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Game Grades: Giants at Panthers

Sep 21 2012 05:51 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The most disappointing home game in over a year. The good news? Things can't go much worse... I hope.

On with the grades.

All that really needs to be said here is that the Giants defensive line dominated the Panthers offensive line the entire game. All of the other problems stem from that fact. Cam Newton was pressured the entire evening, causing his footwork to suffer. When his footwork suffers, his accuracy follows suit. Newton completed a little over 50% of his passes. That won't get it done against many teams in the NFL.

In short, terrible offensive line play equals a terrible performance by the offense, every time.

Offensive Grade: F

Wide gaping holes in the middle of the field allowed Eli Manning to pick apart the Panthers seemingly at will. They did this early, they did this often. What is most troubling here is the lack of adjustments made to remedy the situation. Every team on the Panthers schedule now has a game tape on how to dismantle the Panthers defense. They better figure something out quickly.

Defensive Grade: F

Special Teams:
Joe Adams needs to learn to keep his eyes on the ball, not the guys running towards him. As promising as he may be once he is running, it does no good if he doesn't have the ball while doing so.

Special Teams Grade: F

For the second time this season the Panthers were unprepared, undisciplined, and unable to make adjustments. In other words, the coaching staff failed the team and the fans.

Coaching Grade: F

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I'd bump the Offense to a D, they did have some good drives (even if 1 or 2 ended in interceptions due in most part to the O-line's ineptness) and we ran the ball more or less effectively before we had to go into catch-up mode. Breaking it down further, I'd give the O-line an F-, RBs a C+, Cam a C-, WR's a C for a total combined score of D. The D, Adams, and Coaching should all get F fuging minuses though.
It can get worse....that could've been the Raiders.
On a side note, I'm growing real fuging weary of Adams taking every return to the crowded side, I don't think I've seen him angle toward the wide side of the field once. His inability to make an impact on ST I'd placing 90% of the blame on ST coaching. A lot of his problems seem to be poor coaching. His fumble seemed like just something that happens. Ball carriers get stripped occasionally. The second one was all on him though. His concentration was rattled.

On a side note, I'm growing real fuging weary of Adams taking every return to the crowded side, I don't think I've seen him angle toward the wide side of the field once.

That is what he is coached to do.
Yea, which is my point. I'm no football expert, but I don't understand it. If you have more room to work, isn't logical to assume better things will happen? Every time it seems he just runs to the crowd, hesitates behind a blocker, then gets tackled. My problem is with his coaching, not him.
I am thinking for the coaching staff an F is too generous.
D- for the offense
Its hard when some of the same problems with the Fox era keep showing up in the Rivera era.

I agree F's all around.
I give them a D, that was the reigning Super Bowl champs. IMO the players didn't lose this on their own. The game plan wasn't there and the coaching staff gets the F. The players executed the game plan in place and it didn't work, especially on defense. Eli had all day to throw and if you're only going to rush 4, you'd better cover everyone. Neither happened and he torched the secondary.
carolina huddle predictions - F
I was really surprised that we didn't learn our lesson with the Bucs. I really hope they did this game and will add more pro set next week.
How to beat the Panthers: Dominate the lines.
How'd I miss this thread???

I think some of Zod's grades here are generous.
Cam really doesn't deserve too much of the blame. His line wasn't there for him and his receivers weren't getting seperation. Coming from behind trying to create magic, you might throw a couple picks. No big deal. If the rest of the team gave as much as Cam gives, they'd be 3-0 at the moment.

How to beat the Panthers: Dominate the lines.

To be fair here if you totally dominate the OLine and DLine against any team you will probably win. The whole game stems from the trenches.
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To be fair here if you totally dominate the OLine and DLine against any team you will probably win. The whole game stems from the trenches.

Well the Bucs and Giants both did a damn fine job of it.
Even Kalil got beat a few times, Hangartner missed assignments, Gross was getting abused, Williams was also getting raped. The line was terrible AGAIN.
I can agree with this.

At least our long snapper didn't get hurt and we looked like OAK week 1.
One problem I saw with the defense is that we were giving their receivers a 10-yard cushion on almost every passing play. I don't remember us trying to jam their guys at the line even once. When all you do is play zone like that, it's easy for the opponent's receivers to just find the holes in the zone.
Im not sure these grades are fair, is there anything lower than F?
Panther's- F for ******* Failure.
worst grades eva...sometimes you godda quit playing it safe and let it hang out.. the slow death on defence is killing me...
Regarding Cam, I agree the oline didn't play well. But that doesn't excuse the way our QB played. I could understand if the int's and tipped passes came as Cam was getting hit. But Cam made his biggest mistakes when he did get some time to throw. The woefully underthrown pass followed by the interception at the end of the first half were all on Cam. Plenty of qb's go thru games in which they get hit a lot, but the good ones shake it off and make some plays when they do get good protection. Cam didn't do that last night.

Fwiw, Eli Manning struggled and was inconsistent his first 2-3 years. It took him a while to learn how to be a great QB. Hopefully Cam will learn from his mistakes and eventually the Qb most of us think he can be.
I might give the offense a D just because I think we did move the ball OK against a defense that is built to protect leads and knew Cam had to come out slinging for us to have a chance. The above poster is right in that some of Cam's bad decisions weren't when he was under pressure, but he was under pressure so often (because the D-line was just pinning their ears back) that it definitely shook him a bit. That's something that will hopefully get better with experience, but even Tom Brady isn't himself when he plays the giants. Also, I blame Chud for not giving Cam a hand and throwing in some more screen passes/quick drops rather than sticking to slower read-option poo the whole game.

Had the defense not been a complete and utter catastrophe, I actually think our offense would have done pretty well against the Giants.