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Stephon Gilmore A True Option for Panthers

Apr 15 2012 04:59 PM ClarkCam Carolina Panthers
This corner is being seen more and more as a top 10 pick, and with the need at corner, and it being such a premium position in the NFL, he is a very likely candidate to be picked up at #9. I used to be a Coples guy, but with all the negative things coming out about him, with very little positive, I think Gilmore would be a solid contributor, while also being the safest pick. It would really help our sad secondary, and get us some takeaways.

Here is a link citing how many analysts and teams talk about how they think he is top 10 material


I think the guy seems to have his head on straight, with some serious athletic ability.

It is also good to note, this guy is a returner as well. He helps us on multiple fronts. The more I read about this guy and watch him in games, the more I like him.

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