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Topcat of the Game...

Aug 12 2012 07:22 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
As many of you know, I am supremely devoted to showing the Topcat ladies the recognition they deserve. They work hard out there and deserve our appreciation and admiration.

As such, I will be doing a Topcat of the Game feature every week.

There were many strong performances on Saturday night. Many variables go into my selection. Energy, choreography, and most importantly pep.

Thats right, I said pep. Pep is intangible but with a trained eye you can recognize it when you see it.

That in mind, I present to you the Topcat of the Game.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I know what you are thinking. Zod, how can you start off the season by nominating a rookie Topcat of the Week? Well, if you know me at all, you know I am a trailblazer.

My mantra, as it were, can be summed up in one sentence found in the E.M. Forster novel A Room with a View...

I revel in shaking off the trammels of respectability.

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