason of old. But did he feel like he Jon Beason of old? I have had a few photo shoots with Jon among other social interactions. I'd consider him more of a friend than an acquaintance.

"How ya feeling Jon" I asked, expecting his usual upbeat "ready to go" or "getting better every day". If Beason is anything, its an optimist.

Instead he replied with a "We'll see" with a hint of unsureness. I knew then something was up.

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Since then, Jon Beason has worked through the pain of micro fracture surgery. He already has done what most people could not do in making it back to the NFL playing field. Motivation has never been a problem with Jon.

Last night's trade announcement, while heartbreaking for Panthers fans, is probably the best thing for all parties involved.

Once his salary was restructured to allow Beason to become a Free Agent at the end of the 2013 season, I knew this would be his last season as a Panther. Beason is a middle linebacker, and a good one at that. With the rise of Luke Kuechly as the best MLB in the game, Beason staying in Carolina would mean he would not be in a situation to be the very best football player he can be. If you know Jon Beason at all, you know that fact would not sit well with him.

The New York Giants give Beason a real opportunity to get his career back on the middle track it needs to be on.

In return, the New York Giants get a linebacker with tremendous leadership, work ethic, and a willingness to play through pain.

The Panthers gain a late round draft pick. In a 2014 draft that will be heavy in offensive line for the Panthers, that is nothing to laugh at. Considering starting right tackle Byron Bell was never even drafted, a seventh round offensive line gem of a pick is not too hard to imagine.

Win - Win - Win

Will there be a leadership void left on the defense? You bet. But with Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly on the team, it won't take long for it to be filled.

All in all, we should all be grateful to Jon for the good memories he provided over the years in a Panthers uniform.

I know I'll be pulling for 52 in New York, and so should you.

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happy and sad!!!   

I'm glad we traded him after we played the Giants, and I hope the Beast proves all the doubters wrong.

Good luck Jon.

I'm not going to lie. I'm going to miss him. :(


He was one of my favorite Panthers hands down. I got a black #52 jersey in my closet right now. Hope he finds success in New York at his original position in which he dominated. Good luck Beason.

Love Beas and I'm gonna miss him, was never the same after those injuries.

one of the reasons to make me depressed... damn

bittersweet moment.

If I could, I would be blubbering like a baby. However, I am somewhat emotionally crippled. I'm still very depressed about the trade. I know business is business but this was too damn sudden. I honestly thought I had all season to prepare for this inevitable heartbreak. Jon is one greatest Panthers this organization has ever seen off and on the field. Smart, genuine, caring, and brimming with enthusiasm. Here's to you Beast!!! Thank you for the memories 52!!!

Gutted...but glad he has his chance to play the Mike again and get back on track if his body will let him.


G'luck Beast!

Thank you Jon, you are a class act and will be missed. I wish him the very best.

This is one of those painful break ups where we'll all be better once its done.  Beason is a tremendous human being in most ways (I don't know him, but from what I've read).  I hate that injuries derailed his career here, but it's not fair to keep him from restarting his career.  I wish him the absolute best of luck and good health.  I'd love to see him get back to his high level of play, but who knows if that's going to happen at this point in his career considering how devastating micro fractures are.


On a business end of things, I'm glad we got something.  Who knows what coulda/woulda happened if he'd played out the season.  He might have retired, or never become an impact player again, which would have netted us nothing in return.  

I will start off by saying that I was shocked when I found out he got traded. It was sudden and many wasn't expecting it. I am torn with this decision but this might be for the best for all parties involved. It is obvious that Luke has the middle locked down and knowing that Beason is a true mlb, it may have been hard for him to adjust to another position. At least, in NY, he will get his position back and have a chance to kick start his career here. His leader, passion and friendly attitude will definitely be missed in the Carolinas. I will definitely be rooting for him to get back to old form or even better.

Oct 04 2013 06:57 AM

Meh, I felt worse after Pep left.

Sorry to see him go, but it is in every bodies best interest... I'll always be a 52 fan.

"Aww man. Look at this empty beer can. Its just the shell of what is used to be.. i meanit used to be a whole beer though! I mean do you know what that beer meant to me?! You cant just throw it away.. "

" you only look at the empty beer can in the state that its in. That was a beer! And it looks cool sitting on the shelf! I know i have an awesome ice cold 59 beer that replaced it, but who cares it was still a beer!"

"Your saying i could get money for recycling this empty beer can? A few cents! Hell no! This used to be a beer! I could put it back in the 6 pack and trick myself into thinking i jave more beers! It makes me feel good! No way a few cents is worth nothing to me!"

"This empty beer can could move on and could possibly become another servicable icecold beer via recycaling?! No! Its my beer can!"

We have been that dysfuntional franchise that hords players and puts too much worth into our players! Time to get rid of the thing that has handicapped our team for years! Gettletrain baby choo choo!!

Once he had the microsurgery, I wondered if he'd ever come back, immediately followed by "if anyone can come back from that, it's Beason".  


I was surprised to see the news this morning, but after the shock I see its best for both sides (his and the Panthers).


He was one of our great players.


I hope he passes his physical and has success in NY. 

Oct 04 2013 07:00 AM

The guy hasn't played since Cam's rookie year. Exactly what are you going to miss? 

Good post Zod. Panthers nation will always have a soft spot in our hearts for him. One of the best in his prime.
*sadly hangs up his Beason jersey*

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The guy hasn't played since Cam's rookie year. Exactly what are you going to miss? 


New Panthers fan, aye?

The guy was a stud. But for the last few years he has been a shell of himself, which is still pretty damn good, but not good enough the starting lineup of star LBs, and he would have never seen the Mike again in Carolina if he ever saw the field at all.

We are too talented at LB to use Beast at this point in his career. He was costing us money to ride the bench. And he's still to talented not to be starting somewhere. I gotta agree with SuperJ, this isn't the least bit surprising, and doesn't hurt nearly as much as Pep (who was starting and in the prime of his career). I'm just glad a) we got something for him instead of just letting him walk for nothing and B) give him a chance to be a contributor right now. I won't even say this is a tough pill to swallow. I'm not that sentimental, it was hands down the right move on all sides.

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Gonna miss beason, was definately passionate and loved playing for this team it seemed.  Hope he does well in NY!

anybody who truly appreciated beason and what he gave us should be happy for him that he's going to be getting reps at MLB where he belongs and where he can contribute at this point in his career

Straight up he will always be a Panther to me! 

Salute, Jon.. Many thanks, you are already missed.. Them Football Giants need you, take care of them...