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Chudzinksi hired as Cleveland Head Coach

Jan 10 2013 10:13 PM hihosilver Carolina Panthers
The Browns hauled their coaching search to Arizona and back. They talked to high-profile college coaches, NFL assistants and a fired pro coach who took a team to a Super Bowl.
None of them was hired.
Instead, Rob Chudzinski became their pick.
With no experience as a head coach at any level, Chudzinski was hired Thursday night by the Cleveland Browns, the team he cheered for as a kid. This is Chudzinski's third stint with the team, but this time around he's the guy in charge.
Chudzinski, who spent the past two seasons calling plays as Carolina's offensive coordinator, is the Browns' sixth full-time coach since 1999 and 14th in team history.

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:: before

Jan 10 2013 10:19 PM
You guys are fuging idiots. Be careful what you wish for
hire norv or whisenhunt

nobody beats the whiz
I don't gif but I've been saving this for months for such an occasion.

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anything but a Shula promotion.

Thanks Browns.
If we don't get Norv I'm a little concerned about the offense next season to be honest.
good. gone. failure. get out.
Wonder if Gettleman had any influence on this.
I am also torn on this issue, but I do think it is better we get an OC who lets Cam be a true pocket passer first and stop the gimmick.

This is great.
For the Norv Turner fan boys out there, be careful what you wish for. If we get Norv and Rivera gets canned next year guess who becomes the front runner for the job.
With rivera saying he wished he brought in more experience im thinking norv
I'm pretty floored. Guess the late season peak helped Chud out too.
So we've officially moved on....

the Browns will now rehire their own retreads
Now you have to wonder if the three dismissed assistants had talked to Chud about leaving all along.
History repeating in CLE
I wonder if Gentleman will want to bring in his own OC, someone within the Giants organizations
Norv wants to stay on the west coast, he aint coming here.
Jan 10 2013 10:22 PM
We're not getting Turner
I wish him well, honestly, and hope he turns the Browns around. But I'm still so happy I could peepee.

Now you have to wonder if the three dismissed assistants had talked to Chud about leaving all along.

RB WR and LB> They do have play makers. cleveland

Wonder if Gettleman had any influence on this.

why would he have an influence on who another team hired as their head coach?
Forgive me if I am not as excited about this news as most huddlers. Some things were really starting to click for Cam and Chud at the end of the season. Now Cam is going to have to learn a new coordinators language and more importantly, you will see half a season of a new coordinator trying to figure out how to best use Cam.
Keith Britton ‏@KeithBritton86
Source says Chudzinski will likely bring Norv Turner as part of #Browns coaching staff