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Meow's Week 3 Photoshopped Predictions

Sep 19 2012 09:06 AM MeowMeowMeooow Carolina Panthers
Short week... Plus my baby girl is due any day now so I'll be making this a quickie...

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Llllllllllets get ready to Ruuuummmmbllllllee!!!!

Both teams have major momentum coming off week 2 with a win each. The primetime fight will be a big step, for either team, towards the Belt. Both will come out swinging in this 4 round fight.


Two teams enter.... One moves on!
This is a must win for both teams as I predict the winner goes on a run for the playoffs, while the loser falls short.

Low Blows
I predict (again) in week 3 there will be much talk over dirty play and Re-refs letting our opponents take cheap shots at Cam and Smitty.

The Comeback Kid
There has been much talk about Kuechly being invisible for the first two weeks. I predict this week he comes back into the ring with great play and possible a turnover (INT, FF, FR).

Nice Foot Work
Our running game will be at it's best with huge runs from both Stew and Cam, getting the crowd pumped!

Absorbing Blows
Cam will suffer a INT, but for the first time, we will recover nicely and play harder.

Fly Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee
Smitty's tenacity will be at a all time high. He will be in the zone and won't take much abuse from the Giants D. Keep an eye out for a lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle, as well as some huge plays from 89.


Down For The Count
The first half won't be as pretty as we would all like as the Giants will look like the better team having the lead at the half.

I see the Giants having the lead going into the 4th. But sure enough the Panthers make a run to catch up. This game will come down to the last 2 mins.

Knock Out Blow
Just when Eli and the Giant look like they could take back the lead, a big stop buy our D seals the deal for the win.



True Contenders
After the Panthers get the victory, the media will finally start to talk about us as a true contender. But don't expect to be seen as more than a Feather-weight team until after the BYE.

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