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Jan 07 2014 08:35 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
This Sunday, the "Underdog" Carolina Panthers face the San Francisco 49ers in what should prove to be the most physical playoff game so far this post season.

While nearly every national media player is bathing the 49ers in adoration (mainly for ratings purposes), I don't buy into it, not for a second. According to them pedestrian receiver Michael Crabtree is the second coming of Jerry Rice. Why? Well, because he played well against the worst defenders in the league last week. Genius.

Here are just a few popular notions in the national media debunked:

San Francisco has a far superior offense.
While the 49ers do score an average of only 3 more points per game than the Panthers, the Panthers win in passing yards, third down conversion percentage, and most importantly Time of Possession. That last one is key. This game could certainly come down to which defense is more rested. The winner of the TOP battle will win this game.

Kaepernick and Newton are equal.
A laughable notion at best. Cam Newton is superior to Colin Kaepernick in every way. Cam has a higher completion percentage. Cam has more passing yards. Cam has more touchdowns. Cam has more rushing yards. All of this with less weapons and a less than stellar offensive line. Sorry Niners fans, Kaep is no Cam.

The 49ers Defense is equal to the Panthers defense
While the 49ers do have a good defense, it isn't quite at the level of Carolina. Carolina wins in nearly every statistical category. Points per game, rushing yards allowed, passing yards allowed, all in the Panthers favor.

Looking at all of this information and taking into consideration it is the Panthers who are playing at home after resting for a week, it becomes clear the Underdog title is nothing but large market media bias.

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