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Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

Dec 29 2013 05:19 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Today the Carolina Panthers have the opportunity to win the NFC South and clinch a first round playoff bye. This would leave them only two games from the Superbowl. Pretty amazing!

But first, the Falcons will do their best to stop that from happening.

Where: Georgia Dome

When: 1:00


On Radio: 1110WBT

Twitter: Follow @CarolinaHuddle , I will be tweeting from the sidelines and press conferences.

Keys to a Panthers Victory

- Get started early. A few early scores and the dome will empty of Falcons fans. The fan base is demoralized and need a knockout punch.
- Show killer instinct. Do not let a last second throw from Matt Ryan win this game. Atlanta gave San Fran all they could handle, today is far from a given.
- Showcase Cam. Cam always plays great in Atlanta. Let him be the gun slinger that he is. Slowing the game down too much works against his abilities.

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:: before

I really feel like we are going to crush the Falcons today.

I really feel like we are going to crush the Falcons today.





it would say a lot about this team to crush the Falcons on the road without Smitty.

also, after the game, I hope Kracken finds that little funny shaped kicker and tells him "enjoy watching

us in the playoffs."



whoooooohooooo!!!!  #KEEPPOUNDING PANTHERS!!!


Need to survive the initial Gonzalez, adreniline rush.  Then go to work

It's good to see we are representing in ATL!
I think this is the 3rd time in the last 4 weeks that they have shown the Panthers on local tv here in the Los Angeles market. I can't remember the last time we were played this many times. Winning cures all. Let's take care of these Falcons and on to the playoffs!

alright, lets do this

Dec 29 2013 01:00 PM
Come on Panthers

Nothin gets me goin like right before a Panthers game...


What a feeling. Week 17 is sad, playoffs or not.

I must say, there is small cause for worry with Smitty out and Gonzo's last game, so I expect it to be close early.  Second half is ours though as we win 23-13

Lets get it fellas!


Watching from Ohio just had hip surgery and the game is on up here on Fox!



Let's go dammit

Did you know auctioneers make lousey grocery store clerks?


Wanna see the run defense have a good game today, were kinda iffy last week
We win the toss and defer

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Let's go boys, beat the birds

My beer has never tasted so good.  It "Iced Up" over night.  Let's go Panthers!

Lets go D!
Dec 29 2013 01:03 PM
Oh God

Look at that blue in the crowd! nice work 

Go Cats!

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here we go get em boys

3 and out...let's go.