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Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

Sep 15 2013 05:37 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Today we find out what the 2013 Carolina Panthers are really made of. Will the Panthers rise to the occasion in victory?

Who: Carolina Panthers at Buffalo Bills

Where: Ralph Wilson Stadium

When: Kickoff is at 1:00


Game Chat is Open, 50 person limit, first come first serve.

Panthers Keys to Victory

- Win the turnover battle
- Frustrate the rookie QB Manuel
- Get more players involved on offense

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:: before




I'm stuck at work.

Let's get it
Lets do this mother fugers.
Driving on interstate 90 headin towards buffalo now. Lets get it!
Hey Mike Mike Mike.....guess what day it is .......Game Day!!!!!!!

Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooooo game day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............. im stuck at MOB without television :( :( :(

Rust should be off

Two players in particular should have some huge SeaHag chips on their shoulders

It's time for Riv and the Panthers to stick a banana in the tailpipes of all the naysay, know-it-all critics.

Today is Statement Day.

So Mitchell is playing today, I hope?

Barner and Hartsock only two players injured. Looking very good on the injury front
Does anyone else we elected to defer when we win the tosses? I love getting the ball at half time
Hungover as fuuuug. Time to start boozin'

Got the stupid mistakes out of the way last week and gave Seattle the game.  Today is about making a statement. Looking for a big win.


Offense gets 4 TD's

Defense and ST get 1 each.




The sweep of the AFC East starts today. Payback time for that turd we laid on the field against these guys in 2009. Have not forgotten.

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Lets fuging go!

manuel learns a new song today....



From the who gives a fug department Shaun o'hara, Sterling Sharpe and Ty Law all picked the Panthers on NFL network just now. Law said its going to start with Cam and end with Smitty. That'd sure make me happy. Sharpe mentioned Kuechly for a reason why we win.

Gotta win this!
If after today Falcons can be 0-2, us 1-1 and the Saints and Bucs 1-1, that will just make my day.
We've beat this deadhorse before but, just said in Gameday Morning that NO teams that started 0-2 made the playoffs last season, and if you go 1-1 versus 0-2, your odds of making the playoffs go up 22%.
Totally ready for it......
2 pounds of beef jerky dehydrating, 2 Porterhouses marinating....I'm ready.
Sep 15 2013 08:44 AM


@DeAngeloRB: This is today's Sunday dress! If Anyone needs me I will be at work having fun! #panthernation #ourcolors http://t.co/lrWQIykQmY

Judging from dwill's pic in his tweet I think they're goin with the silver pants today. I personally don't care if they wear purple pants as long as they win.

Panthers will (I bet there is a thread for this, but I am rebelling against the norm.  My shrink said it was OK):


get 4 sacks

get 2 interceptions

score 4 TDs

win 34-17.

Lafell, Ginn, and Tolbert will have bigger roles. 2 will score TDs.  I am not telling which two.  That is a secret.

Luke will get 15 tackles, and one of the interceptions.  He could also recover a fumble, or he could not recover a fumble.  I am certain about one of them.

Watch for an unsuspecting hero. 


I do not want to spoil the outcome any more than this.  

Sep 15 2013 09:01 AM

People are forgetting the most important X-factor to me. Free THE AE! He'll be big on 3rd downs